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RACE #145: Saltair Half

Going into this race — I wasn’t having a very good week. Last weekend during the Riverton Half I started having a little pain in one of my molars. I didn’t think too much about it, because it was cold and I just have very sensitive teeth.

But, this was the same tooth that my dentist couldn’t work on because he couldn’t get me numb. It needed a crown, but he just couldn’t do anything with it. So, he filled what he needed to do and felt that we could wait a few months and try again. He didn’t feel like it was close enough to my nerve to worry about a root canal.

Well, it got to that point of needing a root canal.

By Sunday evening it was throbbing and I couldn’t chew on that side at all. I knew I was going to need a root canal. So on Monday I called my dentist and he ended up referring me to a endodontist to do the work. But, the endodontist couldn’t see me until Wednesday. So that left me with about three days of dealing with the pain.

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Luckily, my dentist gave me a prescription for some Lorotab. It helped. But, I won’t lie, I kinda hate that stuff. I hate the drowsy feeling and with most pain medications I always get itchy from it. But, come Wednesday I was BEYOND ready for the root canal.

I was beyond surprised how quickly and painless the whole procedure was. I was zonked out and didn’t feel a thing. Sure, my jaw hurt for the next couple of days, but by Friday I was feeling 100% — or close to it.

I’m telling you all this, because it’s framing the context of this run. The past week was brutal on me. It shot my planned workouts and runs I wanted to get in — I got only two miles of running in and FAR less walking miles than I like. The week just sucked.

So on Saturday morning I was just ready for this run. I knew it was going to suck. Not only did not I get the wanted training in the past week, but the course isn’t my favorite — especially when it comes to speed. It’s an out and back flat course along the frontage road running west to east along I-80 in Magna.

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I’ve done the Saltair Half a number of times before — so I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast, I knew it was going to be tough on me mentally, but I knew I also needed the miles and it wasn’t race toward my 180 goal.

So there I was in Magna at the Great Saltair ready to run.

Despite having only 38 runners for the half marathon the race had pacers — many whom I know. The sweeper was Julianna who I’ve ran with countless times. With that few runners I knew we’d probably be hanging out a lot during the race — if not the whole race.

I had a feeling I was probably going to be the last runner, but I didn’t care. I’ve stopped caring about that where I finish years ago. As long as I do my best for that day and finish, I am happy.

Once the gun sounded Julianna and I started off together. We walked a good part of the first two miles — mistakingly keeping pace with one of the slower dualathletes. We picked up our pace once he turned around at the 5K turnaround, but I won’t lie — it was more like a run/walk for a bit. Something that would probably make Jeff Galloway proud.

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Early into the race I noticed that there weren’t any port-a-potties along the course. Like none. In the past there had been at least one at the aid stations. But, there weren’t any — which made me a little anxious. Even if I don’t use it, I know if there isn’t one — I’ll end up needing it.

I tried to not think much about it and just enjoyed the company of Julianna. Once we got to the turnaround point we met up with another runner who was walking at this point. She wasn’t feeling well and had just tanked out. I felt bad for her, because she really could have used a restroom.

After walking with her and Julianna for a bit, I decided to pick up my pace and go ahead. I wanted — well needed — to run. So, I sprinted off around Mile 8. Well, it wasn’t much of a sprint. I didn’t have much spring in my legs, but I decided to keep my walking to a minimum and just push myself past my comfort level.

I felt really good about my last five miles even though I knew I was well past my sub-three semi-goal. But, this race wasn’t about a time goal anyways — it was my therapy from a tough past week. It was my therapy away from the stress of the past week. And, it was my therapy helping me to mentally prepare myself for my 50K in a couple of weeks.

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The last couple of miles were brutal. I had no spring whatsoever — and on a flat course — it shows. My sprint was a mall walkers pace. But, I pushed myself through that pain, kept my walking to a minimum and just kept focus on the finish line.

And, I made it.

I made it in 3:26:11. Not my best time. By far. But, I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t necessarily happy with it. But, it was what it was — therapy.

After being handed my medal and a bunch of bananas (you gotta give it to them that they know me!) — I hopped in my car and just headed back home. On the drive home I reflected on the run and how tough it was on me. And, how difficult this past week was on me mentally and physically. I was proud of myself for pushing through it all and doing the run. Because it wasn’t easy.

And, now my mind is fully on my 50K in a couple of weeks. Luckily, I don’t need to rely too much on my speed. The speed I was at during this race is probably even a bit too fast for my 50K. So, as discouraging as my time might feel for my half marathon — I feel good about where I will be physically during the 50K.

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The next couple of weeks I am just focusing on my workouts and runs. I’ve been working out at home the past couple of months — well lots of physical therapy exercises for my back (which is a non-issue now) and my sprained ankle. But, I am going to get back into my boot camp workouts at my gym and add some more weight training.

Plus, the good thing about training for my 50K is that I am technically tapering. So with PrepperCon this weekend my runs don’t have to be long. I am going to do five miles on Friday or Saturday — on top of the mileage from walking around the convention. I’ll either run around the Sandy area or just hop on the hotel treadmill. Either way — it’s no 20 miler.

But, I am excited for the next couple of weeks. And, as difficult as this past week has been, it’s nice to be able to acknowledge it, process it and then — move on.  Which I am doing now.



When I think of Easter, I often think of my angel Grandma — or Yia Yia. She was (and still is) a rock in my life. Her sense of humor, her love of family and her belief in me will always be a hallmark of her legacy. But, it’s one of the Greek Orthodox Easter traditions that she passed onto us, that I will always remember, do and say. In Greece, a common Easter greeting between one another is Χριστός ἀνέστη! (Christos Anesti) Meaning … Christ is Risen! But, instead of the greeted responding with the same greeting they reaffirm that saying with Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! (Alithos Anesti) Meaning … Truly He Is Risen! Since her passing over two years ago, I ponder much on that saying. It is because of Him that I know I’ll see my Yia Yia again. It is that victory over death that we will ALL rise again. I am grateful for this Easter season and for what it means to me personally, for my family and us all. I stand in reaffirming to all that Christ has truly risen! Happy Easter!

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This is the Utah way of saying … “I’m ready for summer, but I’m not sure if it’s here yet.”

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With a mug like this, Adventure’s First Stop™ is usually the bathroom.

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Teaching young Tatum the ways of the Hansen Egg Challenge. He's a natural.

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Weekly Review

As mentioned above, this wasn’t a good week for me — physically, mentally or emotionally. The root canal and tooth pain really threw me off. But, this upcoming week I am looking to make up for all of that. I don’t need huge mileage — because of my upcoming 50K — but, I want to get at least three good runs in, on top of the time on my feet that I’ll spend at PrepperCon on Friday and Saturday.

It should be a much better week. It’ll be physically demaning and a bit hectic, but that’s what makes it interesting — right?

Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 2.0 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 21.61 miles
TOTAL MILES — 36.71 miles
Race(s) this week — Saltair Half.

April 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 6.0 miles
Race Miles — 39.3 miles
Walking Miles — 45.63 miles
TOTAL MILES — 90.93 miles
Races in April — Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half, Salt Flats 50K and Tulip Festival Half

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 187.75 miles
Race Miles — 135.42 miles
Walking Miles — 371.09 miles
TOTAL MILES — 694.26 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half and Saltair Half.

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A whole lotta ughs …

The past couple weeks have been tough. Heck, this past month has been tough on me. I’m not using it as an excuse. But, I’d sure like a break or two once in a while.

I’ve been trying to get myself into a groove with my running and fitness and it just hasn’t materialized the way I envisioned it. Granted, I did meet my sub-three time goal a couple weekends ago during the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon. But, that’s about the only success I feel like I’ve truly met.

I’ve been dealing with bad backs, sprained ankles and this past week — a root canal. An expected root canal. My tooth started hurting during my race last weekend and then by Monday morning it was throbbing in pain.

I couldn’t go to my regular dentist, because this was the same tooth that they couldn’t get numb. So they referred me to an endodontist so they could knock me out to do it. And, that wasn’t cheap. But, that’s a whole other story for another day.

I finally got my root canal yesterday — and it really just killed my week.

But, despite all the road blocks, I’ve been trying to keep on track, even if my runs are short and my workouts shorter. And, for the most part — it’s working. I’ve lost about 10lbs. this past month. A lot of that has to do with my diet. So, that’s progress.

I thought of mixing up my diet and routine again, but I think I am going to stick with what I planned this past month. One, because I wasn’t able to get into a good groove or it and, two, I think I can see bigger improvements with a better focus. I’d really like to lose about 30lbs. and I feel like this is a good road. Especially for my thyroid.

I’m going to get a good run in tonight before my race this weekend out in Magna. I’m hoping for a sub-three. But, I’m not sure if I want to push it TOO hard since I’ve got my 50K coming up in the next couple of weeks. But, honestly, I think I’ll be fine. I think the variables that will determine my result really will be my ankle and back.

The focus right now is all on my 50K on the 28th of this month. I am a bit worried about it with my current mileage the past couple of weeks. But, honestly, I know I’ll be fine. The race director knows I’ll be a bit slower — 10 hours or so. It’ll be fun and that’s my only goal (besides finishing).

Plus, the 50K will be good training for my upcoming marathons in Ogden and Utah Valley. Along with my Bear Lake Trifecta races. I’m going to have a crazy spring and early summer schedule, so kick starting it with a 50K is an usual and — I think — good way to launch my schedule.

I won’t lie — I do worry about my back and ankle a bit. But, honestly, I think I’ve cared and rested both well enough that they shouldn’t be a factor. But, it’ll be on my mind for sure — I just don’t want to downgrade from the 26.2 to 13.1 if I can avoid it. But, that’s my last resort and something I don’t really want to entertain right now.

Anyways — I’m focusing on Saltair right now and focusing on getting my groove and consistency back. I just want to pull some big weight-loss numbers in the next month so I can go into marathon season lighter on my feet.

At least I know I’m on the right track.

This should be my 2017 race schedule …

Okay, I think I’ve got my complete 2017 race schedule figured out.

I think.

Which is a definite maybe.

But, let me explain it a little bit. I have a race each month except December. I might add a race in December, but I am not planning on it. It’s a good rest month after a long year of running.

My busiest month is June. I have seven races planned for the month. Yes, seven. I have Ragnar during the first weekend, the Utah Valley Marathon on the 10th, the Bear Lake Trifecta (three half marathons in three days) the following week and then the Utah Midnight Run (Friday night) and AF Canyon Race Against Cancer (Saturday morning) the following weekend.

I have three total back-to-back races planned. My first being the Salt Flats 50K (April 28) and Tulip Festival (April 29), Utah Midnight Run (June 23) and AF Canyon Race Against Cancer (June 24) and then the Utah Midnight Run (July 7) and Hobbler Half (July 8).

The biggest of those back-to-backs the April one with my 50K and half marathon. Not sure how that’s going to go, but I am betting I’ll walk a lot of the Tulip Festival Half. A lot.

In total I have 32 races planned — 23 half marathons, 5 marathons, 2 ultra marathons, a 25K and the Ragnar Relay. This includes one indoor race, 5 trail races and the rest road races.

Lots of running.

And, if you’re trying to estimate miles — that’s about 525-530 miles. Just in racing miles.

So, yeah — it’s going to be a big mileage year.

Anyways here is my schedule … what’s on your schedule?

Yes, I am a scheduling this far out …


Okay, first off, yes, the following is every Saturday from here until the end of November. And, secondly, yes, I am planning ALL of my runs/races this far in advance.

I don’t know if that means I have problem … or … if I am just THAT good of a planner? I’d like to think it’s somewhere in the middle. Because, seriously, who plans their November races in March?

I mean really?

I have a number of goals or mile markers I want to reach this year. Of course my long term goal is to run 180 races over 13.1 miles. By the end of the year I SHOULD be at around 114-115 races. I feel good about that.

Secondly, I want to reach my goal of a sub-two half marathon. I would really like to do that at the Nebo Half on September 12. But, I have some work to do before I reach that milestone.

Mainly, I need to train and train hard for it. But, I also need to get my body where I need it to be to achieve it. Namely, I gotta lose my winter coating. I wish it wasn’t there, but now I’m just working on getting rid of it now that my thyroid and testosterone are FINALLY (hopefully) balanced.

So my thinking is from now and until mid-June the focus is losing weight, getting stronger through weight lifting, core strengthening and running. And, then mid-June the focus is speed work towards Nebo in September.

I am going to push hard to get my sub-two at Nebo, but honestly would be happy giving my ALL and getting a new PR (2:08:25). But, I don’t plan on settling for that, because I am going to fight for that sub-two.

But, with as much running as I have planned this year and especially this fall after Nebo I decided to come up with a game plan for each race. Some races I am going to push myself at, others I am planning on pushing Elsha, Josh or Reese and then a number of them I am pacing or sweeping the course.

This really is something I could do in my own little journal and keep to myself, but I thought it might be better putting this here to kinda give you an idea of my method to this running madness.

So, here you go … if you’re planning on running any of these races let me know by commenting below. I’d love to know!

  • MARCH 28: Big Cottonwood 10 Mile Run
    • GAME PLAN: Fast pace 10 mile run down Big Cottonwood. No set pace, but I would like to average BELOW an 11-minute mile.
  • APRIL 4: Lagoon Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Goal time is under 2:45. I am planning on running alongside my friend Chandra who is pushing Josh. The course is flat so heat could have a lot to do with the outcome.
  • APRIL 11: Bountiful to Salt Lake Temple Run
    • GAME PLAN: Planning on about an 11 mile or so group run from the Bountiful Temple to the Salt Lake Temple via Bountiful Blvd. and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. No set pace and I am anticipating it to be rather slow once we hit the trail.
  • APRIL 18: West Mountain Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: The goal is to run this sub-2:40. I am not pacing or sweeping. I might be pushing one of my friends and if that’s the case I still want to hit that same sub-2:40 goal.
  • APRIL 25: Five Mile Run
    • GAME PLAN: I have an all-day commitment this day so I am going to have to sneak in a VERY early morning fast run around the neighborhood. No set pace, just FAST.
  • MAY 2: Provo City Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Stick with the 2:20 pacers as long as I can. That’s the goal … simple as that. I know the course well enough that I know what to expect. But, I’ll be happy with a sub-2:30 half marathon time.
  • MAY 9: Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am pushing my friend Josh Twelves during this race. I am not sure what pace to push for with him, but I feel comfortable that we could keep a good 2:30 pace at this point, especially considering that it’s a FAST course.
  • MAY 16: 5 Mile Run
    • GAME PLAN: I am not sure where or when I am going to be racing? I have a campout the night before and I would like to cheer on my friends running Ogden … but … I might just need to do a nice speedy five around the block due to timing and circumstance?
  • MAY 23: Alpine Classic Half
    • GAME PLAN: I am sweeping. It shouldn’t be any longer than three hours hopefully.
  • MAY 30: Jordan River Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am planning on pushing my friend Josh on this course. It’s a flat course … sooooooo … I am thinking around 2:40-2:45 would an ideal goal time. We’ll see, this might be reassessed by race time. For something faster hopefully.
  • JUNE 6: Emigration Canyon Group Run
    • GAME PLAN: One of my favorite courses. The plan is to run from the top of Emigration Canyon down to Liberty Park. I would like to go for speed on this one. Hopefully around 10-11:00 minute mile?
  • JUNE 13: Yellowstone Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am pacing the 3:30 group on this race. It’s a mix of road and trail. Just hoping I don’t get eaten by a bear.
  • JUNE 20: Big Cottonwood Canyon Group Run
    • GAME PLAN: I will set the goal pace once I get closer, but the pace should probably be around a 10-11 minute mile. I am only planning on a 10 miler. No need for anything longer to wear me out for the following week.
  • JUNE 27: American Fork Canyon Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am running this one at a fast clip. This will be my test run to gauge where I am at going into my training for Nebo.
  • JULY 4: 13 Miles of Freedom Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am planning on pushing one of my friends during the race. I am going to hold back a little bit on speed, but still go for a sub-2:40. Then again this all depends on where I am physically. If I can comfortably go faster, I will.
  • JULY 11: 7.11 Slurpee Run & The Dam 15 Miler
    • GAME PLAN: This will be a two run day. I am planning on running the 7.11 miles down Emigration at a fast clip (if only I could run a 7:11 pace). I will set some pace goals once I get closer and set my training schedule in stone. The 15 miler I won’t push, it’ll just be fun miles.
  • JULY 18: Corner Canyon Trail Group Run
    • GAME PLAN: Ideally about a 7-10 mile trail run around Corner Canyon just to get re-introduced to the trail. No real set pace, I’ll do that work during the week. I want to enjoy this run.
  • JULY 24: Handcart Days Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am pushing Elsha during this race. This is a special race for me considering it was my first race four years ago! I am going for a 2:30-2:40 goal time for this one. There isn’t much shade along the course so I am hoping it’s not TOO hot.
  • AUGUST 1: Timp Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Sweeping with Jill, I am anticipating that this race should be around 3:30-3:45 long. Depending how many people we have in the back, I might do some fartleking around to get a good workout in.
  • AUGUST 8: Park City Trail 10K
    • GAME PLAN: A nice little reprieve from long distance running. And, my first trail race since the Buffalo Run 25K. I want to push it on this race to see what I can do on the trails. Should be a fun challenge.
  • AUGUST 15: Park City Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Totally excited about this race. Not only is it on my birthday, but it is also my 100th race over 13.1 miles! I plan on running this at a moderate pace with some family. I still would like to sub-2:30.
  • AUGUST 22: Run Elevated Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am going to run this at a full effort. I would like to PR at this race (basically sub-2:08:25) to gauge where my body is physically for Nebo.
  • AUGUST 29: Murdock Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Sweeping this course. I should be in around 3 hours or so, so depending on the crowd I might do some fartleking around motivating others. I love sweeping.
  • SEPTEMBER 5: Volition Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Run at a moderate pace. Don’t push for time or speed. But, come in around the 2:30-2:40 range. Just don’t risk injury or spending too much energy. Really I want to have fun during this race. Hopefully I can push one of my friends during the race.
  • SEPTEMBER 12: Nebo Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: BALLS TO THE WALL!!! SUB-TWO CITY!!! What else do I write here? DON’T STOP!!!
  • SEPTEMBER 19: Park City Trail Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: The transition to trail racing begins. I don’t plan for a certain time on this race, mainly just to not get swept. I am anticipating that my legs will need some loving post-Nebo.
  • SEPTEMBER 26: The Burn Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: The same game plan I had last year running this race. RUN UP as much I can, walk if I must and then at the turn around RUN DOWN as fast as my legs can take me. I blame this race for all the crazy challenges Jill and I have been doing this year. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • OCTOBER 3: Antelope Island Trail Group Run
    • GAME PLAN: Get to know the terrain better and run the trails to hopefully work out some of the pre-50K jitters.
  • OCTOBER 10: Pink Series Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Sweeping the course. Just have fun. This is a woman’s only race that I paced last year. I loved it a lot, awesome ladies and awesome stories. I look forward to it again.
  • OCTOBER 17: Corner Canyon 25K
    • GAME PLAN: Since the Buffalo Run was done in 6 hours, I really want to finish this race in sub-six hours, other than that I just want to have fun. I ran this trail three years ago with Susette it’s a great canyon.
  • OCTOBER 24: The Haunted Half & Howloween Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: A double run day! I am planning on sweeping The Haunted Half in the morning in SLC and the running the Howloween Half in Davis County in the evening. No goal time for Howloween Half, but I’d love to push it a little past easy so I can get some good fatigue training in, which would be perfect for the trails.
  • OCTOBER 30 & 31: The Haunted Half & Howloween Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Similar game plan like the week before. Both races are in Provo. The Howloween Half is on Friday night and then the Haunted Half is in the morning on Saturday. I am going to run at a good moderate pace for the Friday race and then sweep the Saturday race. Should be fun. Another great fatigue challenge for my upcoming 50K!
  • NOVEMBER 7: Saltair Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: I am planning on pushing one of my friends during this race. I’d like to get under 2:40 mainly to push myself because it’s an easy race to tank because it’s flat and out and back. But, with my 50K the next week I should take it slowly.
  • NOVEMBER 14: Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K
    • GAME PLAN: Simple game plan. Run, keep going, don’t give up and don’t get gored by a buffalo. Sounds reasonable enough, right?
  • NOVEMBER 21: Five Mile Run
    • GAME PLAN: I put this down as a five mile run, but we’ll see after my 50K is done. I might just doing something active in the pool?
  • NOVEMBER 26: Thankful 13 Half Marathon
    • GAME PLAN: Sweeping the course! Have fun! Earn my turkey! Make friends and wrap up the running season with race #115!

Okay, now that I have everything from here until December planned out … who’s running with me? YOU … KNOW … YOU … WANT … TOO …. !!!!

My 2015 Half Marathon Schedule

halfSo, I blogged about this sometime in November or October (I could look it up, but honestly too lazy to do it), but since I was named an Ambassador for Extra Mile Racing some of my races have changed. Plus, my goal is to hit 100 races by my birthday (August 15) by running the Park City Half Marathon. So, I’m actually restricting myself on races between now and mid-August.


But, don’t worry, after August I am going to crank out more. The restriction will be lifted and I will run to my heart’s delight. All will be right in the universe.

Okay, back to the task at hand. Here are the half marathons I am planning on running this year. The ones with an asterisk are the ones I have already signed up for, which obviously means the ones that don’t have an asterisk are ones I haven’t signed up for yet. I’m not sure why I wrote that last sentence, because it’s pretty obvious.

Anyways, I digress.

Oh, also note that this doesn’t include any marathons. This upcoming year is a no-marathon year. I also haven’t included any 5Ks or 10Ks. I will be running a few next year, but I am not counting those since my 180 race goal is for anything ABOVE a half marathon distance.

Got it? Got it! GOOD!

Here are my races …

NOTE: The races in BOLD you can use “EXTRAMILEHANSEN” at checkout to save yourself an extra $5. Plus, $1 of each code used will be donated to the Kyle Pease Foundation by Extra Mile Racing. You can actually use that code of any their road or bike races

SECOND NOTE: Some race dates are subject to change, especially the October races. And, who knows maybe there will be a December race added later on next year.

THIRD NOTE: Another great way to save yourself some money with races and other running things you can sign up for a Runners on the Go membership. It’s $19.99 per year and it gives you discounts to a number of the races on this list and local running stores. I am going to blog about it a bit more next week. I’m a member and it’s pretty cool. It’s not just local it’s also national. Who doesn’t love to say themselves some money?

  1. New Year’s Revolution Run; Kearns, Utah (January 1) -*
  2. New Year’s Half Marathon; Pleasant Grove, Utah (January 3) -*
  3. Dogtown Half Marathon; Washington City, Utah (February 21) -*
  4. Riverton Half Marathon; Riverton, Utah (March 21)
  5. Lagoon Half Marathon; Farmington, Utah (April 4) -*
  6. West Mountain Half Marathon; Benjamin, Utah (April 18) -*
  7. Logan Half Marathon; Logan, Utah (May 2) -*
  8. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; Salt Lake City, Utah (May 9) -*
  9. Alpine Classic Half; Alpine, Utah (May 23)
  10. Jordan River Half Marathon; Draper, Utah (May 30) -*
  11. Utah Valley Half Marathon; Provo, Utah (June 13) -*
  12. American Fork Canyon Half Marathon; American Fork, Utah (June 27)-*
  13. 13.1 miles of Bacon; Copperton, Utah (July 4) -*
  14. Dam 15 Miler; Soldier Hollow, Utah (July 11) -*
  15. Timp Half; American Fork, Utah (August 1) -*
  16. Park City Half Marathon; Park City (August 15)
  17. Murdock 13; American Fork, Utah (August 29)
  18. Nebo Half; Payson, Utah (September 12) -*
  19. Pink Series Half Marathon; Park City, Utah (October 10)
  20. The Haunted Half; Salt Lake City, Utah (October 24)
  21. Howloween Half Marathon; Provo, Utah (October 30) -*
  22. The Haunted Half; Provo, Utah (October 31)
  23. Saltair Half Marathon; Magna, Utah (November 7) -*
  24. Thankful 13; Lehi, Utah (November 26)

So there you go. That should leave me at around 25 half marathons for the year and 109 races towards my goal. That means between 2016 and 2021 I will need to average about 14-15 races over 13.1 miles per year. That’s about where I want to be anyways.

I know I can’t average this many half marathons forever so I’ll take advantage of my youthful legs while I still can.

So now that you know what my races are, what are you racing? I want to know! Comment below! And, hopefully we can run together at one or more of these races!

HAPPY 2015!

Look I’m an Ambassador!

emrbannerI’m kind of excited. Well, actually … REALLY, REALLY, REALLY … excited. I got word yesterday that I was named one of seven ambassadors for the Extra Mile Racing company here in Utah.

What does this all mean?

Jill and I after feeling/running THE BURN!

Well, I get to run all of their races for free. Which, personally, helps the pocket book whenever I’m running 20-30 half marathons a year. But, that’s really not my main motivation to become an ambassador. I love the running community and want to be around it increasingly more and more.

Plus, I really love the races that Jared and Extra Mile Racing put on. This past year I ran a number of his races — New Years Run Resolution, The Burn, Howloween Half and the Saltair Half to name a few. They’re a local company which really focuses on the runners (and cyclists).

Me, Elsha and Becky before the Howloween Half!

Case in point, when there was complaints about the ASTRONOMICAL registration fee for the Salt Lake City Marathon (it was over $116 more than six months out from the race!), Jared listened and planned an affordable alternate for those not wanting to fork over that much for a race.

And, now there’s the West Mountain Marathon scheduled for the same day (April 18th) as the SLC Marathon. The early-bird registration fee was also $40 … FOR THE MARATHON! And, even a month later the price is still reasonable compared to SLC, even when they slashed their prices down to $65 for the marathon.

You can’t beat a local company that LISTENS to it’s people.

Becky’s first selfie at the New Year’s Run Resolution! HISTORY RIGHT HERE FOLKS!

Now, being an ambassador has perks for both me and other runners. Extra Mile Racing has given me a code EXTRAMILEHANSEN to share with family, friends, acquaintances, strangers and whoever loves or wants to run. The code is good for $5 off any of their races (which you can checkout right here) and it’s not limited to their running races, you can use it on their cycling and other events as well!

Pretty cool, eh? Save some cash along the way!

Now, here’s my favorite part. For every code people use to register for any of their races, Extra Mile Racing will donate $1 to the charity of my choice. Pretty cool, huh?

All kinds of excitement going on here.

The charity that I am raising money for this year is the Kyle Pease Foundation. It’s a charity I’ve been involved in with Elsha and it’s one I want to get more involved with in the coming year personally and with Go The Distance.

Just this past year as I have pushed both Reese and Elsha during races, I’ve become BEYOND inspired by these warriors. Their positive attitudes and perspective on life can do nothing, but change your attitude and perspective. And, before you realize it, you’re not pushing them, they’re pulling you along the course.

Me and Rachel, we paced the Howloween Half!

I really want to give back to the Kyle Pease Foundation while also promoting Extra Mile Racing and other races to assisted athletes. Plus, I know there are a number of runners wanting and willing to push others!

As I said before, I BEYOND excited to be an Extra Mile Ambassador. And, I am excited to run these many races with you and the many other running friends I have yet to make.

If I was their kid, Elvia would have a lot of explaining to do.

So start 2015 right and join me at the New Years Run Resolution at the Utah Olympic Oval! It’s an INDOOR track and you get five hours to run as long or short as you want. Plus, it’s a big party … AND … rumor has it I will be bringing Rice Krispy Treats to share again.

What are you waiting for? Use this code and join me!


The Running Week that was …

Easily one of my favorite running pictures ever taken of me (thusly, one of my favorite pictures of my rear end).

It’s been quite an interesting week of running for me. Actually, the past couple of weeks have been pretty interesting as far as running goes. After running the Saltair Half on November 8th I took a whole week off from running. Mainly to just let my body heal and recoup from running eight races in seven weeks … or 13 races in 12 weeks. It was a nice little sabbatical for my legs.

Since then I’ve focused on consistency more than anything. My longest run was six miles, but I also walked a lot more and did more three mile runs throughout the week. But, this past week kind of got away from me. I came down with a cold and didn’t get my three mile run that I wanted to get in on Tuesday. But, then I ran the Thankful 13 half marathon on Thanksgiving and a 7 miler on Saturday down Emigration.

I still got 20 miles in for the week, but at the same time my legs are Jell-O. And, I know why they are too. Part of it has been going from high mileage to low mileage back to high mileage after a few weeks off. The body just wasn’t conditioned for it.

Me and Elsha in front of our sign during the Thankful 13 on Thanksgiving morning.

But, then on the other hand, my body shouldn’t feel so sore after that kind of mileage. But, truth be told my body has been out of whack a bit lately and pretty much this whole year. I’m still having issues with my thyroid and testosterone. And, as much as I hate pointing fingers away from myself, I know those two ailments are to blame for the legs, the weight gain (stubborn 20lbs) and fatigue. Because, I’ve been trying to do as much as I can personally first with diet, exercise, etc.

So, I am actually going back into the doctor on Monday to get my testosterone and thyroid checked … again. I am assuming they’ll put me back on testosterone after a doctor took me off it when I got a second opinion. In retrospect the testosterone was helping. It’s more than likely the thyroid that needed the adjustment.


I hate having issues with these two things, because it messes with so much. Whether it’s my fatigue, my muscle memory and retention or the weight. I’ve fought hard to maintain my weight the past couple of months. And, that’s frustrating for me. I am 20-25lbs. over where I like to be everything I do to try to lose it … fails. Even when I am 100% on my diet and running 20-30 miles a week.

I need to work on my NORMAL smile a bit more. I look like I am mid-stroke or something?!

But, I am really hoping this doctor appointment helps. I just want some normalcy back and really focus on my 2015 goals and races. And, that includes getting the pesky 20-25lbs. off as well.

Since it is now December … AND … the last month of the year I am focusing in on some of my goals. I didn’t get the sub-two goal that I set, but I am only 68.8 miles from reaching my goal of 1200 miles for the year. I am also starting to think about goals for 2015 as well. Some of the same goals will still be there (sub-two goal) and I am thinking about a mileage goal. I might just stick with 1200 miles again since I am not training or running any marathons. That might be a good challenge for me?

But, we’ll see. I will start finalizing a lot of those goals within the next couple of weeks or so.

Can you find me in this group of some of my favorite running friends? This was taken right before we ran down Emigration Canyon on Saturday morning.

And, just to take note of … this month will feature two special weeks. The Joshby Awards Week (next week) and Christmas Week (the week after that) and then the last two weeks or so will be my blogcation. I’ll blog, but it will be nothing close to consistent … if any.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to a good week. I am planning on continuing to be consistent with my running this week. Hopefully, I will also get my health into check so that the running and exercise will actually help. I have no doubt it will. But, I am ready now to start chasing 2015! I feel the need for some more pavement underneath my shoes.

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014

2014 Training Miles – 529.6 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 141.15 miles
2014 Race Miles – 460.45 miles
2014 Total Miles – 1131.2 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 130.0 miles
April – 140.5 miles
May – 108.65 miles
June – 83.3 miles
July – 93.75 miles
August – 118.2 miles
September – 88.55 miles
October – 106.8 miles
November – 75.05 miles
December – 0.00 miles
Miles to 2014 Goal (1200 miles) – 68.8 miles