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My Improvised Liberty Park Run

My Grandma had a saying whenever she had to do something she didn’t really want to do. She’d exasperate, “you gotta do what’cha gotta do, when gotta do it!” And, she’d usually follow that up with, “well Josher, you can’t win them all!”

You could pretty much sum up my Saturday long run with those words.

This weekend has been on my calendar for a loooooong run. Initially, I wanted to do a self-supported ultra run — 50 miles to be exact. I wanted to run from the State Capital in Salt Lake City to the Provo Towne Center. It’s a run that’s on my Honey Bucket List — and I WILL do it one day.

But, I decided against for a number of reasons — the main reason being my back, but also I liked the idea of doing it on a looped course, like my last ultra, so that I could have an aid station every 2-3 miles or so. I decided to do 50 miles at Liberty Park where I could have an aid station and/or 7 Eleven every mile and a half or so.

After that decision the plan went from 50 miles to 50K to 20 miles before deciding that a canyon run sound better, so I organized a group run down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park. That run is about 13 miles from the Little Mountain summit and one I used to do quite a bit a few years ago. And, even though I am running the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon next week — I love the canyon enough that I knew I wouldn’t get sick of it come next week.

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I had a good 8-9 people committed to the run, but come Friday night that number started dwindling. Part of that reason was the forecast, but others opted to stay home or get a bit more sleep — which I don’t fault or am upset about it. I get it — I’ve done it too.

So, come Saturday morning, when my friend Laura and I were the only ones to show — I knew I wasn’t going to be running down Emigration Canyon. Which I was fine with, so I just decided to just run Liberty Park. Laura had done 16 miles the previous day so she decided to just go home.

After talking for a while with Laura, I decided to get going on my run. And, I won’t lie — I really wasn’t feeling it. Especially with having planned to run 13-16 miles for the day. But, as much as I don’t mind running Liberty Park, I had my mind set on doing at least 13 of those miles down a canyon.

So, I tried to talk myself into my run. At first, I tried to justify just doing 8 miles, but after a couple of strong laps, I knew I had a bit more than that in me — so I fixed my mind on 10 miles. And, for most of my run I just planned on 10 miles — which is about 6-7 laps around the park.

And, for as much as I wasn’t feeling my run, I did feel rather strong. I alternated my laps with a running lap and a fartleked lap (walk, run, walk, run about every third or fourth of a mile … ish) and just got into a good groove. I just focused on losing myself into my music and thought.

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Well, I guess I got lost pretty good because I lost track of my laps and ended up doing an extra one. I ran to my car THINKING I just finished running 10 miles, but when I looked at my watch I noticed it said 11.5 miles. I laughed at this realization and then just thought to myself — I got one more lap in me.

So, I beasted out one more lap.

At this point it was raining pretty strong. But, I was already wet, so it wasn’t going to matter anyways — so I just cranked up my music (R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” which had been on repeat for about 3-4 miles) and went for an even 13 miles. But, of course I ended up doing laps around the parking lot to get 13.1 miles.

I did briefly entertain the thought of doing another lap, but I knew if I did that, then I’d have to do another to even it to 16 miles — and I was actually getting a little tired. But, mostly hungry — and no thanks to me craving burritos for most of my run. So, I just decided to stop.

After sitting in the car to warm up a bit my hunger grew strong — especially for tacos or a burrito. So, I decided to trek over to the Sears Burrito for lunch. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve eaten at the Tacos Don Rafas stand and I just wanted/needed it in my life at that moment.

I was wavering between getting corn tortilla tacos or a burrito, because of the gluten in the flour tortilla. But, I made the decision for the heftier burrito justifying that I SHOULD be okay this once — especially if I didn’t get sour cream or cheese on it.

Anyways, long story short — I was wrong. But, at least it didn’t stop me from enjoying it in the moment. But, I paid for the flour tortilla later. Not fun — and a lesson learned.

But, all in all — I feel good about the run. It was tough to mentally get into it, but I eventually got into it. I didn’t let the rain mentally destroy me and I forged through it for a rewarding 13 miles.

A good way to go into my race next weekend. I’m looking forward to a solid week of running and workouts now that I have my back in a place where I want/need it. And, I feel confident breaking through with a solid sub-three during the race.

And, at least I know I’ll be running Emigration Canyon next week. No plan B — and no burrito.

Weekly Review

It was another tough week for me. I got in some miles during the week, but I wouldn’t call them good or what I planned on — but I still got about 17 miles in and I am good with that right now. My SI joint flared up again and made walking just painful for a few days. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching to avoid the flare ups, but when it happens — it happens.

I really should get into a chiropractor, but I won’t lie — I’m a bit too cheap for that. It’s usually my last resort. So, I did the next best thing and found some tutorials on YouTube on how to align your SI joint by yourself. And, you know what — it works! I haven’t had any stiffness the past couple of days. Truly magical.

Anyways — I want to go into next week’s race feeling prepared with a few strong runs in me next week. I feel that’s possible and I am ready for them. I want to gain some speed back. I just need to be a patient young grasshopper.

Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 17.6 miles
Race Miles — 0.0 miles
Walking Miles — 22.34 miles
TOTAL MILES — 39.94 miles
Race(s) this week — None.

March 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 38.1 miles
Race Miles — 26.2 miles
Walking Miles — 89.05 miles
TOTAL MILES — 153.35 miles
Races in March — March Madness Half and Lucky 13 Half Marathon.

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 174.75 miles
Race Miles — 96.12 miles
Walking Miles — 303.99 miles
TOTAL MILES — 574.86 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half and Lucky 13 Half Marathon.

Obligatory singing and lighting of the cake (with a side of 'keep Thalia from touching the flame'). #thaliaturns1

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Pinterest has got nothing on me! #thaliaturns1 #pinterestfail

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Made a new friend today. His name is Cosmo, but I changed it to Humpy. #emsizzlesinto30 #realcamelsdontsmoke

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Running 13 miles in the rain earns you a burrito from Tacos Don Rafa. It's like a rule or something … #irun4burritos

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This kid melts my heart! I can't help it that he picked me as his favorite uncle. #chubbingtatum #prouduncle

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So, putting socks on my nephew's hands isn't a good idea. Kinda like taping a cat's paws. #nobueno #chubbingtatum

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Brace yourself, the poop trees are back. 💩🌳🤢 #gagme

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On Friday night my friend Emily celebrated her 30th birthday with (what will hopefully become a tradition) riding camels! Here is a little video she made of the adventure. I won’t lie … I want a camel now. Anyone want to buy one for me?

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Fartlek Friday XLVIII: Gobble, gobble

Welp, it’s the end of Thanksgiving Week here on the bloggy blog. I hope you learned a thing or two? I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be having a Christmas Week on the week of December 14th. So stay tuned.

Oh, and the Joshby Awards are coming up soon as well. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

This past week has been a fun and busy week. After a week of not running I’ve put some good mileage in on the ‘ol legs. I am also running roughly 13 miles or so tomorrow running up Butterfield Canyon (the same route as The Burn that I ran a earlier this month with Jill).

I should be around 20 or so running miles with a bunch of walking miles. I’ve really been focusing on my daily steps and besides Wednesday I have made an effort to get at least 10,000 steps in a day.

  • Need ideas for recipes this Thanksgiving? Check this article out. There is a recipe from each of the 50 states … and DC and PR.
  • This is how I want to celebrate Thanksgiving next year … WITH TACOS!!!
  • Now this is something you should read if you’re a lazy cook. Consider it my holiday gift to you.
  • I really love this article about gratitude. Give it a read.
  • This is really interesting … this guy tries to “Ice Cream” Thanksgiving. Just watch.
  • I’ve been trying to get more steps in during the day. One thing I’ve done is park as far away from my work as possible and then walk. It’s added some steps, but it makes me look kinda loony parking so far away. Kinda like those people in fancy sport cars who don’t want it to be dinged.
  • I’m not a coffee drinker, but if there is that much sugar and fat in these Lattes and special coffee drinks I can only imagine how much sugar and fat is in one of those made with hot chocolate. Oy!
  • You know I kinda wish that places like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts had Postum or Pero as an option. Especially for us Mormons or non-coffee drinkers. Or if there was a non-coffee drink that tasted like coffee … but wasn’t coffee. And, I’m not just talking about decaf here folks.
  • I should start my own Postum Coffeehouse. Or would that be a … Postumhouse? It will have all the bells and whistles of a Starbucks, but without coffee.
  • Oh, and I’d also sell my rice krispy treats at the Postumhouse as well.
  • Oh man, I think I am onto something here? I could it something like … Moroni’s Postumhouse? Or, Brigham’s Postumhouse? Oh, oh, oh … how about J. Golden’s Postumhouse? I love this idea BREWING in my head.
  • Can you brew Postum? Okay, I’m done here.
  • I got a haircut this past week here’s visual proof.
  • You want to know something? Not a fan of cupcakes. In fact I kind of think they are overrated. But, these actually look pretty cool. Especially for Thanksgiving.
  • And, as you know too well … I am a Rice Krispy Treat man myself.
  • Speaking of which, I made these for my c’niece’s baptism this past Saturday per her request … Pink Oreo Rice Krispy Treats. Pretty tasty. I’ll be sharing the recipe on Sunday. Stay tuned. But, let’s just say … some of this action happened and it was life changing.
  • This is a pretty funny post. It will make you chuckle on multiple occasions.
  • Lumbersexual? That’s a thing? Ooooooook, society.
  • Oh dogs, I can relate with MANY of these stories. But, really, they’re so much better than cats. Cats are always plotting your demise. Let’s me honest here.
  • This is kind of amazing …
  • I think I was born in the wrong decade. And, here I thought Southwest and JetBlue were great.
  • You have to admit these suggested warnings from Netflix are pretty funny.
  • Um, I want superpowers.
  • This roller coaster looks fun.
  • Even though I have no backstory or reason to share this picture, I think it just needs to be noted that this kid is one of the cutest kids ever brewed up in a wound.
  • Well that is until I start getting involved in the kid making business of course.
  • But, still … THAT FACE!
  • Speaking of Koko, at least three times this past week she has proposed to me. Yes, full out … will you marry me Joshawalla? I’ve said yes all three times, but I had to clean up some when she found out I had a date last week. I won’t lie, I felt like I cheated on her. I love that kid.
  • And, this a love letter she “wrote” to me.
  • I’m not a savvy mechanic-type (for many good reasons), so these make me laugh. If something is wrong with my car … it’s going to the shop. I’m not fixing it.
  • This is good to know, but I’m waiting for the 10lbs. brickphones to be in style again.
  • I’ve blogged about my experience eating at the Sears Burrito cart. but there’s a place from the stand about half a mile away that makes SUSHI BURRITOS. Yep, you heard me right. I’ve been there twice and I love it. I feel like sometime in the upcoming week I need to blog about my experience. It just needs to happen.
  • Oh, here’s the Sushi Burrito on 8th’s website. Thank me later.
  • Wow, turkey is really happening next week isn’t it?

Welp, that’s it for me this week. I won’t be posting much next week, but I will post my race recap on Friday from the Thankful 13 … just not a Fartlek Friday. I know disappointing, right? But, I think we should live, right?

And, as just a reminder I won’t be blogging between the week of Christmas Eve to New Years Eve-ish. That’s my yearly sabbatical time where I don’t do (hardly) anything with the blog and just spend time with family and friends. I’m sure I’ll post my New Year’s resolutions sometime between that week … just don’t expect it.

Anyways, Thanksgiving first. Gobble, gobble.