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The 93rd Fartlek Friday™ – We’re half way through October and I’m in need of a pumpkin spice rehab center

fartlek.fwI love me a good Friday. I’m excited about this weekend for a couple of reasons. One, we’re doing a Bugout Run tomorrow morning here in the Salt Lake area. And, then also the U game, church, sleeping in … until it’s time to go to church and, oh yeah, we’re recording a podcast this weekend as well.


It’s been over three weeks since the last time we recorded. It wasn’t planned that way, but we tried to crank out a podcast before Disneyland and we couldn’t line up our schedules, then I was in Disneyland and then when I got back from Disneyland I was sick.

And, it was a cold. But, not a regular cold … more like the, “did you go through a second puberty?” kind of cold. My voice was all cracking like a teenager, but by the end of the week I was singing, “Ol’ Man River” pretty much better than Paul Robeson.

But, alas, I’m thankfully past that stage.

Look for a couple of Runcast episodes in the next couple of weeks. This weekend’s will be a catch up on what we’ve missed. We’ll talk about the Layton Marathon Guinness World Record, dropping from a race and probably some other things that’ll make us laugh.

Then sometime before Halloween we’ll be doing a special Halloween episode. I am excited about this one. I am not going to give away exactly what we’re talking about, but it’ll be fun.

Anyways … the next episode should be out next Wednesday. So stay tuned here and on the Runcast Facebook page for a link once it’s live.

Oh, and if you’d like to join us for the Bugout Run it’s FREE and you can get all the information, meet up location and logistics here. Come join us! It’s fun!

Anyways, have a fun weekend! Be safe! Run hard! Run fast! Run for fun!

And, if you’re not. You’re doing it wrong.



If you stalk me on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen this, but my pretty little mug was on KSL.com this past week. Luckily it wasn’t for something that wouldn’t make my Mom proud. It was an article about the Layton Marathon Guinness World Record feat. Pretty cool!

Though I wasn’t one of the runners that completed the full marathon, it was still quite the experience getting the whole thing ready, running what I did and then supporting the team to the finish line. It really was a team effort. I’d love to try it again.

Anyways, here’s the piece by Arriane Brown. Great read!


All my girlfriends love wearing my cat shirts. #toocuteforherowngood

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Chicken Little has started laying eggs. They might be small, but she’s cranking them out like a boss. #chickensofinstagram A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@mejosher) on

My steak is looking awfully like South Carolina. #mysteakshallriseagain!

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Here are a few other things that have caught my attention this past week …

  • Yeah, this HAS to be the worst aunt … EVER. Can you believe she would sue her 8 year old nephew over a botched hug? Gimme a break!
  • I just love the title of this article. Go ahead and click on this link. BAHAHAHA! Funny, huh? Never gets old.
  • GO UTES!
  • I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I do appreciate a funny costume. Some of these are hilarious. Especially the Pizza Rat. Though, now all I want is a dog.
  • Um, yeah, no.
  • When you’re on a diet these kind of articles actually help keep me on track. Go figure, huh?
  • Because cats.
  • I love October baseball. I especially love it when the Giants are in the postseason, but since they aren’t this year I love adopted a team or two to cheer. This year … the Cubbies! I’ve always had a soft spot for them, especially since I served my mission in Chicago and have attended a game at Wrigley Field. So now that they’re in the NLCS … it’s all World Championship or Bust! Let’s end that curse.
  • This is a pretty cool visual ditty of vintage pictures of Wrigley Field. Best ballpark I’ve been too!
  • Oh geez … there’s always some way to make a buck, huh? Maybe I should ship water from the Great Salt Lake around the world? You think people would buy that?
  • This is great news … PIZZA!!!
  • Interesting.
  • HAHAHAHAHA! I love this.
  • I just posted this to let you know of my disdain for Quiznos.
  • Yeah, this is one of the main reasons why I fly JetBlue and Southwest. The audacity of that flight attendant.
  • Tempting. But, if I ate a 30lbs. burrito … I’m pretty sure I’d never want to eat a burrito again in my life. I can’t have that.
  • I took this quiz and got Back to the Future. Alright!
  • MUPPETS!!!
  • Can you tell that I love the Muppets? I’m still trying to figure out if I like the new TV show? Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if it was cancelled. I hope not though. I think that’s a good place to stop.


So a couple weeks ago I started this mock fitness Instagram account called @demotivatedfitness. Obviously I have nothing against the fitness industry or people’s personal journeys towards better help. But, you’ve got to admit … it’s fun to poke fun of it sometimes.

Here are a few of the memes I’ve posted the past couple weeks … for your amusement.

12067941_1643209309298056_42818991_n 12067327_1643483385937315_1856950521_n 12086868_1643780572574263_2145342590_n12166480_1645019355783718_31278121_n12167157_1645721692380151_1894276315_n

The 92nd Fartlek Friday™ – It’s Friday and I’m in love … with running!


It’s been two weeks since the last Friday post. Which, I think breaks my 91 week record? I don’t know where that puts this record … maybe somewhere between Cal Ripken and a Netflix weekend marathon? But, you have to admit, it is pretty impressive.

I think?

Either way, a new streak begins. And, I am getting pretty excited for the upcoming month. Not only am I starting my 12 week program next week, but I’ve got a number of mile-marker races coming up as well. Namely tomorrow’s Layton Marathon and my 50K next month.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Tomorrow’s race is our Guinness World Record run. We’re attempting to run a marathon with the most people tethered together the whole time. Yep, that’s right, roped together. Don’t worry too much on the bathroom situation, we’re leaving enough slack on the lines to make that feasible.

But, by the end of tomorrow I am going to be a World Record runner! Not people can say that they are in the same boat as Meb, Prefontaine or even Kara Goucher? I’m going to soak this one in. And, probably soak in an ice bath after the race as well. More than it being an accomplishment, it’s going to be A LOT of fun. We have a lot of fun people on the team and it should be a party more than anything.

In addition to the marathon tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day because we have another ghost hunt. Luckily it’s at midnight until 6am on Saturday night … soooooo … I’ll probably take a nice long nap after the race. But, that’s going to be a lot of time on my feet in 24 hours.

I’m going to say it’s going to be a lot of fun, but as you very well know … it’s probably not going to be. Which means I should probably amp up the Aleve. But, alas, this is the life I chose to live. And, it is fun having hobbies so different from each other. Keeps life interesting.

Anyways … fun weekend ahead! Come back on Monday for my race and weekend recap!



As I mentioned above tomorrow is my 109th race … and 9th marathon. This one will be a lot of fun as I am one of 85+ other runners running the marathon chained together. We’re going for a Guinness World Record. The previous record is 77 so we should have no problem breaking it.

I am going to be helping make the rope system with my friend Tim later today at the race expo. It should be a fun adventure. Not only will it be a party, but I’ll be able to notch off another bucket list item in becoming a World Record holder. And, a world record runner for that manner.

Come back on Monday for the race recap and checkout my pictures on my Instagram accounts @running180 and @fight4phat.


Okay, let me just get this out there. I am a liar. Remember that one time I said … NO MARATHONS in 2016? Yep, lied about it. Totally just signed up for the St. George Runner Series this past week. This guarantees me a spot in the St. George Marathon next October. I paid $15 and now I just need to run two St. George races to qualify.

And, those two races I’ll actually have done before the end of the year. I am running the Snow Canyon Half (November 7) and the Bakers Dozen Half (December 12). WHAM BAM! Right?

I am pretty excited for a couple of reasons. I love the St. George Marathon. It’s a very challenging course, but it’s also a very beautiful course. Nothing re-energizing me more than hitting mile 13 and Snow Canyon. Seriously, it’s like a whole different race at that point.

Well, it helps that the remaining of the race is pretty much ALL downhill from that point. But, that’s beside the point.

This will change my training a bit next year, but not much. This will be my only marathon though (depends if you count my 50K). Well, unless I am needed to sweep one. But, this one I plan on racing. I don’t have a time goal … yet. I am not sure if I will. I hate putting time goals on marathons. I just want to do my best.

But, I am looking forward to October 1st, 2016!



  1. Run Resolution; Kearns, UT (January 1)
  2. Zion Half Marathon; Virgin, UT (March 14)
  3. Buffalo Run 25K; Antelope Island, UT (March 28)
  4. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (May 14)
  5. Drop 13 Half Marathon; SLC, UT (June 11)
  6. Deseret News Half Marathon; SLC, UT (July 23)
  7. Timp Half; American Fork, UT (July 30)
  8. Nebo Half; Payson, UT (September 3)
  9. Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (September 10)
  10. St. George Marathon; St. George, UT (October 1)
  11. Antelope Island 50K; Antelope Island, UT (November 12)
  12. Thankful 13; Lehi, UT (November 24)


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …


The 89th Fartlek Friday™ – Time to “GO BIG” tomorrow … TWSS!

Okay, first off … there will always be a little of Michael Scott inside of me. TWSS! I kinda can’t help that, but ever since the Big Cottonwood Marathon began back in 2012 their motto of “GO BIG” was always a TWSS joke in my mind.

So, for my mother and those with sensible senses of humor … I apologize.

And, while I am apologizing, I should also apologize for this seizure inducing GIF of Space Mountain. It’s just a TAD excited about Disneyland at the end of this month. Well, actually in 15 days to be exact.

It’s been three years since my last Disneyland trip, which seems impossible. But, it’s the truth. I guess part of the reason why it’s been so long is that most of my resources and money have gone towards local races and transportation. It’s really one or the other.

But, it will be nice to get away for a week. From work, the blog and running. Well, okay, not running. You better believe I’ll still be running while in California. For many reasons … one, I have a 50K coming up in November, sea level running is awesome and I need a running on the beach moment at least once in my life.

With a 12 string chorus of course.

But, before I get to that point I’ve got to get through the next couple of weeks and that includes tomorrow marathon down Big Cottonwood Canyon. This is one of my favorite marathons here in Utah. Of all the marathons in Utah, I’d actually probably rank this second behind only St. George. Ogden would be a close third.

The race does a really great job at putting the runner first. The organization has been top notch since their first race back in 2012. They’ve changed the course a few times over the past four years, but that’s really because they’ve listened to the runners. And, believe me, the course has drastically changed over the years. The course is mainly downhill, but in 2012 it was mostly in the valley and around neighborhoods in the Holliday area.

They listen.

This will be the third time that I’ve ran the marathon. I also ran the half marathon in 2013. But, the marathon has my heart. Of all the Big Cottonwood races this is the only one that does the 26.2 mile distance down the canyon.

Anyways, before I start resorted to writing love letters and poetry to the Big Cottonwood Marathon you should just know that I love it and am looking forward to running it tomorrow morning.

Well, actually, I am sweeping it for the Run Your Race Pacers. Which is still going to be a challenge and fun. I am sweeping it with my friend Ramie and it should be an adventure. I love the back of the pack. They’re my people and I always come away inspired.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo … excited!



As many of you know the past year and half or so has been pretty frustrating for me. My thyroid and testosterone have been in and out of whack and it’s really done a number of my health and weight. Having once weighed 400+ pounds I think I’ll always have a fear of going BACK to that fat self.

So finding a solution has been my focused the past year and despite the setbacks, I am not going to give up. I’ve still been working out, still running, still watching my diet, etc. I’ve tried different diets and routines in hopes that something would be the answer.

With all of this I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices trying to find a balance with my meds. It’s been frustrating and I won’t rehash all of that crap, but I feel like I’ve found a good balance with my thyroid meds. The testosterone has been a bit more all over the place, but that’s another story.

Welp, I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to check up on the thyroid and testosterone. And, after feeling good about the direction of my health the appointment made me feel even more frustrated.

I’ll let my post on my @fight4phat Instagram account say the rest …

Welp, no answers. But, I guess I’m closer to a solution? My thyroid is about smack in the middle of functionality. No big worries there. My testosterone is not as stable it went down about 200 points since April. The doctor thinks this could be partly aging, but also something else. Possibly sleep apnea? Not sure if that’s the case? But, I am anemic, which he thinks he could be why my energy levels are down? So, I’m adding iron supplements to my diet. Anemia isn’t a big surprise since I’ve dealt with it since a kid. With the weight he basically told me to watch the calories and intake. Which, is kinda a cookie cutter answer no matter how true it is. But, I get it. It’s just I know there’s something going on because I do watch my diet and exercise regularly. Part of his answer to that was “family genes and age.” That answer kinda p—ed me off. And, gave me some motivation to prove him wrong. I’m glad I know where I stand with the testosterone, thyroid and my red blood cell levels. But, I’m learning sometimes the solution is your motivation and hardwork to prove others (doctors included) wrong. #hypothyroidism #hypothyroid #health #wellness #fitness #doctorsoffice #doctor #testosterone #anemia #running #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation @fight4phat @running180 @mejosher

A photo posted by Fight4Phat™ 🏃🏻💨 (@fight4phat) on

So, yeah, I’m definitely in the market for a new doctor who not only asks questions first but doesn’t preach to me about something I am fairly well versed in. To me that’s just a waste of time and money.

I get that it could be genes and/or age, but that feels like a cop out to me. There’s something else at play whether it’s the anemia or testosterone. And, I want to find a solution for that.

But, I’m more than determined now to do that more on my own then to go to a doctor and seek answers, especially if they’re going to be like the one I saw on Wednesday.


But, for now I just keep on fightin’


In case you haven’t listened to the latest episode of The Utah Runcast it’s a good one. Jim and I are joined by Tim Gill and Joe Coles talking about fall faces including the Layton Marathon. Listen to it here …


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …


Buggin’ out in Spanish Fork …

bountiful-bugoutWelp, what a weekend. What a fun weekend. What a fun, busy weekend. But, truly, what a weekend.

Okay of that.

But, really, what a weekend.

Our second Bugout Run was on Saturday down in Spanish Fork. We did a five mile run/hike around Spanish Fork Canyon and to the Escalante Cross. I can’t say enough of the beauty of the canyon and the view from the cross. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


I’m the first to admit that I am a horribly neglective Utahn. I’ve never been to Lake Powell, I’ve spent minimal time hiking the red rocks of southern Utah and I’ve skiied — water or snow. I run Utah, but not much else.

See? Horrible Utahn. But, luckily for me … that’s changing.

On Friday night after weathering that horrific microburst thunderstorm (actually, it was pretty awesome) I journeyed from Bountiful to Springville to prep for the AM with Jorge. I say “prep” for the morning, but it was basically a sleepover. Granted we didn’t stay up all night watching movies or playing Nintendo, but we crashed on his couches and shared YouTube videos until we got too tired.

But, it wasn’t a sleepover.


We had a 3:30am wake up call so we could be out the door by 4am and to the canyon to set up. With it still pitch black Jorge and I grabbed our headlamps and headed up with our gear to set up the course. I won’t lie, I was a tad apprehensive because I could imagine at any moment a mountain lion jumping out and making me its’ breakfast. Luckily, that didn’t happen, but about a half mile up the trail we did some glowing green eyes in the distance that didn’t help quell those fears.

After finishing setting the course up at the Escalante Cross. Jorge told me of a shortcut that would take us down the trail back to the reservoir’s parking lot faster. I’ve been around the block long enough to know that when people say “shortcut” it really wouldn’t be a shortcut. And, it wasn’t. After the rain the night before the so-called “trail” was pretty much rocky and muddy with little foot bearing for me.


I just ended up sliding down the side of the hill on my butt and accepting the fact my shorts were going to look like I soiled myself. It didn’t help either that the awkward spider crawl I did down the hill caused a nice massive cramp in my legs midway down. Moral of the story? Don’t take any shortcut, especially from Jorge.

Once we got back from setting up some of the participants starting arriving. After trying to clean myself up some we were ready to begin. Half of the group was wanting to run the course, while a smaller part of us went for the hike. That’s the beauty of the Bugout Run, it’s tailor made for people of all fitness levels. I hiked most of the way and it was very much a challenge in it’s own right.

Before getting to the Escalante Cross we went up the canyon and climbed quite a bit in elevation. I don’t know how the others ran that part, but it was a trash kicker for sure. They were so far ahead of us that at one moment I thought we got lost. You couldn’t even hear them from a distance.


But, then we rendezvoused at our challenge point and worked together to make a stretcher out of a tarp and lumber. We had to carry an “injured” hiker about a quarter of a mile down the trail as part of our scenario. Like all our Bugout Run events there is not just a hiking/running element to it, but there’s a physical and mental challenge to each event as well.

After the challenge we hike/ran the rest of the way up to the Escalante Cross. It was beyond beautiful. The view of the Utah Valley from the cross was truly amazing. I’ve hiked areas around the Salt Lake Valley that gave me a good view of the area, but nothing so clear as from the cross.


Anyways, after taking a moment to let the scenery sink in we headed back to the parking lot. Luckily this time it wasn’t via a Jorge shortcut.

But, in all we survived. No one got eaten by a mountain lion, bitten by a snake or chased by a rabid raccoon. But, really, I think each participant came away with a new skill or at the very least an idea of how to respond to a search and rescue scenario if needed. And, that’s really the point for these runs. When you can’t rely on anyone else who else do you have?



The next event will be September 26th in Salt Lake City. The location is secret like all our events, but it will be within the Salt Lake City boundaries and basically be an “URBAN” bugout scenario. It should be pretty epic. And, like all of our Bugout Runs it will be free and you can get information on our Facebook event page here.




In addition to the Bugout Run on Saturday, we also recorded a new episode of The Utah Runcast. We tried to find a middle place to record the show and since I was coming north from Spanish Fork with Jorge, Jim met us from West Jordan in Lehi. Specifically, at the Costa Vida World Headquarters in Lehi. Still, there were no burritos or nachos involved in the recording of the podcast. Something I was admittedly disappointed about.

But, it was a good show. We had some kinks we had to work out from our first podcast. Namely it was user error. But, the past few weeks I’ve played around with Garage Band and figured out what went wrong. I am happy with the vocals that we got this go around and it shouldn’t be so echo-y.

To give you a little teaser of what to expect on this episode … we talk about how Jim put together a 100 banana salute at my 100th race. We also talked about why Jim is sporting pink hair and how much we hate cancer. We all talk about our pre-race and post-race eating habits and how I curse Jorge for introducing me to McGriddles. Seriously, it’s like the perfect combination of what I crave after a race.

There’s a lot more we talk about, especially about some up coming races … fun runs and even themed races for charity and fun. It’s a good episode. I’ll post the link to it once it goes live on Wednesday on Podgoblin.



Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 188.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 249.95 miles
2015 Race Miles – 266.9 miles
2015 Total Miles – 717.95 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  101.65 miles
August  29.15 miles



This weekend, well more specifically this Saturday, is my birthday. My 34th birthday. Don’t start me on the fact that I am turning 34 on Saturday. I don’t feel 34 … nor act 34 (but that’s a post for another day). I am not overly anxious or fretting turning 34. I’ve actually pretty much embraced my thirties quite well. Well, except for that whole “living in your parent’s basement” part (again another post for another day). But, really, age is relative and a frame of mind.

I am excited about my race this weekend as well, because I am running the Park City Half. Our whole family is spending the weekend in Park City so they’ll be able to be there at the finish line. Remember that my Mom threw pie in my face at the finish line of my 100th race, I probably should dodge her this go around. Who knows she’ll probably throw birthday cake at me.

I joke, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

Race #103 will be a great way to celebrate my 34th birthday and I am looking forward to the R&R. I am taking work off on Friday and Monday sooooooooo … it will be extra relaxing!



It’s not too early to be looking towards 2016, right? RIGHT?!?!


Working with finances I’m already in 2016. It’s been just over a month since the turning over of the new fiscal year and I’m already writing August 2016. So, I think, mentally, it’s okay for me to now start planning for next year’s races, right?

Well, even if you didn’t agree with me, this is my blog … sooooooooo … I’m going to write about it anyways.

Over the past few months I’ve stated my intention of slowing down in 2016. This mentality hasn’t changed. I’m still going to run and race, but the focus is going (well more so starting now actually) to be about balance.

Balance between running, strength training and core strength. Back in 2012 and 2013 when I was running my fastest that was the focus of my fitness. This is one reason why I have gone back to Firehouse Fitness this past week. That focus is in pretty much every workout.

I need that.

I am doing this for two reasons. One, I want to get faster and finally get that BLASTED sub-two half marathon time. But, more importantly, I am hoping that will really help me with my thyroid. That’s been a headache and a half for me the past year and a half or so. Finding balance has felt dang near impossible.

At times I’ve felt that I’ve been on a seesaw with a feather at one moment and then a rock the next. It’s been extremely frustrating. But, the only thing you can do is fight throw it, do what you can and plan for success.

And, that’s my goal for 2016. I’m planning for success.

I am not going to share my whole fitness regime here. That’s a whole post for another day. Plus, I change my regime up every 6-8 weeks to help forge through plateaus and drudgery. And, it works fairly well for me.

But, my focus right now is just the running aspect of next year.

Ideally, I want to no more than 12-15 or so races during the year. Basically a race a month. I don’t plan on necessarily doing one a month, I am planning on having a couple months where I race twice. Especially in the summer when there are TOO many awesome races.

In addition to running my races, I have also started a fun run series of free runs around here in northern Utah. It’s a Facebook group I started last year, but it never got off the ground as I had wanted it to. Mainly, because I was racing so much.

The goal for the run series is to just have a monthly fun run (with emphasis on fun) for local runners who are training for the many marathons, half marathons and other races around here in Utah.

The idea real came to me three years ago when I was training for my first marathon. I basically did it alone, including my first 20 miler. And, let me tell you … that was NOT fun. Having someone to run with makes such a difference on your long runs.

So, with that said, here is how my 2016 race schedule is shaping up thus far (dates are subject to change and some are just estimated guesses) …

1 – Run Revolution; Kearns, UT

26 – Buffalo Run 25K; Antelope Island, UT

7 – Provo City Half Marathon; Provo, UT
14 – Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; Salt Lake City, UT

11 – Drop 13 Half Marathon; Salt Lake City, UT
25 – AF Canyon Run Against Cancer; American Fork, UT

23 – Deseret News Half Marathon; Salt Lake City, UT

6 – Timp Half; American Fork, UT
20 – Run Elevated Half Marathon; Sandy, UT

3 – Nebo Half; Payson, UT
13 – Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; Salt Lake City, UT

8 – Pink Series Half; Park City, UT
29 – Haunted Half; Provo, UT

5 – Saltair Half; Magna, UT
24 – Thankful 13; Lehi, UT

Now, who wants to run with me next year? Or has anyone else planned this far in advance like me? Because, if so we should probably go to a meeting of Over-planners Anonymous together.

RACE #100: South Davis Handcart Days Half Marathon

100-handcartdaysWOW. What an experience. What a race. What a moment. Even after a couple days as I write down my thoughts and feelings I am in awe of the support and celebration I received throughout the race and at the finish line. It really still feels surreal.

I don’t really want to rehash a lot of the feelings I had going into the race, I pretty much did that on Friday’s post. But, the morning of the race as I met up with Tim and Elsha the reality of what I was doing was really starting to sink in. I had emotions of excitement, humility and MAJOR reflection on the previous 99 races.

Tim, Elsha and I dubbed this race the “Kilt n’ Kitties” run since we all wore kilts and cat shirts. Tim gifted me a kilt and I gifted him that cat shirt! Great trade!

We started at 5:30am with the walkers and other strollers because I knew we were going to be somewhat slow. I didn’t want to have Elsha out in the heat for too long because it was suppose to get hot … fast! And, with Tim and I nursing some small injuries it just seemed smart to start early.

We started with about 20 or so other people just as the light over the mountains started to emerge. Besides the small amount of people the start was just like any other regular race, but as I crossed the starting line I took a DEEP breath and gave a small prayer of gratitude for this moment. Not just running race #100, but sharing this moment with my close friends Tim and Elsha.

Early start and practically all alone on the course. Somewhat strange, won’t lie.

We got about four miles into our run before we started getting passed by the runners who started at 6am. It was kind of a fun experience, because as we ran along and saw the leaders go pass we all kind of judged each runners gait and posture and predict whether or not they were going to maintain that pace or slow down. I’ve never paid much attention to that aspect of running before, but I won’t lie … it was actually kind of fun.

The course was pretty much flat and hilly. Not an easy course. But, Tim, Elsha and I kept each other laughing and having a fun time. About mid-way through the race as the sun started to rise fully above the mountains we started to do more run/walking between bus stops.

Summed up our race on Saturday

The heat was becoming an issue, especially to me. I think part of that was from my experience at Ragnar with my heat exhaustion. I’ve noticed I am a bit more susceptible to the heat as of late. But, I kept the water and Gatorade flowing and took salt tablets when needed. That seemed to help some.

Even with making sure I was hydrated and properly nutritioned I was a little frustrated with how I felt speed wise. I know a lot of factors went into it, but I wanted to go and FEEL faster as well (this wasn’t just a dawning thought, but something I’ve dealt with for over a year with my thyroid issues). Whenever I push Elsha or someone else I usually plan on an extra 5-10 minutes, the heat was also an issue and the flat course. But, really my current fitness level was where my frustration was felt.

Oh, Tim.

I’ve struggled with it over the past year with my thyroid issues and having gained an unwanted 40lbs. because of those issues I felt it every mile. I’m not going to rehash those frustrations here, but I felt more of a motivation during the race that I wasn’t far off from regaining the form I had a couple years ago. I have and know all the tools to get there, which I have been working on the past few months.

But, during the last couple of miles as I ran towards the finish line and reflected on my journey, it’s been a journey of ups and downs. And, I appreciated those moments even more. Whether it’s been dealing with thyroid issues, injuries or emotional family issues (ie-My Mom’s cancer, family deaths, etc.) running has helped me get through those difficult times. Whether it was out on the course or through the friendship of others I’ve met within the community.

I won’t lie, the last couple of miles were rather emotional thinking of all this out on the road.

I am such a rebel.

About less than a mile from the finish line I was greeted by my friend Jim out on the course. I was a little surprised to see him out on the course as I didn’t really expect to see him there. He had made any indication he was coming. I wondered if something was up, but kind of dismissed it.

About a quarter of mile later a couple of runners showed up to cheer us on. They were carrying bananas with them and encouraged me on by name. I didn’t know them and that’s when I wondered what was going on. I wasn’t expecting anything special out of being greeted by my family and some friends at the finish line.

Me and “THE ELSHANATOR” … speaking of which, she’s always a foot or two ahead of me. I can never beat her.

But, as I turned the corner to the finish line I saw a MASS of people lined up on both sides of the sidewalk cheering and yelling my name. Not only that … they were ALL holding bananas in their hands. As I passed through this tunnel of people holding up bananas I got a bit overly emotional. I couldn’t believe it. The PA announcer called out my name and congratulated my accomplishment as I crossed the finish line.

I was blindsided by the reception.

Jim passing out the 100 bananas that went out and bought for a 100 Banana Salute at the finish line for me.

As soon as I crossed the finish line my family was there and I was greeted by my mother who then promptly threw a pie in my face. All out of love, mind you. This wasn’t the first time she’s done it either.

But, after I took a deep breath and licked the pie off my glasses I just tried to take it all in. I really hadn’t expected such a reception at the finish line. And, compared to my first half marathon at the same place four years prior it was COMPLETE opposite. That first race I simply crossed the finish line, got my medal and then some water.

This is what greeted me at the finish line at the race. A 100 Banana Salute. I’m still speechless. LOVED IT!

I had later found out that Jim was instigator of putting this whole thing together. He went out and bought 100 bananas to give me a “100 BANANA SALUTE” at the finish line and then worked with the PA announcer to recruit runners to wave the bananas. He wrote on the sidewalk with chalk motivating signs for me and really just went OVER THE TOP. I am still very touched by what he did.

What can I say … I have awesome friends.

The three of us mere feet away from the finish line.

I am still processing the love and support I received at the finish line. It just means the world to have friends like Jim and many, many, many others that stuck around to cheer me on. It really gave me a lot of positive energy moving forward to my final 80 races (which I will blog about later this week).

While I am now moving on to focus on my next race, I will never forget this race. I will never forget this moment. I will never forget the love and support I received from my friends and family, even from my mother’s pie. I will never forget it how I felt. It will always be a cherished moment for me. Always.

My mother lovingly congratulating me on race #100! I love Tim’s face in this picture.

And, with that I thank ALL of you who had a hand in putting that celebration together. Even those that weren’t there and have been a part of my journey, thank you! I felt all that support and love out on the course and at the finish line on Saturday!

YEAH #100!

YEAH! I couldn’t have asked for two better people to celebrate this race with than Tim and Elsha! So blessed.

NEXT RACE: Timp Half


Race #101 will be this weekend. And, I am going to be sweeping the course while pushing my friend Josh. This will be our third race and first since the Lagoon Half in April. I am excited about this race for a number of reasons. Mainly, because I LOVE running American Fork Canyon. It’s such a gorgeous canyon.



If you haven’t heard the pilot episode of The Utah Runcast, you can here …


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 188.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 233.45 miles
2015 Race Miles – 232.95 miles
2015 Total Miles – 654.4 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  80.35 miles



RACES #98 & #99: Hobbler Half and The Dam 15 Miler

IMG_8110Sometimes I feel like I should question by sanity. Seriously. What is it inside me that THINKS running a 15 mile trail run hours after completing a half marathon is a good idea?

I really am of the believe that runners have a built-in amnesia that makes them forget past “horrible” experiences. Because, if I’ve done a feat similar to what I did on Saturday and hurt for days afterwards … why would I want to do it again?

Well … for the bling and t-shirt, right?

Well, okay it’s deeper than that.

One of the reasons why I raced 28.1 miles in one day was because I kinda had to, so I could make the Handcart Days Half Marathon my 100th race over 13.1 miles. I made the decision to make that race my milestone race about a month and a half ago and had to add a couple races to my docket to make it work.

It just happened that I had to do a couple double-double races. A couple of weeks ago I did a night-morning race which honestly felt a bit harder than Saturday’s feat. Fatigue was very much a factor during those races. At least on Saturday I got a nap in between races after a good night’s race.

But, still, that’s 28.1 miles I had to forge through one step at a time. And, it wasn’t easy. Even now as I am writing my review my feet hurt and my calves have been threatening to cramp since I grabbed my medal at the Dam 15 Miler last night. But, I also have a huge feeling of accomplishment that makes those physical pains secondary.

I did a lot of reflecting while out on the road and trail. My mind kept going back to my first few races and thinking of the biggest differences between now and then. The biggest thing is my involvement and friendships I have gained within the running community. To me that has been the biggest blessing in my running. The people I have met, befriended and ran with have all become a part of me and this little journey I have undertaken.

Luckily, I spent a lot of time running solo on Saturday, because there were a number of times I got a tad emotional about it too. I thanked God a lot for those friendships and my experiences. My mind also went a lot to my Grandma. Sunday was her birthday and she passed away just five months ago, if I had a number one fan of my running … it was her. I knew and felt she was proud of my accomplishments not just from Saturday, but in my whole effort of getting to my goal.

Anyways … this post isn’t about that. I’ll be writing more about that later this week actually. So stay tuned.

Let’s get to my race recaps.


I don’t know if I would have been able to do both races if I wasn’t sweeping Hobbler. But, sweeping isn’t easy. And, depending on the course it can be rather challenging. Since my job is to be as fast as the slowest runner that can vary from race to race.

But, sweeping is an easier recover than pacing or just running mainly because you aren’t going to complete exhaustion. There is a fatigue to worry about and for me I need to worry about my feet, because being on my feet for nearly four hours hurts my feet.


Since the race was in the Springville/Mapleton area I crashed at Jorge and Holly’s place. The original plan was to camp out in their front yard with other pacers. But, since a number of pacers found other places or just drove down the morning of the race, it was just me. So, Jorge and Holly let me crash inside on the couch.

Since the race started at 6:30am (unlike 6am for most summer races) the bus pickup wasn’t until 4:45am. This made for a leisurely morning with a 4am wake up call. Which was nice. Especially considering if I drove down from Bountiful that wakeup call would have been closer to 2am. I am really appreciative of Jorge and Holly’s generosity.

Doing a little shopping. How does the saying go? One runners’ throw away jacket is another runners’ treasure? Something like that?!

The bus ride up the canyon wasn’t a fun one for me. I didn’t realize how bumpy the canyon was and because of that I started getting some motion sickness. Not fun at all. Luckily, the drive was shorter than other races.

After hanging out at the starting line for about an hour the race was ready to begin. I brought along my back pack as my drop back, but because I was too busy talking with others I missed the announcement to get my drop back to the bus. So, I was forced to run with my pack.

Yeeeeeeeah … there’s no crowd.

It wouldn’t have been bad if it was my usual running bag, but it’s just a simple back pack with no extra straps or anything fancy like that. Luckily I wasn’t going too fast so running with it wasn’t too burdensome, it was just annoying. But, it came in handy have my full gambit of running supplies because I was able to share some Aleve and salt tablets with others.

Since I was the last runner I hung back at the starting line for the last runners to cross the starting line. This was nice because I didn’t have to wait in line to use the Honey Buckets. This is one real perk to sweeping. Of course that perk also has a downside … aaaaand … it’s safe to say that goes unsaid.

I have a feeling I’m being stalked.

Once out on the course I kept my distance from the last few runners. I do this on purpose for a couple of reasons. One, I’ll play catch up so I get some good running in during the race (basically fartleking) and, two, usually the back of the pack runners aren’t struggling and more so enjoying the run. I’ll support where and when needed. But, the last thing I want to do is interrupt ones’ race.

For being a canyon race, the course was nothing like a typical canyon race. This meaning, there’s not much downhill. And, in the case of Hobble Creek Canyon, it’s more of a rolling hill course. Which isn’t BAD, just not a typical Utah canyon course.

When people give you a pan of french toast you document it … with a selfie.

The first six miles of the race were fairly well covered in shade, but once the sun came out it got hot pretty quickly. That’s where my salt tablets and Aleve came in handy. Not just for me, but for a couple others as well. I also focused on water and Powerade at each aid station. The last thing I wanted was heat exhaustion before my second race began.

The last three miles were the toughest. The sagging wagon joined up with us by mile 10 and closely followed me as I ran behind the last runner. The best part of this was the driver was listening to The Newsies soundtrack. I won’t lie, I was entertained and thankful. It was a good diversion.


During the last couple of miles I ran with the last runner just ahead of me. I could tell she was struggling some as she slowed down quite a bit. It turned out she was suffering from shin splits. Not fun. She was apologetic for being so slow, but I told her this was her race, not mine. My job was to help get her to the finish line.

Which we did.

Since we were the last runners across the finish line I grabbed my medal and beelined it over to get some french toast. The biggest perk being they gave me a WHOLE pan of it which I ended up taking home for my family. Talk about a perk, right?


After stretching out some and coming to, Jorge and I went and got our Slurpee for National Slurpee Day and I started to physically (meaning I took a nap) and mentally prepare for my next race.


I will admit, coming into the race I was a tad unprepared. Part of it was my fault and some of it was circumstantial. But, it turned out well.

After taking a nap at Jorge and Holly’s place and getting some food in me, I was ready to tackle the second leg of my adventure at Deer Creek Reservoir near Heber City. Even though I was rested and refreshed I was still worried about this second race because it was a 15 miler … on trails.

Not a good combination for speed in my book.

But, I knew I could do it and would do it.

Jamie and I right before we headed out early for our trail race.

The race began at 6pm and I had checked in at 4:45pm. But, since this was a low key race I didn’t really want to wait around for an hour. So I asked if I could start early. Which I was given the go ahead to do so. This made a lot of the anxiety I felt about being the last one on the course go away.

Jamie and I started out together and got the jump start. It might have been a little bit hotter starting at 5pm. And, it took me a little bit to get acclimated to that with salt tablets, water and some gels. That wasn’t as bad as when I almost stepped right on top of a snake. Luckily, it was just a gopher snake and not a rattler, but … still … it was a snake. And, if it wasn’t for Jamie’s keen eye I would have stepped on it for sure as it looked like a twig or divot in the middle of the course.

Ugh, I hate snakes.

I was trying to come up with a witty caption for this picture. But, the only thing that comes to my mind is … I hate snakes.

It took Jamie and I just under two hours to get to the turn around point with about 3-4 runners who started at 6pm ahead of us. Jamie went ahead of me while I stayed at the aid station stretching and refueling. By this point the majority of the runners were catching up at the turn around station.

It was fun to run into a number of my friends along the course. Both as they were heading to the turn around point and back. I ran with a few of them for as long as my legs would allow it. But, after 20+ miles of running during the day the only thing I was going to be able to catch up with was a lethargic snail with a cold. And, I was fine with that.


My preparedness for this race was ruined with two things. One, I forgot my hiking pack. I could have sworn I had packed it, but alas it was right on my bed when I got home later that night. So I was forced to use my back pack again. Not comfortable.

And, two, my head lamp was dead. I tested it the night before, but when I went to use it at dusk I noticed it was completely dead. I think it may have accidentally turned on and ran out of battery? Luckily, I finished around 10pm when there was still a sliver of light left. Enough to see if I was going to step on a bunny or horse poop.

This just made me more grateful that I started an hour early.

Me and Ruthie! I am pretty sure it’s physically impossible for this woman to frown. Impossible.

The last couple of miles of the race were EXTRA tough. By this point I was above 26.2 miles, the most I have ran and I was just sore. I was tired. My race plan for this course was to walk up the hills and then run the down hill to give me some kind of consistency. But, mile 13-14, I was so tired physically and mentally that I forgot that game plan and I swear I was starting to run up hill and walk the down hill.

But, it was also during this time that my heart and mind seriously began to reflect upon the breadth of what I was doing. I started getting super emotional about it too. I am glad I was running alone because I have no doubt I would have looked like a hot mess.

I literally swept Janet off her feet. But, what’s most impressive … I didn’t drop her after had run about 24 miles.

I guess you could have called this HITTING the wall, but I am pretty sure I hit that miles earlier. This was almost like I went back to the wall to get hit again? It was a crazy experience to say the least.

But, once I got to the home stretch and saw the lights of the finish line … I was done. Just like that.

I lingered around the finish line for a while kind of bemoaning my hour or so long ride home. I won’t lie, I wish I could have called a cab to drive me home. But, after getting some water and bananas down me I mustered the strength to get myself back to my car.

I’ve got 99 race medals and this is one of them!

After the hour long drive home I stopped by my Subway for a foot-long sandwich because those bananas and couple of cookies after the race didn’t cut it. I needed serious food. Luckily, my local Subway is a 24/7 location (how did my hometown get so lucky?) and I enjoyed myself a midnight footlong (that sounds questionable) before crawling into bed for a nice long sleep.

And, yeah, so that’s the story of the time I decided to run 28.1 miles in one day over two races.

My FitBit numbers for the day. I calculated that 481 minutes is just over 8 hours of active minutes. EIGHT HOURS!

And, the worst part about it all? I think I talked myself into running a 50K in November. Yes, a 50K. I’ve been wanting to become an ultra marathoner and of course I decided this around mile 18 or so of my miles.

I really have a problem.

But, I love it.



THE GOAL! Well, not THE goal, but a HUGE milestone towards that goal. And, this was been a goal I’ve been leading myself up to this summer. It’s only fitting to hit my 100th race over 13.1 miles at the race that started little adventure, right?

The race is turning itself into a little party. I am pushing Elsha during the race and this past week Tim Gill signed up and is planning on running alongside us. There are also a few other friends who are planning on signing up as well. I am not sure if they’re planning on running with me. But, it’s going to be a party pre-race, mid-race and post-race regardless.

I am just really excited about this milestone for many reasons, but more so that I get to share it with my friends. The last time I ran this race I did so all by myself and by doing this with many of my friends is just a testament of how the running community has affected myself.



Bugout Challenge Logo

There is still time to register for The Bugout Run this weekend. The event will be held in somewhere in Davis County on Saturday morning. Here are some more details about the run.

Register now so you don’t miss out on updates.

Oh, and did I mention that the race is FREE?!


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 188.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 209.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 213.65 miles
2015 Total Miles – 610.65 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  36.6 miles