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cropped-Running180Banner_Final_13.pngWell if you haven’t noticed yet, Running180 is shaping into a blog. And, yes, it is my blog. After using Blogspot/Blogger for the past 4-5 years I decided I needed to move along. It was a difficult split. I am still getting accustomed to WordPress and all the fancy gizmos (that last statement made me sound like I am 75 years old or older). Blogger is just so user friendly … sigh.

But, I feel like this is the right decision because I want to expand my reach in sharing my story. That’s what it really boils down to. I am being hosted by Bluehost, a local company here in Utah, and I couldn’t be happier. They’ve been really helpful trying to help me set things up and start generate traffic to the site. So far, I’m impressed.

Now, I know that I have changed my blog name numerous times the past couple of years, and I could have moved runningtowardshome.com or phatjosh.com over to here, but I decided on something new and something that reflected my journey much better. Not to mention something you could easily write in the URL bar.

Anyways, here we are. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can receive updates when I post and ‘LIKE’ Running180 over on the Facebook. Expect a lot of the same kind of material you got on my previous posts, just more material than my weight-loss and running journey. You’re getting the complete Joshua.

But, enjoy the Christmas holiday and come back on New Years Day for the launch of the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy the new blog and what I have to share.


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