Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart & More …

Just flippin’ chickens ya’know …

So, a few weeks ago my friend Camille talked me into doing the Taylorsville Urban Cart Dart. She tried to explain it to me. Basically, we had a team of 4-5 people dressed in a theme around our shopping cart, we would run around Taylorsville at different stations to do certain challenges. We could then bribe the judges at these stations into giving us advantages while also “sabotaging” other teams to gain an advantage. I really didn’t understand it, but Camille got me at bribes and sabotaging. So I was in.

The race is really hard to describe to other people who’ve never done it. It really needs to be experienced. There were a number of teams that wore elaborated costumes (there were flamingos, pirates, owls, etc.) and decorated just as elaborate shopping carts. Our team name was Team Fartlek (yeah Fartlek!) and we decorated our cart like an aid station. We had water bottles, Gu and toilet paper. I made Rice Krispy Treats to use as bribes for the judges and we used the toilet paper along with some silly string and water guns as sabotage tools.

In all we ran about four miles around Taylorsville. It was actually pretty tough, because it was more like a sprint in some spots, and I’m not a sprinter. I hate sprints. This is why I am not the biggest fans of 5Ks. I like to run slow and steady for the long run (TWSS). But, that’s a whole different story for another day. But, I had also planned about another 8-10 miles afterwards at the Olympic Oval so I knew I was going to be sore by the end of the day.

Still, it was fun. And, here are a few pictures to proof that fact. Plus, to make you jealous so you will want to run with me next year. Now that I’ve experienced it I’ve got a NUMBER of ideas for sabotage and bribes. Next year we’ll take the race for sure!

The pink flamingos ended up being the City Council. And, they ended up cheating by carrying their shopping cart in their truck from station to station because of a misinterpretation of the rules.
TEAM FARTLEK! It’s such a lovely word. Really.
Team Fartlek decorating our “aid station” shopping cart.
The starting line. If you’re wondering, yes, the Ghostbusters made an appearance. Just no Harold Ramis.
Our team making a strategy on how to run the course. The good thing is that you don’t have to go to the station in a certain order. You can go anyway you want.
The bribes I made the night before. They’re my Rice Krispy Treats with M&M’s Minis. They helped get us a number of advantages. Namely extra points at the basketball shootout.
Our sabotage bag.
Sprinting around Taylorsville.
At the basketball shootout.
We had to use our less dominate hand to shoot. Camille here shows us the proper form?
Shooting my hoops!
Yes, that’s a Run Disney mylar blanket. Sigh. I love Disneyland. Can you tell I am upset that my family is leaving me for Disneyland this week?
Working on a puzzle of a zebra as a team.
One station we had to karaoke, here we are looking for a good song to sing. I won’t lie we wanted Party in the USA. But, they didn’t have it. So un-American.
Me singing Call Me Maybe. Yes, you heard me right.
This is our team dancing. I think?
We also had to ride a mechanical bull for points. I hate mechanical bulls so I used some of my RKs as a bribe to get someone else better to ride for me.
After the race there was pizza and bagels for the runners. It felt like Planet Fitness. I opted for the bagels. Not a bad decision.
All of the teams waiting for the results and awards. Needless to say, we didn’t win an award. Next year people! Next year!
Team Fartlek after the race!

After the race I headed down to the Utah Olympic Oval (which was conveniently three miles down the road … I probably could have ran there) to get in some miles preparing for my 20 miler in April and marathon in June. The plan was to run anywhere from 8-10 miles after my cart dart race. But, my legs were fairly dead from sprinting in the morning and ended up doing about 7 miles of track work with Katheryn and Kasie.

It was a fun jaunt around the track talking with the two. But, on the last few laps we could all kind of feel it are started slowing down some. My feet were hurting, especially the toe I lost a toenail on and my body just said enough. I ended up running 11 miles for the day which was good enough for me. I thought about going home and trudging out another three miles on the treadmill, but I was spent. My legs were not happy with me. At all.

Group selfie of me, Katheryn and Kasie at the Oval. I was kind of bummed I didn’t wear a white shirt or we could have been all patriotic. Next time.
This is what happens when we announce on our group’s Facebook group that we’re going to the Oval to run. Undoubtably a picture of us running ends up online.
We saw someone crash and burn while skating. My first reaction was … “OHNO!” (if you don’t get this, than you hate speed skating).
Proof I actually ran.
After running I took this sexy picture of me eating an apple. You can tell it’s my sexy look because my head is tilted to almost a 90 degree angle.
Kasie gifted me these two chocolate chip cookie bars. Words cannot express how much I love these. They’re like chocolate chip cookies meet brownies. Seriously, the best.

I am looking forward to next week’s run. It’s Becky’s Birthday Party run at Liberty Park and we’re doing 15 miles around the park. It’s going to be a huge party of all our running friends. That is one reason I love running training runs, because I get to do so with so many AWESOME people. They’re all inspiring, hilarious and selfless. You couldn’t ask for a better quality of friend.

Here’s to next week!


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