The 100th Fartlek Friday™ – I feel like I should be popping some bubbly for the 100th “Fartlek Friday” — no? Okay, I’ll just take an orange juice then.

As I mentioned yesterday — I’ve had an up and down week. Mainly down because of this stupid cold. Or whatever it is? I was hoping it was just allergies — but after a couple days I realized that wasn’t the case.

But, still it hasn’t been an overall bad week. Just crummy.

It really was kind of a buzzkill after coming off an amazing week with the O.U.R. fundraising gala here in Bountiful. Being so motivated and pumped up — my engines completely pooped out. Kinda like driving a new car off the lot and discovering it’s a lemon after applying the gas.

But, setbacks just set the scene for comebacks — and who doesn’t love a good comeback? If someone doesn’t — then odds are they’d hate all the Rocky movies.

I feel like I am turning the corner — so hopefully I can still run tomorrow. I am still planning on doing it. I mean, heck, I ran a half marathon last year with the flu — so that’s nothing!

And, luckily the race is down in St. George and it’s suppose to be in the mid to low 50s — ideal racing weather in my book. So it really wouldn’t be much of a problem running outside if I still have a semi-stuffy nose.

So I am not worried.

But, if I am going to die from running with a cold — I couldn’t think of a better way to go. Well, except for maybe dying hand in hand with the love of my life in a nursing home bed — oh, wait — I just stole that from The Notebook.

Anyways — I am just WAY exciting to be running this weekend. I am also excited for Christmas — and New Year’s — and basically the next three weeks. December really is one of my most favorite times of the year. Heck, I don’t mind the snow that much during December.

But, once January comes — it sucks. I hate January and basically all of February. There is nothing good that’s ever come out of those two months. Here in Utah it’s cold, miserable, snowy and depressing.

But, December — Christmas makes up for all of that.

Gosh, I love Christmas. I’ve already watched Elf three times this year. Last year I got to 7 — maybe I’ll break that record this year?

We shall see. But, if I was to consult my Magic 8 Ball — it’d most definitely say, “most definitely seems so”

Welp, have a good weekend — if you’re going down to St. George for The Bakers Dozen please make sure to come hi to me! I also love meeting new friends and seeing old ones too!




My friend Reeseman — who I’ve pushed in a few races, as well as around the neighborhood (we only live about a mile apart) is growing. And, because of his growth spurt — he’s getting too big for his race cart.

So as a group of friends we’re working together to get Reese a new chair. One that hold and support him much better when we’re out running with him. We have set up a GoFundMe campaign for him in hopes of raising the needed $6,000 for the chair.

Any donation amount would be appreciative. Whether it’s a dollar or a $100 — each dollar gets us closer to the needed funds.

I can tell you on a personal note how much Reese loves and needs running in his life. Whenever we’re running — especially downhill and cruising — he’s all smiles. He loves the wind again his face, the force of gravity carrying him forward and the bounce of the cart.

Running is his haven and heaven.

Please consider making a donation, especially during this Christmas season. You can make a donation at the link below … mucho gracias!




For the past eight years — yes, eight years — I have been giving out yearly awards. What are the awards? Well, when I started “The Joshby Awards” — it was just something I did for my family. Basically it was a formal way for me to tell my siblings which ones were my favorites.

But, over the years that’s expanded over to my friends — and also my running world. Two years ago I started a running category and it’s just kinda grown into what it is now — I guess?

Really, it’s just a fun way to celebrate not just the past year, but my friends and show them my appreciation for making the past year awesome.

All of next week is dubbed “Joshby Week” here on the blog. I will be giving out my awards to my running friends, non-running friends and family. I also give an award to my favorite race medals — so look for that one.

The week should look like so —

MONDAY – Nominees and Special Awards
TUESDAY – Family Winners
WEDNESDAY – Friend Winners
THURSDAY – Running Awards & Top Race Medals

If I had the money I totally would give every winner some sort of award. Maybe after I make my first million I’ll make some nice shiny medallions? Or maybe I could just make yogurt lid medals this year?

I should let the winners decide.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the week. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s suppose to just be fun. And, please know — I am appreciative of EVERYONE!

But, I am also allowing my friends pick the running awards. This includes runner of the year, most inspirational runner, best race, etc., etc., etc. Make sure to vote here if you haven’t already — RIGHT HERE.



One of the reasons why I am going to push through my cold to run tomorrow — is because I really want to run this race. I mean, really, really, really want to run this race. This has been on my radar for the past few years.

I’ve had a number of friends who have ran the Bakers Dozen Half and loved it. And, from all the pictures that they posted online hasn’t helped that desire to run the race lessen.

In addition to running a really fun race, it also happens to be one of my required St. George area races I need to run before April to get guaranteed entry into the St. George Marathon. So, basically I am hitting two birds with one stone.

I like that saying, but I love birds so sometimes when I use it — I actually feel kinda bad.

But, I digress.

I’m WAAAAAAAAY excited. Granted, we’re leaving Salt Lake at 2am and getting back in town at 3pm. But, it’ll be fun. I’m carpooling with some fun peeps — my friend Mindy and Cevan.

Make sure to come back here on Monday for my race report.


Apparently we’ve all been playing the piano the wrong way all these years?! #kokoplaysthepiano

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I think she likes her cake. #shewantstoeatcakelikethepeopledo

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I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that I won Callie’s birthday. #mermaid4thewin

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My contribution to my work party — Peppermint and Chocolate Orange RKs. #ricekrispies4life

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I got a tutorial tonight on how to make ninja stars — I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years? #ninjaintraining

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We’re back! And, rebranded! The Utah Runcast is officially now Runcast USA! We were going to make the move to the newPodBash network in January 2016 with the other shows, but we got a jump start to NOW! This change includes our own iTunes feed,individual page at as well as our own website Lot’s of fun stuff coming your way in 2016 with the podcast and more. So make sure you stay tuned in!

So for this episode Jorge joins us and explains why he didn’t show up for the last show. Let’s just say — the Mrs. isn’t so happy. We have a special guest — and first female on the Runcast — Shaylee Hurst from Runtastic Events. She shares with us a little bit about what she does with Runtastic along with how she got faster this past year.


Plus, we babble on about our goals, my 50K, Jorge’s injury and Jim’s marathon plan. It’s all good stuff. Catch it all here …




This past summer, your’s truly, made his cinematic debut. Well, okay — I was once an extra in a film and I’ve photobombed news camera numerous of times — so I don’t know if I can count it as my “DEBUT.”

But, it was definitely my debut as a fitness model. Yes, you read that right — fitness model. It’s just one of the many titles of man of my prestige holds (I kid, I kid).

I was a fitness model for a fitness video called, “Freedom2Move” — it’s a locally owned DVD series of workouts that are tailored towards every and any fitness ability. This includes ability levels because of age, mobility or fitness level. It’s tailored to YOU.

There are three volumes to the workout series — and I’m in the third volume which focuses on the abs, back and pecs. Intrigued aren’t you?

Now, here’s the deal — I have a discount code for you. When you buy any of the volumes — or the complete set you can use codeOUR10 to get 10% off your order. Just make sure you apply the code at checkout (and not in the non-profit purchase code field on the product page)

That’s not all though — Freedom2Move will also donate 10% from each order to the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)They are an organization that helps rescue, free and rehabilitate children that have been kidnapped into the sex trade industry. A very worthy cause and non-profit organization.

So what are you waiting for? Get fit, make a difference and see me in my fitness model acting debut — and if you’re lucky I’ll even sign it for you!




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