The 2014 Joshby Award Winners … drumroll, please


Slip on the tux, press the white shirts and get ready for the winners of winners of the 2014 Joshby Awards. Or you can just sit there and read this while eating your cereal while in your bathrobe. Either way! The Joshby Awards week has come to an end. This past week I’ve unveiled the nominees, given awards to the top race medals and most distinguished individuals … while also giving out numerous other awards throughout the week over on the Joshbys Facebook page.

It’s been an eventfully eventful event for sure.

But, now it’s time to say goodbye to the 2014 Joshbys by celebrating the people that made this past year memorable for me. These awards are never easy to give out because in my book everyone is deserving of an award. I have so many awesome friends and family. I am extremely blessed and lucky.

The Joshby Awards is just a way I can celebrate them and the relationships I’ve had each year. This has been the seventh year I’ve done these and it’s always fun to do. So without further adieu here are the 2014 Joshby Awards winners …

Winner-1 winner-2 Winner-3 winner-4 winner-5 Winner-6 winner-7 winner-8 winner-9 winner-10 winner-11 winner-12 winner-13 winner-14 winner-15 winner-16 winner-17 winner-18 winner-19winner-20



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