The 2014 Joshbys Nominees

NomineesWelcome to the Joshbys … well actually the 7th annual Joshbys. Yes, I have been doing this now for seven years. It seems like just yesterday I decided to give out my own awards after getting the inspiration from the Dundees. The first couple of years it was just my family I gave awards to, and then I got my friends and Facebook friends involved and it just kinda grew into this beast. By my growth projections we should be needing to rent out the Radio City Music Hall sometime around 2056-57.

But, in all seriousness, the Joshbys are just a fun way to celebrate the people in my family. I feel extremely lucky to have the family and friends in my life and they deserve to be awarded for that … or at least bribe me for the recognition. A number of these awards are serious, but there are probably some more tongue in cheek ones as well (you’ll figure out which ones those are). The worst part of these awards is that I wish I could give EVERYONE a Joshby. I really do. I hate leaving people off the nominations and winners list, because I value each friendship.

So if you feel like you deserve a Joshby let me know and I’ll make one up for you. I’ve done this the past two years for my friend Scott.

Anyways … this whole week is the Joshby Awards Week. Today the nominations will be announced. On Wednesday I will be listing my Running awards and then on Thursday the winners of these nominations will be announced. I am also holding an Instagram picture contest all week long. Enter by reading this post, and all winners will be announced on Friday morning.

Now, in addition to these awards I will also be awarding other Joshby Awards throughout the week over on the Joshby Awards Facebook page. I have some specific individual awards and some other fun categories, so stay tuned to that page all week long.

But, I hope this week is just as much fun for you as it is for me. So without any further adieu, here are the nominees for the first 20 categories of the 2014 Joshby Awards …

Friend-1 Friend-2 Friend-3 Friend-4 Friend-5 Friend-6 Friend-7 Friend-8 Friend-9 Friend-10 Friend-11 Friend-12 Friend-12 Friend-13 Friend-14 Friend-15 Friend-16 Friend-17 Friend-18 Friend-20




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