The 2015 Joshby Awards – Family Nominees & Winners


When I originally started The Joshby Awards some eight years ago — it was mainly family awards. And, for the most part, I’ve kept the categories the same. I’ve had a few, but they’re all pretty much the same.

There are a couple of categories that get pretty competitive. The Sibling of the Year and In-Law of the Year are probably the most contested and lobbied for — for obvious reasons. I haven’t gotten monetarily bribes yet from my siblings and in-laws, but I am always willing to accept them.

Luckily, my family understands this isn’t my way of playing favorites, because I love them all to pieces — always have, always will. But, the Joshby’s are a way for me to celebrate them and acknowledge what they mean to me in my life — especially the past year.

So without further adieu, here are this year’s family nominees and winners for 2015 …


Given to the one family member, immediate and extended, who impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Nannette Hansen
  • Kaye Dakis Hansen
  • Jessica Stallings
  • Callie Minson
  • David Hansen

WINNER: Kaye Dakis Hansen
It’s hard to believe that it was February that my Grandma passed away. It’s been a humbling and difficult past ten months, she’s meant a lot to many people — family and friends included. I miss her daily advice, wit and service. Whether she was making dinner for a family member or writing letters to loved ones — she was never shy with giving a piece of her heart. Something I hope I can carry on as her living legacy.

I guess in a way — this is the last time I’ll be able to give her this award and I want to acknowledge her impact on my year — and life. She has always been one of my biggest fans and has helped shape me into the person I am today. I owe so much to her legacy and memory.

I love you Grandma!


Given to the one male family member, immediate and extended, who impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • David Hansen
  • Luke Freedom Hansen
  • Matt Hansen
  • Elijah David Snow Hansen
  • Duard Pederson

WINNER: David Hansen
It’s funny how time changes things. As a kid, you see your Dad as — well — your Dad. But, over the years as you grow and mature, you begin to see the genius behind how he’s raised and mentored you over the years.

This past year I’ve seen my Dad in many different lights that have helped change my perspective on life. Seeing how he’s dealt with the passing of his mother, overcoming faults and forgiving others for past ills — has helped me face similar situations.

My Dad is my hero for many reasons — but seeing him as human who has sacrificed much for the comfort and needs of his family has given me the greatest example moving forward in my life. One day I hope I can father just like him.


Given to the one female family member, immediate and extended, who impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Nannette Hansen
  • Kaye Dakis Hansen
  • Heather Benson
  • Callie Minson
  • Sandy Pederson

WINNER: Callie Minson
This was a much tougher decision than you’d think, because my life is surrounded by many inspiring and wonderful women. They are all great examples to me. But, this awards belongs to Callie.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this little girl means to me — or to those that love her. She just celebrated her fourth birthday, but she’s much older than that. She understands more about how to love and show appreciation to others. Whether it’s family, friends or strangers — she brightens everyone’s lives.

This doesn’t diminish the special gifts that my other nieces and nephews have — but, I guess you could say I am slightly biased in the sense that she also spent the first two years of her life under the same roof as me.

But, seriously, this girl knows how to brighten a day.


Given to the one family member, immediate and extended, who is a father and impacted my 2015 the most as an exemplar example of fatherhood.

The nominees are —

  • David Hansen
  • Matthew Hansen
  • Scott Stallings
  • Chris Pope
  • Justin Pederson

WINNER: Matthew Hansen
I have been able to spend a bit more time with Matt this past year and every time I do I always am making notes of how he fathers. And, everytime, I make many mental notes that I file away as things I want to do when I am a father.

He is encouraging of both Maya and Elijah in whatever they do and he reinforces that often. Whether it’s Maya and her love of reading or Elijah’s OBSESSION with horses, he won’t ever hear him discourage them in what they love.

Additionally, he is quick to praise, not afraid to be silly or discipline when needed. I hope I can have many of those traits when I am a father — and with an example like Matt, I am sure I will.


Given to the one family member, immediate and extended, who is a mother and impacted my 2015 the most as an exemplar example of motherhood.

The nominees are —

  • Nannette Hansen
  • Charity Martushev
  • Jenny Minson
  • Jessica Stallings
  • Becca Novak

WINNER: Nannette Hansen
My mother is my best friend — it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. We have similar senses of humor, we could spend hours talking and I am always in awe of the example she sets for not just me — but all us kids.

Plus, she’s one of my heroes. She always has been, even before she fought (AND BEAT!) cancer three years ago. She’s a fighter — always has and always will be — I guess that’s pretty much a byproduct of being the daughter of a John Wayne clone.

But, I can’t think of a better woman to receive this award — and if I did, she’d probably guilt me into changing it. I kid, I kid — but, seriously — she’d remind me of the day I was born and how much pain I put her through.



Given to the one sibling who has impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Matthew Hansen
  • Ben Hansen
  • Jessica Stallings
  • Jenny Minson
  • Luke Freedom Hansen

WINNER: Jessica Stallings
Sorry, Luke, you probably thought you were a shoe-in for this award, but quite honestly — no. This year belongs all to Jess, my twin — two years a part. She has had quite the year and throughout it all opened her home and heart to two little foster daughters. Something that has not only blessed them — but, the girls, their mother and our whole family.

Jessie is a clone of my mother and is always the first one to help or give assistance unasked. Plus, she’s as stubborn as hell — especially when she believes in something. A quality all Hansen women have.

I look up to Jess in many ways and feel extremely lucky that she and Scott have moved closer to us. I look forward to many more great memories this upcoming year, especially as she and Scott grow as parents.


Given to the one in-law spouse who has impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Veronica Hansen
  • Kelli Hansen
  • Scott Stallings
  • Joshua Rex Minson

WINNER: Veronica Hansen
I have a special relationship with all my in-laws — good relationships, which I feel lucky about. Most people don’t have close relationships — or relationships at all — with in-laws. So, this is always a difficult category to pick.

But, Veronica and I have an unique and fun relationship. It was just earlier this year that she acknowledged that I am actually pretty funny — so there’s some bonus points for that. But, we’ve had a few funny moments — like last year when she lost her phone at our cousins and we spent an hour looking for it, only to find she put it in her boot — that she was currently wearing.

Yes, these type of things happen.

But, she is also an awesome mother with Maya and Elijah, and I look forward to seeing how their new baby adds to that dynamic and role. I am very lucky to have Vero — and all my in-laws — in my life.


Given to the one niece or nephew who has impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Maya Hansen
  • Elijah David Snow Hansen
  • Callie Minson
  • Ari Stallings
  • Davina Stallings

It’s a total cop out — but who cares, I love them all equally! Each one has a personality of their own that is endearing and beyond cute. It’s been fun watching Maya mature as she finds herself in her reading and soccer.

Elijah is a hoot — and very much a clone of me. It’s true, my brother and parents acknowledge as much. He has a sense of humor that is unique and very much true to my tune. But, he also is obsessed with horses, like I was with killer whales as a kid his age.

I’ve covered Callie already.

And, my step nieces — or just nieces — are two special girls that have grown on the whole family. Both are loving little girls that needed a temporary home while their Mom got the help she needed. Luckily, they are back with their Mom — and she is flourishing.

All of these kids are angels and make me excited for the day I have my own family and kids of my own.


Given to the one family member, immediate and extended, who is a kid and impacted my 2015 the most as an exemplar example of kidhood.

The nominees are —

  • Maya Hansen
  • Sofia Martushev
  • Eli Pederson
  • Ella Martushev
  • Sam Pederson
  • Callie Minson

WINNER: Maya Hansen
This is another hard award to give. But, over this past year my relationship and respect for Miss Maya has grown tremendously. She is one of the most caring and loving kids I know. She has a love of helping others and you will often find her nose in a book.

This is not to mention her wild imagination and quick laugh. She is a true kid at heart that sees or knows no bounds or limits. Something I hope she never grows out of — it’s been her greatest strength as she has grown in knowledge. She has such a strong desire to learn.

And, if that’s not enough — she’s also teaching herself cursive, just like her Uncle Josh did at her age.

I love this kid!


Given to the one new family member, immediate and extended, who impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Kelli Hansen
  • Celeste Pederson
  • Julie Giles

WINNER: Kelli Hansen
The nominees might be few, but that doesn’t mean this is a weak category. All three are deserving winners — but this award goes to my new sister-in-law, Kelli. She’s been pretty much a part of the family for the past 6-7 years, but became a sister this past May.

Though Ben and Kelli live in California at the moment my relationship with her took root here in Utah when they started dating. She really is the best thing to ever happen to Ben and is a good grounding force for him. Something he’s always needed.

Plus, she adds a lot to the family in sense of ambition, personality and sense of humor. I am so glad my siblings didn’t marry stiffs.


Welcome to the family Kelli!


Given to the one cousin who has impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Russ Pederson
  • Patrice Pederson
  • Amanda Woolley
  • Heather Benson
  • Charity Martushev

WINNER: Heather Benson
I wish that when I saw Heather this past year it was under better circumstances, but at the same time what a wonderful way for us to come together and celebrate the life of our Grandma. I know both of us had extremely close relationships with her and she meant the world to the both of us.

My relationship with Heather has blossomed over the past few years.It really was Facebook that brought us closer and it’s one of the things I am grateful for about social media.

We have similar senses of humor — outlooks on life — and love for Mt. Dew. Since I don’t drink Mt. Dew any more she has to drink my soda for me. I very blessed to have Heather in my life — especially during this past year for many reasons!


Given to the one family couple, immediate and extended, who is a kid and impacted my 2015 the most as an exemplar example of couplehood.

The nominees are —

  • Ben & Kelli Hansen
  • Duard & Sandy Pederson
  • Scott & Jessica Stallings
  • David & Nannette Hansen
  • Charity & Artyom Martushev

WINNER: David & Nannette Hansen
This award really has to go to my parents — they deserve it. Over the past several years they have gone through a lot. But, at the same time they have always, always, always been there for those that need them.

They have opened their home to their children, their parents or whoever needs love and support. They have fought through a lot — whether it was cancer, illnesses, knee replacements or the like. Whatever the obstacle is — they face it in faith.

This past year as they helped my Grandma through her health problems — they never complained or looked elsewhere — they simply were there for my Grandma. Whether it was dealing with her dementia or stay in the hospital and rehab center — they were always there with a smile and encouragement for my Grandma.

My Mom hardly left my Grandma’s side in the hospital — well — one night, when my sister spelled her so she could get sleep. I don’t share this to brag, but to simply show the type of people my parents are — they are my heroes and exemplars for many, many reasons.


Given to the one pet that impacted my 2015 the most.

The nominees are —

  • Brisbane
  • Taquita
  • Michelle
  • Robert

WINNER: Taquita
I really put Michelle & Robert on here to make this look category better. But, I had the two cats for like two days until I discovered how deathly allergic I was to them. And, Brisbane passed away — which was sad, but over the past several months I’ve learned I am not much of a dog person either.

So, that leaves the turtle. She’s messy as heck — but is actually quite like a dog. She loves attention and gets excited to see you. So if I have to give this award to a pet — this goes to the turtle — I guess?


Given to the friend, who is basically an honorary family member, and has impacted my 2015 year the most.

The nominees are —

  • Jorge Garcia
  • Brad Newsome
  • Jordan Jay Thomas
  • Dave Stuart

WINNER: Dave Stuart
Dave is my neighbor and best friend — he’s my partner in crime and a true honorary member of the family. He always checks in with the family to see how my parents are doing and, since Brisbane died, at our house more often now.

But, truly, Dave is one of the best, most loyal friends you’ll ever have. And, if I could file paperwork to adopt him as a brother — I would.


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