The 53rd Fartlek Friday™ – So this is 2015? Where’s my hoverboard?

fartlekfriday53Welp, this is it. This is 2015. What has changed so far? Well, the calendar for one thing. Other than that not much. So much for having hoverboards like Back to the Future tolds us we would have. And, dehydrated pizzas. Actually, it’s probably best that we don’t have that. I could picture myself eating one before it was hydrated and then unwittingly downing with a Pepsi Free causing a SERIOUS stomach ache.

Now I see the wisdom in it not happening.

This is my “off” day between two half marathons. It’s quite the way to start off 2015. Yesterday, I ran the New Year’s Run Resolution at the Olympic Oval in Kearns and then tomorrow I was going to run the New Year’s Half Marathon in Pleasant Grove. I am fighting either the flu or a nasty cold and I just don’t have it in me to do half marathons so close together, especially one outside. That’d be a little dumb on my part. So’ll have to add another race sometime on the schedule between now and August 15 to make sure I get to 100. It shouldn’t be that difficult.


The past couple of weeks have been a good relaxing time. I’ve really tried to focus on spending time with family and close friends. And, each year I distance myself from my blog for the last couple weeks of the year to make sure I am focusing in the right direction.

I also like the break because it allows me the chance to refocus on what matters in my life and how and where I want to focus my new year goals towards. If you haven’t read my 2015 goals yet, you can read them here. My goals aren’t changing much from last year, except that I am planning on being more focused towards attaining them. One of the biggest fitness goals is getting that sub-two half marathon time.

The focus isn’t just training for that time, but it’s the build up to that as well. It’s getting my body in the place it needs to be to train and attain that goal. I am still tweaking medications with my thyroid and testosterone and I need to be consistent with my running and workouts to get rid of the 25-30lbs. that came with the health issues. That’s been a frustration for me. But, I am getting there and I am starting to get answers.

I am just not going to use them as an excuse for not attaining my goals. I am past that. And, I know I can reach them. It might not be tomorrow, but it will happen with a constant pursuit and focus of those goals. The Nebo Half is circled on my calendar for that sub-two.

Anyways, there’s been a lot that has caught my interest and attention the past couple weeks besides my goals … here are few other things …

  • I’ve seen Unbroken. I highly recommend the film, not just to my running friends, but anyone with a heart. I won’t give away the plot, but you MUST watch the movie. MUST.
  • I watched the movie last weekend with my running friends and then I’m going again later today with my family. Seriously, awesome movie!
  • Also, you need to read the book Unbroken. This is where I fell in love with Louie Zamperini and his amazing story.
  • The only “flaw” that I saw with the movie is that I WISHED it told more of his story, because it really is remarkable. It stopped on his arrival home, but could have easily spent another two hours on his return home, post traumatic stress, alcoholism and turning his life around to God with the help of Rev. Billy Graham. Louie was a remarkable man and passed away this past July. How I would have loved to have met him!
  • I blogged on Tuesday about my goals and focus for 2015.
  • I saw this little visual ditty on YouTube over the Christmas break about the Christmas Truce of 1814 in the middle of World War I. out more here and then of course on Wikipedia. It’s truly a remarkable story and event, it’s worth the read.
  • Well this kid isn’t the smartest one out there. Who steals quarters from a laundromat and then pays his phone bill in quarters? I mean, it’s kind of obvious you don’t go walking around with thousands of dollars in quarters, right?
  • Man, there are some people in this world that sure hate selfie sticks. Why the hate?
  • mmmmmmmm … ice cream.
  • I love Home Alone, probably my favorite Christmas movie, so I have to say I love this article. I’ve always wondered the past 25 years why the burglars were never hurt worse than they were? Looks like I am not the only one.
  • This hurts my head.
  • I hate snow. Sooooo, if you ever surprise me with a trip to one of these ice hotels consider our friendship/relationship over.
  • This is a pretty cool list of animals discovered the past year. Heaven knows I don’t want to meet up with Bone-House Wasp. Also, I am not sure how I feel about the Killer Sponges. It sounds like a Spongebob Squarepants horror story. YIKES!
  • Oh my heavens! I really love this post. I could do this for the things my nieces and nephews say! But, more than that … I want to illustrate what my future kids say. I am bookmarking this for sure! I seriously have a million things I want to do once I have kids.
  • This is just too much food to handle, but I still can’t help but stare … yum.
  • The NFL playoffs are starting tomorrow! I love playoff football! Since my Niners are out of the playoffs I am in need of picking two teams to cheer for during the playoffs. The Packers are always a favorite of mine when the Niners are out, so there’s my NFC team. But, the AFC is going to be tough, especially since the Chargers are out of it as well. I hate the Broncos, Colts, Steelers, Ravens and Bengals so that leaves me with the Patriots. Not my favorite, but I would like to see Tom Brady get one more championship. So Patriots. Gosh, a Packers-Patriots would be awesome. I’ll cheer for that.
  • It will be interesting to see what’s in store with the Niners now that Jim Harbaugh is out. Such a stupid decision. The days of a coach staying with a team longterm is practically dead. Sure, Belicheck has been with the Patriots for over 15 years, but you can almost guarantee that if he had a couple of losing seasons or missed playoff seasons he’d be out of there. That’s why I’ve loved the Jazz’s mentality with their coaches, it’s about consistency. It’s about going through the lows and highs together. So dumb, dumb dumb …
  • Oh, yeah, there’s also the NCAA Football Championship next week. Meh, I don’t care that much. GO PACKERS! GO PATRIOTS!
  • Oh, I did win my Fantasy Football League championship so there’s that (shower me with praises!)
  • Hmmm … according to BuzzFeed my Disney villain kindred spirit is Captain Hook. Not sure how I feel about this? I’ll have to think about it some.
  • I have a funny story about Sea Monkeys. When we were younger my brother’s sea monkeys died so he had placed them on top of the microwave so he could return them or something. Anyways, my Dad thought my Mom has left for him for dinner … thinking they were fries. He ate them. He’s still with us today. Always a funny story though.
  • And, I’m done …

Welp, that’s about it for me this Friday. I will back in full force this upcoming week starting with my race report of the New Year’s Half Marathon on Monday. I hope the New Year is good to you and that your goals, dreams and pursuits come within reach for you. There’s a lot to be excited about at the start of a new year. The goal is to keep that drive and excitement going throughout the year.

Here’s wishing you that continued drive during 2015! Happy New Year!


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