The 54th Fartlek Friday™ – Nine days into 2015 and I can’t remember my resolutions. That’s bad, right?

fartlekfriday54Okay, I haven’t really forgotten my New Years’ resolutions. But, if I did, I would like to believe I would bust with a huge chocolate cake. Since we’re monetarily on the subject of chocolate cake, one of my favorite “FAT JOSH” foods was microwaving a piece of chocolate cake and then buttering it. It sounds disgusting, but just remember the best food combination ever concocted is butter and sugar mixed together.

I might be craving that right now. But, I will stay strong. #newyears2015strong

Okay, I am totally derailing my lead into my post, but while we’re talking about butter I felt the need to chime in a few things. In our society today we get afraid of fatty foods like butter and mayonnaise (you have to say the whole word, no saying MAYO). But, you know what? I eat it almost everyday.

SHOCK, right?

Fat in your diet is necessary. Sure, you don’t want to go overboard and you have to eat it in moderation. But, butter or mayonnaise won’t kill you or make you fat for that fact. But, we focus so much on fat we forget or neglect the real reasons … too much sugar, overeating, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, my mild rant is over.

But, seriously, I have to regulate my butter. Sometimes I am afraid I could eat a whole stick in one sitting. And, then there’s the fact that my favorite combination of two foods is sugar and butter. That’s dangerous, especially when I am making cookies. It’s just the everyday struggles, but I gotta stay #newyears2015strong, right?

Okay, seriously, my rant is over.

But, yeah, sugar butter. Soooooooooo … goo … bad for you.

Okay, seriously, moving on …

This past week has really been night and day from last week when I got the man flu … aka … the common cold. I did manage to run the New Year’s Revolution Run, but I had to sell my entry into the New Year’s Half on Saturday. I wish I could have pushed through it, but I was literally dying. Or at the very least I would have died mid-race. Actually, that might be the best case scenario?

But, I have been getting back my stamina and I am really trying to focus on my long term goals and what I can do TODAY to accomplish them. I am working on cutting a lot of sugar out of my diet, running more consistently and working on a good foundation moving towards my goal of running a sub-two half. I really want to hit that this year and I am working towards that. But, the foundation is going to be crucial and I cannot train for a sub-two with marathon miles. So it’s been a lot of reprogramming.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling in that last paragraph, huh?

I’d go back and fix it, but … I am too lazy at the moment.

Anyways, it’s been a lot of running and focusing on goals, diet, etc. as of late. But, some of that focus has been diverted with some of these things that caught my interest this past week …

  • So, I got new glasses the other day. I officially feel “hip” and “with it!”
  • I signed up for a couple of races this past week. I signed up for the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon and actually started a team that you can join here. You get $5 off your registration fee, but if you share your registration on social media you get another $5 off! Not bad, eh? Join me on June 27th in American Fork!
  • I’ve been following the fall out of the mass killings in France the past couple of days. I have no many mixed feelings about it. The loss of life, especially by taking it, is horrible. Uncalled for no matter the reasons. But, especially over an offensive cartoon mocking your culture. Was it offensive and degrading to Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed? You betcha. But, that doesn’t make it your right to take away another’s right to live because you don’t like it.
  • If every religion or culture reacted similarly us Mormons would be a pretty militant group of angry people. Could you imagine the uproar we could have caused with the Book of Mormon musical? Or anything said against Mitt Romney and the church during his two presidential campaigns? You’ve got to learn to … turn the other cheek and just ignore others.
  • I could go on and on on this topic, but I really should leave it at this. But, know, I am not clumping all Muslims into this group. We know the groups responsible, but I fear it will be a very long time before we ever see an end to this crap.
  • Oh heaven help me! This news is both awesome and terrifying! There goes my productivity! I’ll be playing the Oregon Trail non-stop 24/7.
  • Oh, I love the Clippers, especially their new owner Steve Ballmer. This just solidifies that love.
  • This breaks my heart! BREAKS! The Dad in Florida who threw his five year old daughter off a bridge while police were chasing him sickens me to no end. I have a niece that age and couldn’t think of doing something so heinous. I hate this world sometimes.
  • Yeah, I would freak out if this happened to me. It’s actually one of my strangest biggest fears. In fact when I am using the bathroom if I even think of a snake I have to stand up, flush and then sit back down. It’s kinda that bad.
  • This gallery of Disney characters in real life situations is actually kind of awesome, hilarious and cool. Too bad once Disney finds out about them they’ll be sending the photographer a C&D letter.
  • This is kind of interesting.
  • I might have a healthy unhealthy relationship with broccoli. I’ve like eaten a pound of it a day.
  • Geez, I feel as though I should have gone to school to be a goldfish surgeon. Spending over $2000 on a constipated goldfish?!! Man, I would have just flushed it instead. But, if you have the money …
  • These are priceless!
  • I went to Walmart last week and someone had put little googly eyes on posters, ads and movies around the store. Some of them were hilarious! I was dying (especially the Nickleback one). It quickly became a fun little scavenger hunt.
  • I kinda really like this Instagram account. One day when I am a billionaire I’d love to things like this!
  • Alright SCIENCE! This is why you shouldn’t drink Coke or put an iPhone 6 in a pan of boiling Coke. Nasty, nasty.
  • This gave me a chuckle. LOL!
  • I’ve been on a reading kick lately, I’ve actively gone from book to book to book. And, they’re books kind of all over the place … a Glen Beck book, a history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, a book that chronicles all of the deaths documented in Yellowstone and now this book about racial violence. My queue includes Jon Huntsman Sr.’s biography, another book on race in America and a self improvement personality book. I also need to finish reading the biographies for Meb and Apollo Ono. So much reading … I love it!
  • Ever since the violence, protests, etc. after the fallout from the Michael Brown incident I’ve been interested in trying to understand more about race relationships here in the U.S., but specifically in the black community. I want to understand why both sides of the issues are so charged and passionate and why it seems like both sides spew hate and racism claims to the other.
  • That is why I picked up two different books from two different points of view on the subject. This book, White Girl Bleed A Lot, talks a lot about how the media, police and government officials ignore to face the issues and facts of what’s going on. It’s a pretty abrasive book that doesn’t sugar coat anything. I’m half way through it and I am sure I’ll let you know how it is after I am done.
  • I hope I am just as awkward as these parents at talking to my kids about the Birds and the Bees.
  • There is nothing more entertaining than looking at pictures of people who park like idiots and how people took revenge upon them!
  • This is an interesting read on last meals granted to Texas Death Row inmates. I guess they’re stopping the practice and for good reason.
  • Did you know there’s a pattern for Koala Mittens? I have this distinct feeling that at sometime in my life this will come in handy.
  • If you are wondering … I am that guy that pays $5 for water at the movie theater.
  • In news that doesn’t really matter, the local news parked themselves outside our house on Saturday night to broadcast their lead story for the newscast. They just needed a good back drop for the reporter as you can see here.
  • I’m dying from laughter over this one! LOL!
  • I won’t lie, I am more interested in the pictures than I am of the recipe. But, still, I love breakfast food.
  • Did I mention that I really love breakfast food?
  • This is interesting on some common myths about your health. Not sure how I feel about some of them, but I’ve found most to be true (sans the pregnancy ones of course).
  • I think I shall end this post with this gem. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend! And as always … HAPPY RUNNING! See you next week!


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