The 57th Fartlek Friday™ – I wish that the Super Bowl™ was a HUGE bowl of Jell-O you could jump into …

fartlekfriday57Goodbye January friend. Adios. It felt like you hardly stayed around?


I’ve kinda come to terms that time flies much faster the older you get. Which, kinda sucks. I won’t lie. I guess what’s tougher for me is to get over that I’ve been running now for over four years. That’s nuts! I am starting to now run races for the fourth time!

I feel like I’ll be reaching that 180 goal in no time. Which saddens me because I’ve really enjoyed the journey so far. But, it’s not like I am going to stop running once I run my 180th. There’s so much more running out there to do.

Look at me, already planning for what I want to do come 40. I’m not this big of a forward thinking person in real life. I have a hard enough time knowing what I want to eat at a restaurant when the waitress comes back the third time to take our order. So, yeah …

Well, regardless of how fast time is flying my focus is still on my goals here and now. Of course moving towards long term goals. Instead of going 110% like a lot of New Year resolutioners I’ve eased into the habits I want to change and training I want to do.

I’ve found in the past that going balls to wall is great for some things, but in wanting to change habits and make lasting changes, you have to work on those skills or habits individually and not collectively. That’s why each new week is met with a new little challenge or habit I want to have or rededicate myself to.

I’ve been doing this with my running, workouts and diet and it’s one reason why I’ve lost over 15lbs. since the first of the year. Having my thyroid and testosterone tank wasn’t easy, but I’m focusing on rebounding from that and retraining my body what it needs to do. And, like the amazing body we all have, mine is starting to respond to the medication, habits and changes I am undertaking.

Speaking of rededicating yourself, all next week I am focusing on renewing or reassessing New Years goals and resolutions. Statistically by February 1st most people stop focusing on their resolutions and goals, this includes self-improvement and of course the gym.

I won’t lie, I kinda love February 1st and onward because I can go to the gym with not much of a crowd there. Then again, I’d also rather see a full gym and people making positive changes in their lives. I guess it’s somewhat of a catch 22?!

Anyways, look out for that next week. Plus, I’ll be talking a bit about my running schedule and ways to save a little money along the way.


As reported on Wednesday my Grandma has been doing better. She’s in a rehab center right now working on getting home. We’ve been worried about her appetite, but on Wednesday night she asked for a cheeseburger and root beer. So, I ran to A&W to grant her wish.

She ate a good portion of it so that’s a good sign. The focus is to help her gain some weight and move around. It’s been tough for her and I would imagine laying in bed for over a week would do that to anyone.

But, the prayers have been much appreciated. My Mom and sister have been trading off staying the night with her and despite the circumstances she’s been kept her Greek quick quip humor alive and is still waiting for Robert Redford to visit her. I told her I could run up to Park City to check if he has time with Sundance in town.

My Grandma is one tough lady.

Mostly because she’s Greek.



I mentioned this a little bit on Wednesday, but I am going to share a bit more information about tomorrow’s run. I am really excited about this run. Why? Probably for the shear torture of a 900 foot ascent and decent … well … okay, because of the challenge.

Jill and I have been on a “kicking our “trash” (edited for the kids … and my mother) and taking names” thing as of late. It all started with The Burn on November 1st of last year and hasn’t really stopped since.

We’ve done a number of challenging runs and have added steps to our workout regime. Even though last week’s run around Bountiful was tough, but I think that’s going to be the tamest of what’s to come.

The goal isn’t to become totally awesome hill climber (though that would be a bonus) the goal is to get stronger as runner overall … and …well … to get quads like Susette.


Anyways … the run is fairly simple. It’s a run five miles UP Emigration Canyon here in Salt Lake City and then five miles back DOWN from whence we came. So far we should have a pretty decent size group and anyone is welcome. You can RSVP here on the Facebook event page. And, here’s an interactive map of the run.

And, if you’re standing on the fence. Just do it. You know in the end you won’t regret it.

Plus, there’s a rumor that we might be getting breakfast afterwards.


pats hawks

Truthfully, I am not sure when I will be watching the Super Bowl™ this year. The main reason is because odds are I will be with my family and Grandma at the rehab center. But, thankfully we have DVR so I won’t miss a single commercial this year!

Because lets be honest unless our favorite team is in the Super Bowl™ we look forward to two things … the commercials and the halftime show. Though I hate Pepsi and Doritos those are the two commercials I look forward to seeing each year.

Let’s not talk about that stupid E-Trade baby.

Anyways, to the Super Bowl™ … I will be honest and admit that I am pulling for the Seahawks. I’ve loved watching the Seahawks during the playoffs and they just have a team you can love to cheer. They’ve got an underdog-ish QB, a running back that couldn’t give a damn and one of the best defenses in the game.

Plus, I am intrigued by the thought of being a back-to-back Super Bowl™ champion. They are fairly rare in a league that during the past 20-25 years prides itself in parity. And, it also works in the ‘Hawks favor that I still fill bad for Seattle after losing the Sonics.

The Patriots have some good qualities and story lines as well. It’d be nice to see Brady get another Super Bowl™ championship. That would definitely put him in the conversation as one of the all-time greatest QBs. But, outside of that it’s hard to find any, especially after the whole “deflatgate”mess.

With that said … I am picking the Seahawks to repeat as Super Bowl™ Champs. Not in a blowout like last year, but it will be close. The victory really will be dependent on how well the ‘Hawks keep Brady in check and away from Gronk.

But for Super Bowl™ XLIV my prediction is … Seahawks 28 Patriots 24

(If I get that exact score you all owe me a Frosty on Monday)


Here are a few things that caught my interest this past week …


My brother and I started an Instagram account called “lincolnisms.” Basically, they’re quotes (anything off the top of our head or loosely based off a real quote) and then attributed to Abraham Lincoln. We just launched it on Wednesday night so there isn’t much content on our board, but check it out!

Here’s one of my favorite “lincolnisms” thus far …




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