The 58th Fartlek Friday™ – Do you remember New Coke? I sure don’t.

fartlekfriday58So this week hasn’t really turned out they way I expected or wanted it to go. I had planned and started blogging about goals and recommitting to the ones made at New Years. But, than life just happened. Nothing major, just life.

The combination of priorities along with my Grandma still recovering just pushed that aside. Which, I am fine with and that happens. But, additionally, family will always come before my blog. So in that I don’t feel THAT bad for neglecting my internet duties.

In addition to the blog, I didn’t get an extra run in before yesterday’s Reese’s Run. I feel bad about that, but I don’t. I am also running down Big Cottonwood tomorrow morning so it will still be a 20+ mile week. I can live with that.

But, now that my Grandma is back home and life is starting to normalize a tad, I am looking forward to next week. I have already planned out my workouts, food and runs for next week. I am a visual person so having something to look at and follow helps me tremendously.

In fact sometime this weekend I might share that schedule. Actually, I should just share it every week here on the bloggy blog? I am not going to commit to that quite yet, but expect at least next weeks workout and fitness plan either on Sunday or Monday morning.

Anyways, it’s been a busy week and I still have a lot to share for next week as well. I want to cover goals both running and life goals … AND … I have some cool stuff that will save you some money while running. So, come back next week for more “stuff.”



Welp, good news. My Grandma is back home now. She is no longer at the care center (or rehab center, whatever you want to call it?) and back at home. We had to move around some furniture in her room to put in a hospital bed, but she’s there.

She has started standing up on her own, which is a great sign and I think being home will just aid that progress along. There’s still a loooooong road ahead, but she’s got some great people around her with family, neighbor friends and home nurses.

There’s a little confusion here and there, but that happened mainly at the hospital and care center. So hopefully the familiar surroundings will change that.




Since my long, long run for the week was last night at Reese’s Run (expect a full account probably tomorrow morning?) I wasn’t planning on another long run for Saturday. Instead, Jill and I decided to reward ourselves with a fun DOWNHILL run Big Cottonwood Canyon since we’ve been running uphills as of late.

So, to reward us we’re doing a 10K down Big Cottonwood Canyon tomorrow morning. As always, I have an event set up on FacebookJill and I going for speed, but there is also a group going further up the canyon to do a 10 miler. So pick and choose, but you’re more than welcome to join us!

NOTE: There is also a group run for Butterfield Canyon set on February 28th. Join us for that one too! LOTS OF CLIMBING!!! YEAH!


vegasI don’t think I’ve mentioned this much … or at all … yet? But, the Gabicas and I are going to Las Vegas later this month via Washington City, Utah. Jill and I are pacing the Dogtown Half Marathon in Washington and then hoping in the car and making the remaining trip to Vegas for the weekend.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spent a weekend in Vegas with the Gabicas. Back in December 2012 we went when I ran the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on the Vegas Strip. That was a fun trip, but I hated the race … which is a much longer story than I care to share here.

But, the greatest thing to come out of that race was MOST definitely this sign we collaborated on and Jill executed perfectly. It just has running and Vegas written all over it …


I still laugh about it.

But, this year’s trip doesn’t include any running in Vegas, but I have a few awesome friends I get to see … AND … well … I’m going to eat at a buffet. That’s an event in and of itself. No, Chuck-a-Rama or Hometown Buffet, this is real food. Real classy food.

And, if I play my cards right (all puns intended) I’ll also get myself some pistachio gelato from Caesars Palace. I practically live for that stuff.

VIVA LAS VEGAS! LARGA HELADO DE PISTACHO EN DIRECTO! (thank you Google Translate for help on that last part).


bison-attack-photoSo, yet another matter concerning Jill and I (if you are wondering we’ve pretty much adopted each other as siblings and Addison calls me Uncle Josh) this past weekend we signed up for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K. I know that sounds like a mouthful, but basically it’s a trail 25K on Antelope Island. What is not is a ‘RUNNING OF THE BISON’ kind of run (though that thought entertains me).

Ever since the Big Cottonwood Marathon both Jill and I have been looking for ways to challenge ourselves. For me it’s basic math, but for her it’s hills and doing other physical hard things (lots of TWSS jokes in there folks). But, lately as it is well documented we’ve been focusing on running hills as a means to becoming faster, stronger and every other adjective from Kayne West’s single, “Stronger.”

So when a number of runners from our group signed up for the 50 miler, 50K and other loooong races, we decided we needed the challenge as well. Well, not there challenge. But, a challenge. So we decided to sign up for the 25K. Why didn’t we go for a longer distance? Mainly, because we are focusing on half marathon distances this year and while the 25K is 15 miles total, it’s still within that “SAFE ZONE.”

This will be my second trail race. My first was WAY back in May of 2012 in Corner Canyon. That was a 15 miler and also the first time I met Susette in person. Oh, such a tender memory. If it wasn’t for her, I know I would have gotten lost. I know it.

But, I love this challenge because more than anything it’s a way for me to MENTALLY prepare myself towards my sub-two half marathon. That’s the goal here. Not just to knock out more races or do something amazingly awesome (though that is an incentive most of the time), but to help push me forwards towards that goal.

Plus, Jill and I are working on another run we’re doing here in Salt Lake that I’ll share about next week. It’s a doozy, trust me.



I will give a bigger report about Reese’s Run tomorrow or on Sunday. But, I wanted to at least share a few pictures I took at the event.

It was such an awesome event and I got to push my friend Josh as well. I hope this race is a yearly tradition.

Josh Squared (along with a photobomb by Jorge) with our medals. This was Josh’s (aka Wheelz) first run and we’re planning on a running a TON more this year.
I love this smile on Reese’s face, the race’s namesake. The picture really says it all.
This mother of one of the girl’s racing made a bunch of signs while encouraging on the runners. It was really awesome and touching. I was glad there was SO much support for these runners from the sidelines.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show


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