The 59th Fartlek Friday™ – What’s love got to do with it? Riddle me that Tina Turner!

fartlekfriday59I am going to keep this week’s fartlek short. Mainly, because I wrote about the week’s main event yesterday with the passing of my Grandma on Wednesday evening. It’s been a special couple of days spent with family and remembering a lot of the memories we had with her and my Grandpa.

While it’s sad to see someone you love deeply go, it’s hard to mourn long when you have the knowledge that you will see them again and that the absence is just temporary. And, more than anything I know it will hit me at different moments like it did when my Aunt passed away two years ago.

Life is beautiful and that includes the process of death as well. I am glad that my family and I were able to share that moment with her as she passed onto the other side. It was a very special and sacred moment.

I will post more details later next week, but her memorial services will be held next Thursday in Bountiful. And, we’re making plans for that this weekend. I’m TRYING to convince my Mom that we need to serve Hamburger Helper, Jell-O, muffins along with cheese and pickles at the luncheon after the services. It just wouldn’t be an event for Grandma without them.

But, thank you for all of the phone calls, texts and messages sent my way. I really do appreciate them all and I can feel the power of your love and prayers. It really does mean a lot.

But, stay tuned next for more details and I am sure I’ll have another post about my Grandma before the services.


IMG_6377 Tomorrow the ELSHANATOR and I are running the Sweethearts 5K at the South Davis Rec Center here in Bountiful. This will be my third time running the event and I am excited that I get to share that with Elsha. I guess that means we’re officially each other’s Valentines?

Either way, this week has been somewhat of wash (once again) for mileage. But, my priorities always belong to God and family first. So sometimes running has to take a back burner.

PLUS … I’ll be running plenty next weekend. I am sweeping the Dogtown Half Marathon with Jill and then we’re booking it over to Vegas for a couple of nights. We’re planning on running The Strip and, if we have time, Fremont Street. We’ll see. But, I will sure make for any miles next weekend.

But, for now, I am excited about running with Elsha tomorrow here in Bountiful. It’ll be a lot of fun.



I told you this would be a short post this week. But, with everyone going on around my house here are a few other things that caught my fancy this past week …

  • I’m slightly addicted to Trivia Crack as of late. Okay, by slightly I mean VERY much so addicted. How can you not be addicted with questions like this?
  • Okay, these are really cool. I love, love, love tattoos … on other people.
  • I kinda of feel this need to adopt many of these gestures into my everyday life.
  • I am onto Bumper Banana V now and this one has stayed on for the past six days. The record for bumper bananas is still held by IV with 17 days.
  • This.
  • Just in case anyone needs to know my “Legacy Contact” will be my brother Free. I did for two reasons, he’s the youngest of my siblings and I can count on him to continue to post funny things on my account. Sorry Mom.
  • If you’re on a diet I am sorry I am posting this, but these orange sugar cookies look like they are something up my ally. Maybe I could incorporate them into a RK?
  • Then again, I am just more interested in food porn than actually eating the food. Especially considering the fact that I am trying to watch my sugar intake.
  • I guarded this guy in Church Ball last night. Yes, he’s wearing a cat-themed tank! I think I might need that when I grow me some biceps.
  • As a Jazz fan I don’t know how to process, or necessarily believe, the rumor that Enes Kanter wants the Jazz to trade him before the trade deadline? Without making this too much into a sports blog, I will say this … the Jazz seem to play better with Favors and Gobert or Kanter and Gobert on the court instead of Favors and Kanter. Kanter has been a defensive liability since his rooke season. And, since the Jazz won’t trade Favors, I like the idea of the Jazz seeing what’s out there that they can get. I guess we’ll see what happens, eh?
  • Speaking of basketball this is actually a pretty fun BuzzFeed quiz.
  • Hey look, more famous grumpy cats!
  • I am pretty sure that when I turn 109 I am going to do the same thing. I love them penguins!
  • This is a cool little visual ditty about the mechanics of making Jabba the Hutt come alive.
  • I sure love this silly niece of mine. Literally a doll.
  • My friend Dave gave me this little gift of Jell-O as a condolence of my Grandma’s passing. I can’t express how heartfelt that gift was for me. I have some awesome friends!
  • So glad to see Marcel doing so well in his acting career.
  • Since yesterday was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday I feel like this needs to be posted.





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