The 60th Fartlek Friday™ – What happens in Vegas generally doesn’t stay in Vegas, but it’s kinda fun to pretend that it does …

fartlekfriday60Vegas. Vegas. Vegas. Vegas. Vegas.

I am excited to be heading to Vegas, though of the timing. I have a number of cousins in town that I would love to spend time with now, but I promised that I would go visit them out in Omaha in the near future. I owe it to them anyways since the last three times I’ve seen them has been here in Utah.

Plus, they try to persuade me with their new elephant exhibit opening at the Omaha Zoo. They know the way to my heart.

I am going to keep this short again, mainly because yesterday was my Grandma’s funeral and the focus was understandably that. It was a busy day going pretty much non-stop until about 3pm and then I had to get into Salt Lake for my testosterone doctor appointment. But, I couldn’t leave for Vegas without leaving something on Fartlek Friday. Plus I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings on my Grandma’s funeral. Something I might write a bit more about next week.

But with as crazy as the past month has been … it’s going to be nice to get away for a weekend. Run and play! Make sure to come back on Tuesday for the trip and race recap!



Yesterday was my Grandma’s funeral. Well … I hate calling it a funeral and my Grandma would probably beat me up if I called such as well. It was a memorial or better yet … a celebration! My family, cousins and countless other friends and family gathered at the Bountiful Community Church. The memorial was awesome. There really isn’t another word to use there. It was very much my Grandma.

My Dad and aunts spoke including my Mother and then my uncle who is a Reverend conducted the services. One part of the program I loved was that the floor was opened to anyone who wanted to share some words about my Grandma. Many family and friends shared little stories and each were beautiful. I even shared a few thoughts and TRIED to share an appropriate story about my Grandma. Luckily, I succeeded.

Everything was just beautiful and I was so glad to share the day with family and close friends. It’s a testament to the life my Grandma lived, she invited everyone and anyone into it and tried to leave you better than she found you.



Not only am I leaving for Vegas today, but I am doing so via Washington City … or … St. George. I am going to run the Dogtown Half Marathon. Well, actually, I am pacing it. And, by pacing it, I actually mean … I am sweeping it. So I am going to be the LAST person on the course. I am not doing it alone though. I am sweeping the course with Jill while Mark patiently waits nearly 4 hours for us while watching Addison. That’s like two trips to Costco or one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

He’s a patient man that’s for sure.

But, I am REALLY excited to do this, especially with Jill. As Jill would attest to, these are OUR people. These are the people that run for fun, that are running their first half marathon or simply are going to finish. This is what makes my love for running run (all puns intended) deeper. Triumphs come from the first to the last runner and everywhere in between.

I am sure we’re going to have some awesome stories to share come next week.YEAH RUNNING!!!


otot+besar+4Welp, I had my testosterone appointment yesterday as well. There isn’t much to say. The doctor basically did a basic exam of me. He checked out my chest and leg for my hair and asked me embarassing questions about sex. I should have just told him out flat that I was a virgin, but somehow the appointment almost like an interview with my bishop and I felt that I had to answer each question with a yes or no.

It was strange, sometimes I didn’t know what to do with myself.

He pointed out that my testosterone was low just by his physical observation. Which, I should have then asked if he read my lab reports because those already pointed out that fact. But, he quipped jokingly, “puberty wasn’t very kind to you it looks …” And, I really couldn’t refute that because I was wearing shorts and showing off my hairless legs that people think I shave.

But, we did come to a few conclusions and we’re still working on a solution. Which I won’t lie, I wish I didn’t have to wait. But, he wants to do a few more tests to see whether what kind of testosterone problem we’re dealing with. So I’lll get more blood work done within the next week. He also switched my thyroid medication BACK to Levothyroxine because he felt that might have something to do with the energy and weight-gain as well, because the Armour deals with other aspects of the thyroid.

SO …. I guess everything will have to be TBA? Ugh and yeah?

Anyways, at least we’re going to a right direction. And, I feel good about this doctor, especially considering that he is a specialist and not just a family doctor. Something I wish I went to in the first place. Oh well that life, I guess?

Here are a few more pictures from my Grandma’s funeral. I took TONS with my sister’s camera. I will share some of those later here and of course on Facebook.

My Grandma’s program. I actually made the cover and arrange the collage on the background. Many of those pictures are of her as a child or with family members. Very fitting.
My brothers and I found some of my Grandpa’s bolo times in a pocket and KNEW we had to wear them to the funeral. It was a very fitting tribute. They are all handmade by my Grandpa.
Callie made a paperclip bracelet for her “Nene” and put it in her pocket so she could wear it when she wakes up.
My dear friend … aka Brother … Jordan was able to come and attend the funeral. I don’t spend as much time with this kid as I need to! Such an inspiration!
My cousin and aunt saying their goodbyes.
My pops makes some remarks at the funeral. It was a very awesome service.
The family at the graveside services. Such a beautiful February day.
My aunt recited a poem at the graveside.
People know them by MANY different names … Potato Au Gratin, Utah Potatoes, Funeral Potatoes or my favorite … DEAD FOLK POTATOES!
Utah Mormon Jell-O. It didn’t taste bad, but I’ll be honest I never would have thought cheese and Jell-O would have worked?



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