The 61st Fartlek Friday™ – Goodbye February! So we’re done with you just like that? But, what if I am not ready to say goodbye?

fartlekfriday61-1Um, this past week has been kind of a fast, strange and unpredictable week. And, I am not sure if I am complaining or celebrating that fact … yet. I got home from Vegas on Monday and then back to work on Tuesday. But, then we didn’t have work on Wednesday because the transfuser busted and the power was out all day.

Sure, I had work yesterday and today, but it’s just been strange because I never really got a rhythm to the week. I couldn’t tell if I was coming or going?

Plus, it didn’t help by getting the surprise snowstorm yesterday. Something I was ill prepared for, considering the fact I went to work in shorts. I should have PROBABLY checked the weather report instead of looking at the current conditions and figure we were going to have another February Spring day here in northern Utah.

But, I guess we needed the snow?

So … meh.

But, because of the snow I ended up cancelling our scheduled run this Saturday up Butterfield Canyon in Herriman. So, instead I am just going to run the Bountiful Blvd. again. I am going to do at LEAST my usual 8.25 mile out and back, but I might stretch that out to a 10 miler depending if I am up to it?

But, really a 8-9 miler is sufficient in getting me back into half marathon shape. And, it will be nice to do another solo run again. I really enjoyed the one I took last week before heading to Vegas.

So, we shall see.

Oh, and can we really talk about how February is over now? Seriously. I felt like I barely was able to breathe without it passing by. But, it was a hectic busy mouth with my Grandma’s passing, road trips and running. But, still … where’d it go.

And, March will probably be just as fast, but luckily we’re dealing with 31 days instead of just 28.

Still, I hate getting older.



As I wrote about earlier this week, my mother broke her humerus bone. Not, humorous bone as I once thought. That in fact would be cruelty.

But, the basic story is she fell on our tile floor while carrying my Grandma’s wedding topper out of her room for my aunt. She saved the wedding topper, but not the arm. She landed right on her elbow which shattered the humerus bone right below the shoulder.

There isn’t much they can do as far as casting it or surgery so it’s in a sling with the hope that gravity will do the rest in getting it back into place and mending. I am not sure if that is just optimism or standard practice? Optimistic standard practice?

Either way, it’s been difficult for her and painful. So my sister has been staying overnight to help her get dressed and all the stuff she can’t do with one arm. It’s been fun, because when I am going out the door to work I get to see my niece.

So it’s at least a win-win for me?

But, still, it’s not humorous humerus.



The one part of the death process that I am not a big fan of is the aftermath. Specifically, going through belongings and diving them up. I am not really a “thing” person when it comes to this process. I was this way with my Grandpa, Aunt and now my Grandma.

I didn’t need SOMETHING to remind me of them. There’s nothing wrong with that, everyone grieves and everyone has a special attachment to certain things for certain reasons. I am just not that way. I’ve got my memories and I cherish those more than anything else.

But, there are a few things that I was given by my parting loved ones that mean a lot to me because there was reason behind the gift. My aunt left me her bust of Lorenzo Snow after she passed. Lorenzo Snow is my great-grandfather and namesake, so there was significance behind the gift.

And, even my grandma left me something that touched my heart. She wanted me to have her typewriter. Sure, I might never really use it, but she did. She would type on it once to twice a week writing letters, cards, etc. on it.

But, it was more than a gift. It was her way of encouraging me to continue to write. My Grandma was probably my biggest fan when it came to writing. She looked forward to my Christmas and birthday cards or the occasional note from me. She always loved reading articles I wrote for the school newspaper and would often clip them out and mail them to family members around the country.

Even when I started blogging and would share personal stories or tributes to loved ones, she would ask for a copy and again send them to family. She always encouraged me to write, because it always came from the heart. Even on her death bed one of the last things she said to me (besides threatening to beat me up) was to write.

So, this gift of a typewriter is my reminder to write. And, with that I make a promise to my Grandma that I will do so. Starting with my never-ending project of my first book. Now, I know who’s getting the dedication inside!

Thanks Grandma!




So, for the record, and mainly because I want to be held accountable … and to also bring up the subject. I do have a number of books “planned” and some that I am working on as well. Here is a short list and probably a shorter synopsis of those books.

Remember these are all working titles …

  • No More Ice Cream for Breakfast (Personal Weight Loss Story)
  • Running Towards Home (My memoir of all 180 races I ran)
  • Lessons I Could Have Only Learned in Special Ed (Kinda self explanatory … though I thought the title, “The Short Bus Chronicles” would be awesome as well.)

It’s not really in any order except for the first book. Once I get through the first book who knows what’s next? I might have a couple brewing up in my head.

Stay tuned.


Despite the dis-conjoining week of awesomeness there have been a number of things that have caught my attention outside of running, writing and my talking about my Mom’s broken humerus. Here are just a few of them …

  • As you can clearly see … I make bad decisions.
  • Oh man, I love me some Imagine Dragons. Such an awesome album! I am happy for their success!
  • I didn’t comment on this last week, but I am exciting to see what the subtraction of Kanter will do for the Jazz. I am really excited to see how Rudy Gobert responds and so far he’s gotten a couple double-doubles!
  • I think until the Jazz find the identity to their team we’re going to see painful moves like the Kanter trade. But, if a piece doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit and I am glad the Jazz aren’t afraid to make a move knowing what Kanter can and can possibly mean to the right team.
  • This actually pretty cool. It just shows the beauty of life in all its’ unpredictable quirkiness.
  • Um, yeah, gross.
  • a
  • This looked exciting. Go llamas go!
  • I know this probably means NOTHING to you, but I am kinda excited for the prospects of the NFL in Los Angeles. The Rams and Inglewood cleared a pathway making a new stadium possible in the city. But, also the Chargers and Raiders announced a joint partnership for a stadium in Carson last week. The NFL is returning to L.A. next season for sure. But, who?
  • I think the Rams are a surefire bet, especially considering that Stan Kroeke is flipping the bill and has the resources to do so. But, I don’t see three teams happening in L.A., so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chargers ended up in L.A. either in the purposed Carson stadium or sharing the Rams’ stadium. Not sure what would happen with the Raiders though? Stay in Oakland? Go to San Antonio? San Diego?
  • If you can’t tell I am somewhat of a fan of the California teams. In baseball my heart belongs to the Giants and in football the 49ers, but I do root for pretty much all of the California teams with the exception to the Lakers and Dodgers. I just can’t even. I’ve tried.
  • I really have no comment about this, mainly because I didn’t know people WANTED their belly buttons removed? Go figure?
  • HAHAHAHAHA! These made me laugh!
  • And, if that didn’t make you laugh … this will.
  • Wow. I am speechless. That’s a HUGE fish!
  • According to the BuzzFeed quiz I am going to meet my next S.O. … in-line. Hmmm.
  • My foster nieces are going back to their mother today! While it’s sad to see them go, I am excited for them and the rebound their mother has made. But, I am sure going to miss those two kids! Case in point.
  • I love kids, but there are some unfortunately ugly babies in this post.


I am just going to leave you with this … no words … no words … just enjoy?


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