The 62nd Fartlek Friday™ – As they always say, March comes in like a lion and leaves like the Detroit Lions …

fartlekfriday62Well, hello there March. In typical March-fashion the month came in like a lion with a snowstorm this week. Which really could be classified as this year’s winter stop-by.

I really don’t mind the lack of snow this winter, but I also know it’s not a good omen for things to come, because we NEED the water. But, the weather has been all kinds of crazy lately so we’ll probably end up getting snow in June.

I mean, I did get snow at an August race this past year. Soooo … anything’s possible?! But, still if I got snow in June I’m moving to Canada.

This has been a really good week for me … physically, mentally and spiritually. As I noted earlier this week I got my test results back and now have a clearer picture of what I am working with health wise.

Now, it’s about moving forward and I feel more excitement and optimism because of that vision. I’ve organized myself SIMPLY with my diet, exercise and running and have a game plan as I work towards my long term goals. I love this zone. It really helps me feel purpose and motive and it’s where I want to be mentally and physically.

I am going to blog a bit more about this next week, because I could definitely write TONS about the mentality of my energies right now. Plus, I have some exciting things to write about here on the bloggy blog about running and possibly a FREE race giveaway.

Oooooo … be enthralled and intrigued!

But, I love this time of the year … aka … spring. Daylight Savings Time is this weekend, which means I’ll be able to get better runs in after work. And, my races are around the corner.

I am running the Antelope Island Buffalo 25K on the 21st and then April will be doing the Lagoon Half (April 4th) and the West Mountain Half (April 18th) and then of course Jill and I have our Little to Big Cottonwood run on the 11th.

Oh, I love running!!! #totesfun


templeThis weekend’s run is going to be fairly simple. Jill and I were going to run from the 2600 S exit to the Bountiful Temple (meaning … STEEP, STEEP, STEEP!) in preparation for our 25K, but she is off house hunting in Utah County, so she gets a pass.

So, I decided to just do my lovely 8.25 mile run around Bountiful tomorrow morning. Sure, it’s become rather routine as of late, but nothing short of boring for me. Mainly, because it offers AMAZING views of the valley and of course the Bountiful Temple and the Wasatch mountains.

I love this run! Plus, I think the events of this past week warrant a solo run anyways.

Basically I am Forrest Gumping it this weekend. Yeehaw!


IMG_8642 I am very braggy when it comes to my nieces and nephew, because … well … they’re the best. Seriously, the best. Each one has an amazing personality and talk about SMART! Plus, they’re funny. Hilariously funny.

Now, I don’t play favorites (unless we’re one-on-one), but my youngest niece Callie CONSTANTLY steals my heart. And, it’s not just mine, but pretty much everyone’s in the family. She’s constantly proposing to me everyday and she lets me teach her catchphrases as well.

She’s kinda fun that way.

The past couple of months I have taught her to do the following …

  • Respond to anyone with, “YOU GOT IT DUDE!” (still working on the thumbs up)
  • Look someone in the eyes and growl scarily, “I. WANT. ICE CREAM!!!”
  • When she sees her Mom put on makeup tell her, “DANG GINA, YOU LOOK FINE!”
  • Taught her to do the Ariseno Hall Fist Pump, though right now it KINDA looks like a Nazi salute (working on that one).
  • Played her the “Who Let The Dogs Out?” song … to her parents’ delight.

Those are just a few things I’ve taught her. I am also taking suggestions. I kinda want to round her out with more Michelle Tanner catchphrases. So, she’s still a work in progress.

But, having her and my other niece and nephew so close has been so much fun! And, it’s been fun how much Callie has been hanging out at our house as well. She’s one of the reasons I want to have myself some kiddos!

With moldable minds of course.


IMG_3738There have been a number of other things that have caught my attention this past week outside of family, health and running. Here are just a few of them …

  • Oh, so I bought new shoes on Thursday! I got another pair of Hoka OneOnes. My favorite brand! These will be pair #4! This go around I got the Conquest in blue and green. They’re a trail shoe, which I prefer with my Hokas. But, look for a review sometime next week.
  • This is why me and nature don’t really get along that well. Stay away from those koalas!
  • Further proof that Miss Callie Koko is the cutest kid, even whilst she’s sleeping.
  • Okay, LAST picture of Koko, but how can you NOT love this picture? I rest my case.
  • I wrote a somewhat similar post (Oh, I even wrote about it over on my old bloggy blog too!) about running and pooping a while back ago, so this one that Runner’s World did might be redundant, but definitely helpful!
  • Needless to say, I write a lot about poop. My Grandma would be so proud of me!
  • This is good information about nutrition for runners, but in reality it’s probably good for everyone. Am, I right?
  • I always respect NBA player Manute Bol, not just about his size, but because of his humanitarianism. That’s why it’s kinda awesome to see his 15 year old son do so well in High School-ball. He’s already 6’10 and plays like a guard! CRAZY!
  • This is some good Friday afternoon reading.
  • Because of THIS, I had to read THIS … naturally. But, in reality, I love flying. I haven’t done it in almost two and a half years. That needs to change.
  • But, I do have a horror story while flying. It involves Fat Josh, the bathroom and small quarters. I’ll leave it at that. Someday I might tell the whole story.
  • I got to drive on a Zamboni this past week at work. It pretty much was the funnest thing I’ve done within a week.
  • This is good to hear, I used to love the circus, but really animals should NOT be treated like those elephants were nor should they be held captive for shows.
  • This is a fun little quiz that matches you would your perfect “Running City” … I was afraid I was going to get Salt Lake City, but I actually got San Francisco … which happens to be my favorite city. Sooooo … WINNING!
  • Celebrated my Dad, Sister and Angel Aunt’s birthday this past Saturday. It’s always been a big event in our family and once again we celebrated with SPAGHETTI!
  • Oh, and I made a banana cake to go along with the party. Another Hansen Family Tradition.
  • Well, this doesn’t make me hungry … at all. Nope.
  • All this talk and speculation of the NFL being back in Los Angeles is really exciting! Especially now that the Carson Stadium is moving forwardHere’s some interesting speculation about the situation as well.
  • I really want the Rams to move back to LA and kinda the Chargers. I’ve always kinda liked the Chargers so it would be hard to see them move from San Diego, but really, they’re not THAT FAR away, right?
  • I could care less about the Raiders.I don’t see them moving to St. Louis. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if they either stayed in Oakland, moved in with the 49ers or moved to San Antonio.
  • Okay, that’s enough for this week! TO THE FINISH LINE!




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