The 63rd Fartlek Friday™ – If I catch a leprechaun today does that automatically make this Friday the 13th lucky? It should.

fartlekfriday63I‘ve always hated Leprechauns. Always. Always. Always. Mainly, because I probably believed in them until I was almost 13? Maybe. But, yeah, this would probably be me if I still believed in them today.

I should probably stop here, because as my mother always tell me … “Josher, you’re not going to find a wife that way.”

Mother knows best.

Anyways, it’s been an exciting week. Well, relative exciting. Okay, it’s been pretty average. But, after dealing with an abnormal past two months I’ll take it. Average is good.

I got a couple new pairs of Hokies (my name for Hoka OneOne shoes … it’s just easier), I officially cancelled my membership at Planet Fitness (despite what some people thought was a protest for this) and I am really, really, really looking forward to my run down Emigration Canyon tomorrow.

Like, a lot.

And, this one is going down, none of this rescheduling business or smaller runs. My 25K is next week and I gotta get a semi-long run in, so I’m opting for a lovely 10 miler from the apex (today’s big word of the day) of the canyon to Liberty Park. It’ll be good to have a long and downhill run. I kinda need it right now.

But, then again, I’ll take any kind of miles.

With the running season approaching quickly, I am getting more and more excited for the runs I got coming up in April and May as well. It’ll be a lot of fun. YEAH RUNNING!!!


shoesBecky and I are doing a little challenge (well, it’s fairly easy for her because she’s not behind a desk for 8 hours a day and regularly chases kids) of walking/running 10,000 steps per day. That’s roughly a minimum of 5 miles a day. It sounds crazy, but really, you’d be surprised how easy it is when you are moderately active.

We’re doing this for a month, which started yesterday (so basically March 12 to April 12) and it’s 10,000 steps each day Monday through Saturday and then 6,000 steps (or about 3 miles) on Sundays. The Sunday steps for me will probably come from walking to and back from church and then going on a walk, which is pretty light activity.

But, the reason behind this is really to just make sure we’re up and moving. And, really, it helps aid in the weight-loss and overall personal fitness. Anyone who wants to take up the challenge is more than welcome to!


bison-attack-photoLike, I mentioned above, I am getting more and more excited for my 25K next Saturday. There is a tinge of nerves in that excitement as well, but overall, I can’t wait to run it. I haven’t done a trail race in over three years so I am just hoping I don’t get lost. But, doing alongside Jill will be a lot of fun and sooth most of those worries.

I also don’t know what to expect when it comes to buffalo during the run. I just hope if I see one … they don’t see me? I think most of my nerves come from my apprehension around buffalo. Hopefully it will be a non-issue? I am just kinda hoping that if I ignore them, they’ll ignore me.

And, don’t worry, you won’t see me getting a “buffalo selfie” during the race. I value life.



f381e688bffe29bc1bea67ea70f841b4I am have a strange relationship with Friday the 13th. I actually don’t find it unlucky at all. How can any Friday be unlucky? Seriously? It’s Friday! It’s the end of the workweek! The weekend is upon us?

Now, Monday the 13th is a complete other story for me. That’s probably the most unlucky for me. Not only do you have the whole “13” going on, but it’s on a Monday! A MONDAY! That’s like TWO of the most unluckiest things on one day!

So yeah, I hate Monday the 13th! YEAH FRIDAY!!!


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …

  • Yesterday I wrote about things us runners do that don’t translate well into “REAL” life. Before you click on the link beware there are pictures of nasty feet.
  • I got two new pairs of shoes this week. Both are Hoka OneOne shoes and both are like running on marshmallows. I love these shoes. They’ve saved my feet for sure!
    • The blue is a traditional road shoe, while the yellow is a trail shoe. The best of both worlds, eh?
  • So I cancelled my membership to Planet Fitness this past week. Starting next week I am starting to go to the Student Life Center on the campus of the University of Utah. Not only is it about the same price as PF, but it’s near my work, has a pool and I can workout with my lil’ brother after work. PERFECT!
  • Plus, the other benefit … it’s not Planet Fitness. Though this means I do give up Pizza Monday. Eh, still a good trade off.
  • This is kind of interesting. It really changes your perceptions of some of your favorite songs, eh?
  • This past week I started a personal blog, it’s not a daily blog or anything just whenever I get around to updating it. Hopefully at least once a week? We’ll see. Just more ways to stalk me I guess?
  • The aftermath of this crash is just heart wrenching and is continuing to get worse. So sad.
  • I went to the D.I. (aka Deseret Industries … aka … The Mormon Salvation Army) with my sister this past week. It was quite the adventure, here are a few things that either made me laugh or question my very existence …
    • This shelf of naked Barbie dolls makes me feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I get why they want to get rid of dirty Barbie clothes, but can’t the Beehives do a service project kntting new clothes for them? Seriously, awkward.
    • I found these VHS tapes of the Donny & Marie Show at the store. Can I just say this is probably the MOST appropriately typical thing you’d find at a D.I.? Seriously, it’s Donny and Marie (Duh … Mormons), it’s a VHS (who uses those these days?) and it obviously a box set that someone regrets buying (or why would it be at the D.I.?).
    • I had to laugh when I saw coffeemakers for sale at the D.I. Once I saw that I immediately went looking for a wine opener.
    • Who donates their award? Seriously? But, then again, it’s only a Bronze medal. And, for the American Rose Society. A society for roses … and I guess it’s not officially recognized either because the ARS (I am assuming these use this acronym, because I would) President didn’t sign it? I kinda also want to Google Leola Blott now … one second … apparently she’s still alive, which makes donating this even funnier. I love Google.
  • The Utah Jazz are getting REALLY fun to watch, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Last night’s game against the Rockets is proof of that. You gotta love Rudy Gobert.
  • Sometimes during lunch I take #bananaselfies. Oh the life of a hopeless creative genius.
  • This ruined bananas for me, for like … two hours.
  • Um, can I add a list of bathrooms I want to use on my bucket list? Because most of these look AWESOME!
  • This brings quite a bit of joy to my soul. Not sure why?
  • The kid drew me this during church last Sunday. I love it, but sure hope it’s not a portrait of me?




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