The 64th Fartlek Friday™ – ‘Tis the first day of Spring and of course there’s rain in the forecast …

fartlekfriday64With the kind of mild weather that us northern Utaharns have gotten this winter the fact that today is the first day of spring seems rather anticlimactic. I felt like we celebrated it back on December 21st of last year? I don’t know whether to revel in this weather, be worried that it’s another sign of the end of times or just concede and admit that Al Gore was right?

But, gosh, I love this weather.

And, of course now that it’s ACTUALLY spring there is going to be a storm with rain on our way. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if it quickly gets worse and dumps all the snow we missed out on this winter? It just seems like something that the weather gods would do around these parts.

Oh, but this weather! How I love it! Especially when I am able to run after work outside in mild weather or run errands in 70 degree weather. If San Diego wasn’t suppose to fall into the ocean I’d just live there the rest of my life. And, that’s probably why the Brigham Young and the pioneers didn’t go further than Salt Lake?

Either way … I’m a happy camper.

I am excited for this weekend and has been one that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. I am running the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K with Jill and a bunch of my other friends tomorrow morning. This will be my first trail race since May 2012 … which was also the first time I met Susette.

Such a tender moment.

But, I am excited and all kinds of nervous about the run tomorrow. I am excited because it’s running and I am with friends. I am also nervous because it’s trails and there are buffaloes along the route.

If you haven’t done the math yet buffaloes are bigger than deer.I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’ll make sure not to hop on or get too close to one for a selfie. And, on a semi-unrelated note, buffalo steak tastes WAAAAAY better than venison.

It will be tough, but luckily the rain isn’t suppose to be on it’s way during the race. Because the last time I did anything over a 25K it rained and I pretty must almost died. That’s not going to happen to me again.

Well, it will also help to remember to bring gloves (read: I make bad decisions).

But, I am really excited to run it with Jill. We’ve conceded the fact that we’re going to be the mullet in the back cheering the other runners on, especially our friends running the 100 miler, 50 miler and 50K.

Don’t feel bad for us about it either, we also feel that since we’re out there running longer everyone else we can order more items off the Denny’s menu than everyone else, since we’ve burned more calories.

I am half joking on that last paragraph.

But, honestly, I am really, really, really excited about tomorrow’s race, especially since I will be running it with Jill. She’s somewhat anxious about the race because she doesn’t feel 100% prepared for it, but I’m sure we’ll have fun!

Too bad there aren’t any 7 Elevens out along the course.



SLCAs I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago (or maybe it was last week?) I have changed gyms. I cancelled my Planet Fitness membership which officially ended this week. But, no worries … I am not gymless.

I actually signed up for membership at the Student Life Center (SLC) on the campus of the University of Utah. Since I work at the U this is an ideal situation. The gym is about a 7 minute walk from my office (I might have timed it already) and it will be easier for me to workout before or after work!

Plus, it’s about the same monthly price as my old PF membership but I also get access to basketball courts, swimming pools, a rockwall (which really doesn’t entice me at all) along with an indoor running track and full workout floor with new treadmills and equipment.

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Another perk about moving my membership there is that I also get to workout with Free. Since he’s a student at the U he gets a free membership and his dorm also happens to be not that faraway.


So last night Free and I got our first workout in at the SLC. We did a nice tough circuit with lifting, running and free weights. And, we decided to morph our Thursday night workouts into a Biggest Loser-esque “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT.”

Our idea came from the fact that we weigh ourselves every Friday morning, so why not KILL ourselves the night before we step on the scale? So while we’re planning next week’s Last Chance Workout I am also looking for a scale that beeps like ones on the Biggest Loser.

I am excited about this move and I am also looking to adding swimming into my weekly workout regime. Oh, how I love swimming. Don’t get me started.


marchUm, I don’t know why I fill out a bracket every year only to have to it busted by the end of the first day? I don’t even put any money on my brackets (thankfully) yet I can’t stop from filling out numerous brackets every year?

Anyways, Georgia State and UAB totally killed my bracket … soooooo … once again I am now regulated to just enjoying the tournament and hoping for any and all upsets. At least the Utes won and BYU lost so I’ve got that going for me right now.

But, still, my brackets are toast. Even this feeble attempt yesterday didn’t result in any miracles.

But, with my brackets busted all I can do now is enjoy the Utes’ ride and enjoy the upsets and path way to the Final Four.

Because, seriously, this is one of the best sports months ever invented by society. You can’t argue that.


preparedI know this doesn’t really have much to do with running, fitness or my journey. But, in a way it does, because preparedness is more than just having enough food storage. It also entails preparing yourself financially, spiritually, emotionally … and physically.

My family has been organizing Utah’s Premier Preparedness Expo aka Prepper Con which will be happening on Thursday and Friday, April 24-25 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

The expo will not only feature numerous exhibitors, but there will also be lectures, classes, celebrities and demonstrations for those interested in emergency preparedness.

For more information about Prepper Con visit the website here. You can also buy day, two-day or a pack of four two-day passes on the website. Use code “HTV2015” to get $3 OFF admission.

Mark your calendar for April 24-25th!


Besides tomorrow’s race, March Madness, my new gym and even Prepper Con there have been a number of other things that have caught my attention this past week. Here are just a few …


in heat


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