The 65th Fartlek Friday™ – It’s just pure MADNESS …

fartlekfriday55There are very few sporting events that I actually enjoy watching without having a vested interest in all or any teams. One is the Super Bowl, then the World Series and to some extent the NBA Finals. But, as of late that’s just been more or less me just cheering for whoever is playing against LeBron.

But, the granddaddy of them all to me March Madness, or the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Especially the first two rounds of the tournament when most of the “fun” upsets happen when I come to the realization that I am NEVER going to win a bracket challenge. My bracket is usually busted within the first couple games of the tournament. No joke.

The time I really love the tournament though is whenever one of the Utah schools make a run deep into the tournament. Sure, I’ll root for BYU when they make a run, but my heart will always belong to the Utes first and forthmost. That’s why it’s been fun watching the current run the Utes have been on this year. We haven’t been this relevant in nearly a decade and this team reminds me slightly of the 1998 NCAA Runner-Ups.

But, I don’t want to talk about that, the sting still hurts too much.

We’ll see how good and how far this team can go tonight when they play the top seeded Duke Blue Devils. All I’ll say … is we have a chance. And, let’s hope that Delon Wright gets a bit selfish and takes over the game.

I’m holding onto the prayer until the Utes’ final buzzer sounds. GO UTES!


IMG_2728On Monday I blogged about my 2015 race game plan. I don’t know what’s more pathetic that I have planned all of my runs from here until the end of November or that I have memorized all the weekend dates from here until the end of the year? Then again I’ve been able to do that pretty much since 2012.

The game is pretty simple though, from here until mid-June the focus is to just lose weight and, if needed, tweak my medication find that balance I need to balance my health. Then if the timing is right the focus will be continuing to get stronger, but I’ll be adding speed work in leading up to Nebo. The goal there is a get a sub-two hour half marathon time. But, that will really be determined on where I am in June health wise. Which I am shooting for being where I need it to be.

Then again if I don’t get the sub-two this year I am fine with that, I will still shoot for my best at Nebo. I’d even be ecstatic if I got a PR … which would be anything faster than 02:08:25.

But, once that is through my focus will turn towards training for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K in November. So I’ve got a number of back to back races planned in October in addition to some back-to-back runs on Fridays and Saturdays. I’m kinda excited about that.

I’ve never been big into trail running, but I want to feel comfortable doing it. I don’t think I’ll ever do a solo run, but I’d love to do more group or races. I had such a great experience last week at my 25K that I just KNOW I need more trail runs in my life. Plus, I absolutely love the trail running culture it totally fits ME … cat shirts and all.

So with those goals in mind I signed up for the Corner Canyon 25K (October 17), Run Elevated Half (August 22) and Park City Trail Half (September 19) this past week. Which pretty much is the remaining races I needed to sign up for this year from my schedule. Well, sans the 50K, mainly because registration hasn’t gone live yet.

I’m really excited to tackle these races and goals. But, more than anything I want to make sure I push myself, have fun and fall deeper in love with running. Isn’t that what it’s all about?



1DIf you haven’t heard the news yet (or live underneath a rock), Zane Zaine Zayne Zyane Zyn Malik left the group. I guess you could say the news was shocking, I mean that’s basically what BuzzFeed and Twitter told me? But, I have to admit in this day and age of social media the reaction has been kinda fun to watch.

It’s like a guilty pleasure in the same mold of why anyone would ever watch the Kardashians.

But, c’mon some of this is just gold …

Honestly, I have nothing against One Direction they’re a teen band … each generation has one. I get that. But, from a sociology major point of view I think it’s interesting watching the reaction of their fans about this breakup, because this generation is STUCK to their social media accounts. In some cases it’s bound to their identity.

So that’s why you’re seeing all of these reactions. I am sure if the Backstreet Boys or N*Sync were around today they’d get the same reaction. Heck, maybe even NKOTB would as well?

But, even with that you can’t help but laugh at these reactions. You just can’t.


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