The 66th Fartlek Friday™ – Did you know that there are still people in the world today that believe the Easter Bunny poops out Easter eggs?

easter Okay, before we start talking about Easter Bunny poop, I feel like I need to start out with a public apology for the lack of time I’ve been giving the bloggy blog as of late. It’s kinda on purpose and it’s kinda not.

If you’ve noticed for the past several weeks the only posts I make our my weekly run updates/race reviews on Mondays and than my Fartlek Friday posts. Basically, twice a week.

I’m actually working on a couple of fun projects that have pulled my attention away from writing as much as I want. I can’t divulge much, but some of it is running related and most of it is not.

A little intrigue there, eh?

I will say this, one project is related to the Salt Lake Prepper Con happening at the end of the month, 24-25th at the South Towne Expo Center. As someone who has some vested interested in convention I should encourage you to attend.

Not just because I will be there, but because I am a strong believer in doing all that you can to be prepared for what life throws at you … mentally, spiritually, emotionally and of course physically.

Anyways … back to Easter Bunny poop.

Well, okay, let’s not talk about Easter Bunny poop, I’d like to keep jelly beans a sacred candy in my mind. Especially, spiced jelly beans. Which, thankfully, for my diet … I cannot find in the stores this year. Luckily, I have like two bags left from what I bought last year. I love to run with them during race season for quick sugar (and deliciousness).

I somewhat digress.

Anyways, it’s going to be a fun weekend … I am running the Lagoon Half Marathon, it’s General Conference and Easter among other things. Busy, busy, busy and fun, fun, fun.

Though, we’re not celebrating Easter this weekend, it’s all about Orthodox Easter next week! OPA! We’re going to have a smorgasbord of Greek food next week with family. That’ll be fun.


THIS WEEK’S RACE: Lagoon Half Marathon


I am pretty darn excited for tomorrow’s race in Farmington. This is really my first race, race of the season. Well, I should say non-pacing road race. I ran an indoor half in January, swept the Dogtown Half in February and then ran a trail 25K a couple weeks ago.

But, this race is all on the road, I am not pacing or sweeping and I am 100% excited! I am not sure what to expect for my time. And, quite honestly, I am not really doing into the race with an expected finish time. I am running with my friend’s Josh and Chanda so we’ll see what happens.

This will be Josh’s first half marathon and it will be awesome to be there for this moment for him. But, like him, I’m pretty excited to run the last two miles of the race INSIDE Lagoon. It’ll kinda be a Utah version of the Disneyland Half Marathon I ran a few years ago.

April will be the month where I start getting into the swing of things with the race season, I have another race on the 18th, the West Mountain Half Marathon (USE CODE “EXTRAMILEHANSEN” for $5 OFF REGISTRATION). Then in May I have four races which will basically be my baptism by immersion into the season.


But, first let’s have some fun at Lagoon, right?


Jazz Game

It’s been somewhat documented here on the bloggy blog that I am a pretty big Jazzfan. I have had a pretty fun year watching this team grow from the disaster that was last year and it’s been full of high notes and low notes. But, recently, the Jazz have given every fan something to hope for and it’s been fun to watch!


Ever since we hired Coach Snyder the team’s mentality has changed dramatically, especially on defense, and then once we traded Enes Kanter and put Rudy Gobert in the starting lineup things have gotten WAY fun!

So this past Wednesday when my friend Dave invited me to the Jazz game I couldn’t say no! Dave MAY have been a bit more interested in his chicken fingers and milkshake, but between the awesome game (WE WON!) and my pretzel I was in heaven!


I’m really excited to see what the Jazz do starting next year after another draft and free agency period. I will definitely be going to some more games next year. Even if we regress, I’ll go for the pretzels!

Thanks again for the ticket Dave!

Jazz-1GO JAZZ!!!


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …


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