The 67th Fartlek Friday™ – When you’re Greek sometimes you get TWO Easters …

easter It’s an exciting and busy week. Lot of fun projects that I have been working on, including our Senior Banquet which is happening tonight. Not only have I been planning it, but they decided to let me MC the event as well.

I’ve never MC’d an event before soooooooo we’ll see how that goes. Don’t worry I Googled some jokes, but after going over them I think I Googled jokes for a celebrity roast. I might have to redo them all?

Especially since I think they were all Justin Beiber roast jokes too.

But, besides the banquet this past week I’ve had a couple of really good runs. On Tuesday I cranked out a sub-30 minute 5K on the treadmill. I won’t lie, felt awesome. I know there’s a lot in me and it has been fun rediscovering and finding that. And, then I also ran along Bountiful Blvd. with my friend Jorge on Thursday. It was a great week of running.

I’m working on stabilizing my thyroid and testosterone. It’s been about a month since they changed medications on me and I haven’t seen much difference other than more energy. That’s frustrating … BUT … I am not letting that be an excuse to slack on my fitness either. Luckily, I have a follow-up blood draw next week so I might some answers of what’s going on.

I hate the thyroid.

I am not dwelling much on that, I am focused on just getting healthier, running better (and faster) and overall happiness. Have I mentioned how much I hate the thyroid? Yeah …

… anyways …

I am excited about this weekend! I was planning on an 11 mile trail run, but I’ve had to change directions. So I am going to run 10 miles along Bountiful Blvd. close to home. Probably by myself? Which I am fine with, but I do prefer running with friends as much as possible.

I have the West Mountain Half next weekend so the plan is to not push it (had too) THAT hard. I want to save the ‘ol legs for a good time next week. But, if you want to join me at the West Mountain Half you can use “EXTRAMILEHANSEN” for an extra $5 off the registration price.

But, all of that is probably pretty redundant considering that last week I blogged about my 2015 race plan. Either way this IS a blog about running and I am sure you are finding this redundancy redundantly enthralling.

I now never want to type the word redundant ever again in my life.

But, as I said, it’s going to be a great weekend. Besides the run, we’re also celebrating Easter. Well, Orthodox Easter. That’s the great thing about being a Greek Mormon, you basically get two Easters. This is obvious proof I love Jesus WAY more than all y’all.

Okay, I am (half) joking on that one.

But, I love it because it’s a way to celebrate our Greek heritage. We don’t make Greek food a lot (for good reason, it basks in butter), but for special occasions like Easter and my Grandma’s birthday … why not?

Plus, there is nothing better in my opinion than dolmathes and spanikopita. Probably my two favorite Greek foods, of course next to Feta. And, extra virgin olive oils. And, Kalamata olives. And, everything else.

So, yeah, it’s going to be a fun weekend!




I’m a baby daddy!

This past week I became a chicken daddy. Yes, I am a father. I’m still having a hard time wrapping that fact around my mind. So much responsibility. Sure I don’t have to change diapers, but chicken poop isn’t really much of a consolidation prize either.


Before you assume that I got chicken because of the Easters, think again. Our family decided to basically do a little co-op coop to share eggs and chickens among the family. We got both laying hens and Cornish game hens for … well … eating.

Meet my boo, Chelsea McCluck.

I know that sound a barbaric. And, trust me I got into an interesting conversation with someone on how it’s inhumane to eat something you can buy at the store. But, I’ve grown up being taught to respect and honor any and all animals, whether it’s those you eat or have as pets.

Plus, I am planning on preparing the Cornish game hen when it’s time to slaughter her. I won’t lie I am not looking forward to that, but it’s also something that I’ve wanted to learn and feel like I should know … just in case I need that skill. Luckily, we didn’t name any of the Cornish game hens so there was less of a bond between us and them.

But, still, it’ll be tough.

Chelsea McCluck, Strawberry, Dance Class, Oreo and Sunshine.

The laying hens all got names though and Miss Kokomo gave them all names (except I did name mine myself). You’ve got to love the imagination and mind of a three year old girl when she names her chickens …

  • Strawberry
  • Sunshine
  • Oreo
  • Dance Class

Yes, you heard that right. She named one of her chickens Dance Class. My sister said Dance Class got the name because she struts and looks like she’s teaching all the others how to dance. If I was there at the naming of the chickens I would have suggested Patrick Swayze. But, that’s what you get when a toddler names them and not someone born in and culturally appreciative of the 1980s.

But, still, I love that name. Dance Class. So … classy.

I’m sure I’ll blog plenty about them, especially my hen, Chelsea McCluck. Stay tuned.


Here are a few other things that caught my interest this past week …

  • I’m glad to see that they found the Boston Marathon Bomber guilty this past week. I don’t think there was really any suspense that they’d find him innocent. But, it’s a step closer to closure and healing for the victims.
  • It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago that happened. I will always remember watching the news of the aftermath and the response here at the Salt Lake City Marathon which was held four days later.
  • Hey, and I also got a few minutes of fame because of the marathon here in Salt Lake. I was on KUTV and KSL Newscasts and then I got my picture from the race on CNN later that week. That was crazy!
  • I started a new segment on the bloggy blog called Fat Tuesday. Check it out!
  • I have a feeling that I should feature these crazy (fattening) baseball concession foods sometime soon, no?
  • Since baseball started this past week this is a fun read. At least it’s a good slow Friday afternoon read, right?
  • With the NBA season ending next week this is a kind of a fun award given out to all those floppers in the league.
  • I don’t care what people say … the early 2000s had some HORRIBLE fashion sense. Like almost none.
  • This kinda made me laugh … this BYU recruit got a pretty ugly tattoo. The funny thing to me about it is … yes … it’s ugly and most of the country is focusing on that and then here in Utah the focus is not just the ugliest of the tattoo it’s the fact that someone playing on the Lord’s University football team. #thisisutah
  • And, it doesn’t help that the BYU player has the same name as a certain motivational speaker either.
  • It seems like more and more that the St. Louis Rams are inching even closer to a move back to Los Angeles. Something I strongly support, but this article shows the impact the move could have in Missouri. Interesting read if you’re following that at all.
  • I worry about the state of professional sports though, there is SO much money involved, flowing from sponsors and TV revenue, etc. that I really have an uneasy that it could all be a bubble that will eventually burst. There’s no way you can tell me NBA teams are worth $2 billion and the salary cap is going to near $100 million within the next five years. Something’s going to give, especially with the state of the current economy. Just my two cents.
  • HAHAHA!!!
  • Have I stated how much I love my nieces and nephew? This is what happened on Wednesday when Miss Sweet Cheeks said the dinner prayer … it turned into a group hug of sorts.
  • Thank goodness there are no more giant beavers, eh?
  • Where was this app when I was in school? This could have saved me SO MANY times!
  • Oh, I love these jokes … I am SO going to be a corny dad like that.
  • This past week there was news that there is a Full House spinoff in works on Netflix called Fuller House. I won’t lie, kinda excited! This is a great little read about unknown facts about the original series.
  • This is also some good news concerning Arrested Development.
  • Some of these are actually pretty funny, especially the one about the L.A. power outage. HILARIOUS!
  • Interesting situation regarding a once homeless football player who was ruled ineligiable to play for Baylor because he received help. I don’t know what to think of it. But, I will say this, NCAA protects the “amateur integrity” of the game by lining their pockets.
  • JELL-O!!!
  • Um, I want some of these paintings. Like real bad.
  • Oh gosh, articles like these don’t really help me get past my Disneyland craving. I need a Disneyland trip sooner than later.
  • And for the record I am such a Disney Geek that I kinda already knew most of them. #ihaveproblems #magicaldisneyproblems
  • I love that I use hashtags on my blog. Like they work! I’m such a jerk.




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