The 68th Fartlek Friday™ – Nothing like an April Snowstorm … NARF!

ff-banner.fw Such an odd week of Utah weather. It starts off in the 70s, turns cold and snows and now it’s warming up with 70s in the forecast this weekend. What gives? Seriously.

But, whatever, it’s Utah weather it’s not suppose to make sense. Especially when you get snow during an August race. So it wouldn’t surprise me if we got snow in June considering we got spring in December.

I am glad the weather is turning this weekend since I have the West Mountain Half Marathon (Benjamin, Utah) tomorrow. This will be race #89! I can’t believe I am almost half way through my goal to 180! CRAZY! It’s been such a fun adventure and I am excited to run a new race.

Tomorrow is also the Salt Lake Marathon, though it is closer to home there is no way I am supporting the race. Not a fan of the new racing company that bought it last year. They tried selling bibs for over $100 a few months after an introductory price of $65.

Considering that the past couple of years I paid $35 for an introductory price and prices didn’t reach over $100 until the last few weeks of registration. Sure, they cut prices after getting a good amount of backlash from runners. It’s just too pricey and I am not a big fan of the new course.

Plus, I love running new races and new courses. And, it will be fun running this new course. I’ve never raced in southern Utah County besides at the Nebo Half. This isn’t a canyon run, but should still be a fun challenging course.

I am running it solo, so my race plan is to plug in my headphones, zone out and give it my best. This should hopefully help me gauge where I am at a bit better. I don’t feel 100% at busting out a solid half marathon, but my short runs in training are getting faster so hopefully I’ll see some improvement from that.

But, I am really, really, really excited for race season. After this weekend’s race I’ll be running the Provo City Half (May 2nd), Vigor Big Cottonwood Half (May 9th), Alpine Classic Half (May 23rd) and Jordan River Half (May 30th) in May. I could easily do five races in five weeks in May, but I am watching my races so I can hit 100 on my birthday in August.

But, seriously, saying no to the Ogden Half was hard.

So many exciting things happening within the next couple of months. Some that I’ll announce next week … so stay tuned!

But, for now … YEAH RUNNING!!!


071692d As I have mentioned a few times over the past couple of months, I am a part of a convention called PrepperCon. You might have seen some of the bus ads, billboards or heard some of the commercials on the radio. The con will be held next weekend … Friday and Saturday, April 24-25 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.

Tickets are on sale now and kids under 12 are free! There is a kid section to the convention as well. So don’t worry it won’t be boring for them … AT. ALL.

The focus on the convention is not just for hardcore preppers, but for those just wanting to learn what to do in emergency situations, build better food and supply storage and even get their Utah Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit.

There are a NUMBER of other classes, demonstrations, celebrities, sponsors, vendors, etc. that will be a part of it. So DON’T miss out!

I also have a few sets of tickets to PrepperCon that I am giving out free. If you would like a free pair of tickets for one of the two days email me at joshuahansen1[at]

Don’t miss out!


logoII teased you with this image on Monday. No, I am not going to reveal what it’s for and what it means. But, I am going to give you a LITTLE bit more information about it and when you’ll find out more about what it represents and is a part of.

It has something to do with the PrepperCon that is happening next weekend and you will find out the details behind it next Friday. That’s all I am saying.

Stay tuned …


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …

  • Oh my gosh! I want to do this if I ever have twins. Heck, I want to do this when I have a kid! That would be HILARIOUS!
  • I love feeling and seeing improvement in my running. Now to just balance everything out with my thyroid and I feel like I’ll see bigger gains. More on that next week.
  • Another trailer is out for the new Star Wars movie coming out in December. I never totally geeked out about Star Wars as a kid, but I appreciate it and will definitely be there opening weekend!
  • In fact as a kid I ripped off my brother’s original Darth Vader figurine’s head. Just like that I devalued something by $200.
  • And, if you must know … I am not that kind of indifferent fan that tolerate Jar Jar Binks. I can’t stand him. So wherever that puts me on the Star Wars fandom spectrum … that’s fine with me.
  • I had to make this sign for the bathrooms at work. Seriously people? Who throws a hamburger in the toilet when the garbage is 5 feet away … IF THAT?!
  • Mmmm … avocados. That avocado pepper salsa looks amazing!
  • Welp, the Jazz season officially ended on Wednesday. We might have lost, but a 38-44 season was something I was NOT expecting. I’ve really fallen in love with this team, since February they’ve been playing some amazingly inspired basketball. I can’t wait until next year! GO JAZZ!
  • I also can’t tell you how much I love the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder missed the playoffs. I hate the Thunder for two main reasons. One, they should still be the Seattle Sonics and, two, Enes Kanter. After his ill-advised words about his time in Utah there is NO way I can ever root for that guy. And, he plays for OKC for that doubly makes it worse. Thank you Pelicans for squeaking in on the last night.
  • I won’t lie, the Thunder are going to be scary next year when they are at full-health. But, ever since Kanter arrived their defense has worsened. Coincidence? Not really when you consider the Jazz defense was tops in the NBA after the trade deadline.
  • I really know I shouldn’t laugh, but these faces are really kinda funny. Pretty sure I’d get some of the same reactions from my selfies.
  • This is kinda sad and annoying. Well, sad for the new mom and annoying because of the friends. If I need to clarify that? If her friends are sick of baby posts on Facebook than obviously her friends never lived in Utah or knew a Mormon. Just sayin’ …
  • Um, people are dum.
  • These kids might be dum, but at least these made me laugh! HAHAHA!
  • This is a really cool weight-loss story involving a nine year old girl. GOOD FOR HER! I love empowered stories like this.
  • Interesting article for a slow Friday afternoon.
  • I don’t know how to feel about this? I don’t totally agree with hunting big game like giraffes, but the death threats from people is totally uncalled for! I feel if you are going to hunt something it shouldn’t just be for trophy, but that you also utilize the whole of it and waste as little of it as possible. That SOUNDS like what she did, but who knows? I just know people overreact WAY too much. Sometimes I hate the internet.
  • mmmmm … I might have had a bagel yesterday morning. I love them.
  • In September I am running the Volition Half Marathon in Ogden and I got a thank you note and car decal in the mail this past week! It’s alright found a spot on the Runsmobile! Very cool gesture and gift. It’s like they KNOW me so well.
  • I need this.
  • Cool? Yuck? But, interesting.
  • Oh … I can’t wait until SHARK WEEK!!! This doesn’t help matters.
  • If you’re into watching live births of tigers this is actually pretty neat.
  • If you’re into watching live births of zebras this is actually pretty disgustingSame with live giraffes births.
  • Is it strange to admit that I’ve probably watched ALL of the killer whale birthing videos on YouTube? (I can hear my Mother now … “You’re going to find yourself a nice girl when you put things like that on the internet!” … she might be right … but I value a woman who also appreciates the majestic orca).
  • Geez, I am never going to complain when I get constipated again after watching all those videos.
  • Annnnnnnnnnddddd … this is why I hate Sizzlers.


Sure, there might be TEN of these someecards, but seriously how can you NOT laugh at ALL OF THEM …

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