The 69th Fartlek Friday™ – Are you ready to bugout?

FartlekFridayI can’t believe it is finally FRIDAY! It’s been a very looooong and busy week. And, busy doesn’t even describe the nth of it. Having had an active part in the set up for PrepperCon happening today and tomorrow has been draining. But, on top of that I have also been launching a start up company with my friends Jorge and Dave. All in which has made for some VERY long nights this past week.

Because of this I haven’t even ran this weekend. Like at all. I won’t lie, it’s made me slightly irritable. But, I am not sure if that is because of the lack of running or lack of sleep? Either way, I am surprisingly energized for this weekend and the projects I am involved in!

I am staying at a hotel tonight after PrepperCon closes for the day and I think I might visiting the hotel gym either tonight or tomorrow morning. I need at LEAST a nice little three miler in this week. At least I’ll be getting a lot of steps in while at the convention.

I am looking forward to next week though when I can get back to normal into my regular groove.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been teasing you with this image …


The image has been a part of the logo of the project that I have been working on with Dave and Jorge. We’re launching a new endurance race called The Bugout Run. The race is a mixture of a few loves of all three of ours … running and prepping.

The idea started back in October while road tripping with Jorge to the St. George Marathon. After we found out that we were both secretly preppers we spent the rest of the trip scheming and planning a way we could mix that love with our love of running.

So during the past six months we’ve accumulated our efforts to here. We expedited things a tad so that we could launch in conjunction with PrepperCon. We felt it was the perfect event and time to roll out.

So what exactly is The Bugout Run? And what will be about? When will it be? Where will it be?

I can tell you this … the race is a mixture of running, prepping and even a little bit like a team relay (ie-Ragnar, Epic, etc.). Additionally, one of our first events will be somewhere in northern Utah along the Wasatch Front and will happen sometime this fall. Other than that I can’t say much else. Those details will come shortly in the future.

But, trust me, it’ll be epic.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and keep in touch for more information and news about the race.


Like I had mentioned this weekend is PrepperCon. The convention is open from 9am to 8pm today and tomorrow at the South Towne Expo Center. There are over 175+ exhibitors, celebrities, panel discussions and the like. It will really be an awesome event.

It’s nothing like your typical LDS ward emergency prep fair.

You can buy tickets at the door. Online ticketing has closed. Oh, and if it’s any incentive kids under the age of 12 are free.


Here are a few things that caught my interest this past week …

  • While working on my “stuff” I watched the documentary Fed Up over on the Netflix. I am going to blog about it more next week. But, I think I want to take the Fed Up 10 Day Challenge.
  • I really didn’t need to see this this past week.
  • This is too awesome. If I had a cool million dollars laying around I would buy this house!
  • I took these pictures of my niece and nephew last Friday while we were jumping on the trampoline. Amazing shots.
  • You probably aren’t going to see these on Netflix, but these are gold!
  • Speaking of Netflix, last week I mentioned that a Full House spinoff is in the works. Welp, it’s official! Fuller House will be coming to Netflix. I shouldn’t be this excited for a 33 year old.
  • The NBA playoffs are in full swing and I have to say, it’s been pretty entertaining so far. I haven’t really watched any of the games, but last night’s Warriors-Pelicans game was OFF THE HOOK! I have a feeling you’re looking at the 2015 NBA Champs in the Golden State Warriors.
  • It’s been fun seeing some of my work for PrepperCon on local buses and even in the newspaper. Can you tell I am excited for this weekend?
  • mmmmmm … food trucks.
  • Um, yes please.
  • Man, the Kansas City Royals are playing mad this season. I like it. As long as they don’t play my Giants or the Cubs I’d like to see them win the World Series.
  • For the Disneynerd in me, I find this pretty awesomely entertaining.
  • And of course some more Disney to make me homesick for a Disney vacation. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks. Mainly, because it’s home to my favorite Disney ride in Expedition Everest.
  • I made Pop Tart Rice Krispy Treats for church last week. I won’t lie, for being something I came up with on the fly I was kinda impressed. I broke up the Pop Tart into the cereal and it gave little bursts of strawberry filling. Quite good.
  • I may or may not have spent some of my spare time reading this.
  • I think I never spent more than $100 on the prom itself. Let alone more than $300 just to ASK someone to the prom. CRAZY!
  • This is interesting. I don’t know what to think?
  • These are pretty cool, but all I can think of are the poor factory workers now out of a job.
  • Miss Koko is ready to bugout for PrepperCon. I love this kid.
  • This is slightly scary. And, I think that’s where I am going to stop.


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