The 72nd Fartlek Friday™ – Happiness is … a warm … pair of compression socks

fartlekfriday57If you haven’t come to the conclusion yet … I am somewhat of an odd fellow. Like, seriously, you think I am quite normal … but that’s pretty much all a facade. Very rarely do I do things by the book. Let alone read it.

Therefore, the “odd fellow” label fits quite nicely on me.

That’s why I feel no social shame when I go out in public in my compression socks. Okay, that doesn’t seem THAT odd. But, it is when you wear your compression socks with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. This includes gym clothes (okay, that’s normal), pajamas (somewhat odd, but okay …), clothes I wear to go shopping at Walmart (totally acceptable), church clothes (at least it’s hiding under the pants) and for the first time this week … WORK CLOTHES!

Yes, I wore my compression socks with my work clothes this past week. Actually, on Monday. How it happened … I am not quite sure? My legs were still pretty sore from last weekend’s race and I wanted that extra support. But, then I didn’t want to wear long pants because the forecast called for a high of 75.

So I wore shorts with them.

It was totally classy. But, you know what I didn’t care. I sit at my desk for 80% of the day, so no one sees my legs anyways, but more importantly they felt AWESOME wrapped in compression goodness.

Does anyone else do this with their compression socks? I wear my A LOT! Especially before and after races. It really helps with the recovery for me. How about you? Where’s the strangest place you’ve worn compression socks or other running gear? Add your’s in the comments below.

As I had mentioned on Monday I FINALLY found an Ogden Half bib for this weekend. I really battled internally whether or not I wanted to run this weekend. But, I have to. For a number of reasons — 1, I love the Ogden Marathon, 2, I love big city Utah races, 3, I am addicted, 4, I am addicted and, 5, I am addicted.

So, there’s that.

But, seriously, I love the Ogden Marathon and since I had to drop the Alpine Classic Half next weekend (I have a modeling gig … seriously), I had to add another race so that I can make sure to hit 100 races at the Park City Half on my birthday.

But, really, I am an addict. But, that’s a post for another day.

My goal for tomorrow is to simply run faster than last week. I am still working out my thyroid issues, but that’ll probably be about a three week ‘venture before it takes hold onto my system. But, it’s working because I lost about five pounds this past week!

My focus is just cutting out needless sugar in my diet. That’s it. Plus, eating LESS processed food and more fruits and vegetables. It sounds so stupidly simple, but it’s working with my recent medication change. I am really just trying to do everything as natural as I can along with a balanced workout and training regime.

Stay tuned.

But, I’m really feeling MUCH better and I owe that to the medication, a change of mindset and priorities. Plus, I am involved in a number of projects lately that have given me life. It’s been fun being a part of PrepperCon, The Bugout Run and a couple other projects. The creative process for me is a drug and I am addicted to that as well.

So, basically what we’ve learned today is that I am addicted to running and the creative process. I feel like I should also add broccoli, dried out Peeps and Smart water. Now you can’t accuse me of not being friends.

Anyways, it’s going to be a fun weekend and rest of the month! Lots of stuff going on leading into the summer months! I can’t believe we’re a half month away from JUNE! Crazy! This year is going by WAY too fast! But, that’s what happens when you run the year away, right?



st george

I was just going over my race schedule for October and realized that will most likely be my HIGHEST mileage month of my life. Right now I am scheduled and planning on the following races …

  • OCTOBER 10: Layton Marathon
  • OCTOBER 17: Corner Canyon Trail 25K
  • OCTOBER 23: Howloween Half Marathon – Davis County
  • OCTOBER 24: SLC Haunted Half
  • OCTOBER 30: Howloween Half Marathon – Utah County
  • OCTOBER 31: Provo Haunted Half

That’s 96.6 miles of JUST racing. That doesn’t include my October 3rd run or my recover runs during the week. It’s going to be a great month of training for my 50K in November, because of the back to backs, etc.

I am excited and SLIGHTLY nervous about that much mileage, but it’s all done in the name of my 50K, right? I’m even playing with the idea of seeing if I can get into the St. George Marathon on the 3rd? But, really, I’ll probably do the Temple to Temple run from Draper to South Jordan again. Which is basically a half marathon.



Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …




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