The 73rd Fartlek Friday™ – Just call me Zoolander from now on …

FartlekFridayWelp, I could feel somewhat disappointed about this past week. I didn’t run much … at all. I got three miles in. And, I walked a fair amount. But, with the combination of my IT band and being out sick a couple of days I really didn’t do much at all. I did go swimming last night and I did some weight training throughout the week, but the energy level just wasn’t there.


I do feel slightly bad because I don’t have a race this weekend. I was going to sweep the Alpine Classic Half, but I switch out with someone else because I am going to be filming tomorrow. Filming? Yes, filming. I am a fitness model for a workout video and we’ll be taping pretty much all day tomorrow. It is part of a workout video my brother makes called, Freedom2Move.

This will be their third video. But, the main premise behind the videos is they are tailor made to the individual of ALL fitness or health levels. I’ll let their commercial speak the rest …

So basically, you can say that my modeling career is getting pretty serious. I am not exactly sure when the volume with me in it will be released. But, I’d imagine no later than June or July? But, we’ll see. I’ll keep you in the loop.

I won’t lie, it’ll be a fun project, but I’ll miss sweeping the race. Well, I miss running consistently in general. But, I really NEED to make sure I don’t screw up my knee and running for the rest of the year. My sub-two for this year is kinda out of the question, so the focus now really will just be strengthening my core and losing weight. I’m still working on getting the 40lbs. off from my thyroid/testosterone issues off. I’m fine with that refocus, because I don’t need to get a sub-two right now to validate my running.

I am going to work towards Nebo and just do my best there. Whatever that may be, and whatever my knee will give me.

Plus, come September after Nebo I’ll be focusing a lot on my training for my 50K. That includes two trail races, a marathon, a couple of back to back half marathons and a whole lot of … why did I sign up to do this? Sounds like fun, huh? The 50K is in November so working towards it will be a process.

But, I am excited.

So stay tune for more about my modeling debut and if you haven’t signed up yet join me NEXT weekend at the Jordan River Marathon (I’m sweeping the half) you can sign up and save $5 by using the code “EXTRAMILEHANSEN” … Come join me!



Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …


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