The 74th Fartlek Friday™ – Snowbird, bugouts and podcasts … oh my!

FartlekFridayWhat a splendid week of awesomeness. This past week (between working 8-5) I’ve been spending my time at Snowbird with the family. I don’t know how much of a real vacation it is, especially considering I took my work and computer with me?

But, I’ve had some pretty good workouts in the lodge’s gym. The other day I did a couple miles on the treadmill and impressed these two elderly women about my endurance running. I didn’t have the nerve to tell them they kinda ruined that for me, because they interrupted me mid-run.

They were sweet though.

It was a good vacation in that regard. Just to get away was very stress relieving. But, it sure makes you want to do it again. But, maybe to Disneyland next time? (it’s always Disneyland)

I am excited for this weekend because I have another race on the docket. I will be sweeping the Jordan River Half Marathon tomorrow and will actually being doing so alongside the Kilt Dude, Tim Gill.

If you don’t know Kilt Dude, you need to get to know him. He’s an awesome guy and someone I consider a good friend. I love how addicted he is at racing, even more than me. And, for that he is officially nuts.

But, so am I … so tomorrow will be a P-A-R-T-Y!

Anyways, I’ve also got a lot of exciting things going on so I’m going to give them their own section …


As I have posted here in the past month or so, I have, along with some friends, started a new endurance event called The Bugout Survival Challenge. If you’re wondering, yes, it was initially known as The Bugout Run, but we switched that to better represent the purpose and nature of the event.

Our first event will be held on July 17-18th somewhere along the Wasatch Front. The definitive location? You won’t know that until 24-28 hours before the event. It wouldn’t otherwise be a bugout, right?

This event and along with our August event (August 8-9) will be small in nature to help introduce the event to the public. We are planning a bigger event in September (September 26-27) that will mirror our bigger events to be held in 2016.

Those dates and locations will be announced at a later time.

But, the basic concept behind this kind of event to help give individuals, families and friends an opportunity to put to test their survival skills in a fun, engaging and challenging environment.

Think of the Bugout Series to be a combination of a survival challenge + trails + running + a team relay. Basically, it’s going to be a whole lot of awesome.

Registration for the July event will open on June 1st and the prices will be cheap. It’s $15 for just the run or if you want to join us the night before for a camp out and lecture that price will be $25.

Each participant will receive a t-shirt and the endurance part of the event will be a 3-5 mile run/hike along with a couple of survival challenges along the course. It will be a lot of fun and check out starting on June 1st for more information.

But, in the mean go LIKE our Facebook page and ogle at this flier I made this past weekend …


THE UTAH RUNCAST: Utah’s #1 Running Podcast

utah runcast logo

I’ve been a busy, busy person over the past few months, but this is a project I am EXTREMELY excited about. Why? Because, I get to share my passion and love for running through another medium. The podcast!

I’ve been a podcast listener basically since I’ve been a smartphone carrier … which is basically 2012 … ish. When I trained for my first marathon I listened to a number of podcasts and radio shows … on iTunes. I guess you call those podcasts too? Not sure? But, whatever.

I love podcasts.

I love talk shows.

So why not do my own? It’s something I’ve kinda always wanted to do one and the opportunity presented itself … so why not? The goal of the podcast is not just to talk about running, but running here in Utah. Sure the target audience will be aimed more towards Utahns, but also out of state runners who not only love running, but love running or want to run in Utah.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. There are a few finishing touches that I am working on in regards to the cast and topics. But, I am shooting for a new podcast at least 1-2 times a month with a very fun, casual and informative format.

We have a Facebook page set up. As well as Instagram and Twitter. So, if you want to keep up to the news leading up to the inaugural show … which will come this July on




So here are a few other things that caught my interest this past week …


How can you not love and adore this? Hilariously adorable.


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