The 76th Fartlek Friday™ – I should just go ahead and dedicate this week to Shawn Bradley

shawn-bradley-700x393Okay you’re probably wondering why in the heck I am dedicating this week’s Fartlek Friday to Shawn Bradley. Don’t worry, I am too. It’s kinda weird.

But, as a kid … I kinda idolized him. He entered the NBA in 1993 when I was in the 5th grade. I think I kinda attached myself to Bradley because he was tall and I was tall. At the time I was the tallest in the grade.

So it was kinda natural in that regard. But, one thing I loved about Bradley was that he was 7’6 played for the Philadelphia 76ers and wore #76. I thought that was so cool. Heck even those shooting star jerseys were cool to me. So, that’s why I am dedicated the 76th Fartlek to Shawn Bradley.

Oh, and I’ve met him in person before too. Cool guy. He lives in my sisters’ neighborhood and I’ve seen him at their church functions. One of my favorite pictures ever was the one I took last year of my Mom by Bradley (without him knowing of course) …


I love my Mom.

Anyways, so much more to talk about then my affinity for giant culture.

Okay, I know that I said I was going to move on about talking about Shawn Bradley, but you have to wonder if he plays on the ward basketball team? It wouldn’t be fair if you were the opposition, but heck, I’d just have Shawn lift me to the basket so I could dunk.

Tangent over. I swear.

Plus, it could get worse, I could be expressing my love for Greg Ostertag.


I am pretty dang excited for this weekend … race #94 is going down. I am running the Drop 13 Half Marathon on Saturday. This race runs down Big Cottonwood Canyon, somewhat of a similar course like the Vigor race I ran last month, but the finish line is in a different location.


I’ve expressed my love of this canyon before and since I already expressed my love for Shawn Bradley today I am just expressing too much love for it to be right. So I’ll save you the mushy crap for Monday during my race recap.

Because, believe you me … it can get mushy when I get to talking about Big Cottonwood Canyon.

But, it’s kind of funny how I got this race. I was originally signed up for the Utah Valley Marathon. I signed up last year right after my marathon when all judgement goes out the window. I saw on that for a while until I decided to switch to the half marathon, which I did.

Then I got a pacing gig at the Yellowstone Half Marathon in Wyoming. So, I decided to sell my Utah Valley bib and then pace Yellowstone instead, because … well … Yellowstone!

I was planning on taking Friday off to commute to the race, but a few weeks ago my co-worker decided to take a week off for vacation and I couldn’t take that Friday off any longer. Soooooo … I had to cancel my pacing gig. LAME!

That’s when I decided to sign up for the Drop 13 Half Marathon, a race I’ve wanted to do the past couple of years. On Hill Events does a good job at their races and with the combination of that and the canyon I couldn’t say no.


I just haven’t raced this before, because I had already committed to Utah Valley which has always been on the same day. But, after the run around (literal) of races I couldn’t say no to Drop 13.

And, now the funny thing is … my office is closed all day today, because they are replacing a transformer all day which means … NO POWER. So I probably could have gone to Yellowstone after all?!

But, that’s all hindsight. But, I am really excited for my race tomorrow. There really isn’t anything like a good downhill run, eh?

I’m just excited to be running down Big Cottonwood.

It’s just too bad that Shawn Bradley doesn’t run.


Bugout Challenge LogoRegistration for the July 18th Bugout Run is open! The best part about this run? It’s FREE! Yep … FREE NINETY-NINE! In fact our August 8th Bugout Run will be as well. Registration for our Bugout Survival Challenge will open soon as well and that will be happening in the fall.

There is a difference between the two challenges or runs. First, the Bugout Runs are all FREE events. These will be small trail run/hikes of 3 to 5 miles that anyone over 14 years of age can participate in.

What makes these a BUGOUT event is that you don’t know the specific location of the race until 72-48 hours before the run. You’ll get an email from us with the location and what to prepare for, for that run. Then you’ll meet at that location and we’ll hike out.

The run will also include a couple of survival challenges and opportunities to talk about preparedness issues with our resident experts and participants. There will also be experts on hand to help scrutinize and grade your bugout bags, making sure you are REALLY ready to bugout if needed.

The purpose of these runs is to give the community an opportunity to practice their survival skills, learn what they need to do be doing and to network with others.

We have the same goal for the Survival Challenge in the fall, but this will be a larger scale event with many obstacles and scenarios. There will be beginner, intermediate and expert levels participants can choose from and we’ll also have community members and experts at each station teaching and proctoring the scenarios.

This event will be a 24 hour overnight “bugout” and the best way for me to describe the event is that it’s Trails meet running meet obstacle course meet a team relay meet emergency preparedness.

It will be a lot of fun. Trust me.

But, the first run will be somewhere in Davis County. The August event will be in Utah County. As far as specific locations … you’ll just need to sign up and find out, eh?


hands 2As noted earlier this week I have decided to make this year’s Bountiful Handcart Days Half Marathon my 100th race. This race was also my first half marathon back in 2011. It was the perfect place and moment to celebrate this milestone.

Since I had to add two races to my schedule, I picked up the Provo Midnight Run (June 26) and the Hobbler Half (July 11) to make this goal possible. The good people of On Hill Events were kind enough to give me a discount with me and are letting me share it with you as well.

If you use code RUNCAST at checkout you can get a 15% discount on your registration. That’ll save you some $$$! This will be my first time running the Midnight Run in Provo, but these races are fun. You get all blinged up and run at night. It’s a great race to run with friends.

So come join me on June 26th!

It shall be fun.


Here are other things that have caught my attention this past week …




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