The 77th Fartlek Friday™ – I feel like I should make a Hunger Games reference or something?


Not going to lie, kinda excited about this weekend. Why? It’s RAGNAAAAAAAAR weekend! If you have been following my hectic and ever changing race schedule the past couple of weeks you’d know that I picked up Ragnar on my race schedule last week.

I had to do this to not only keep myself on track to hit my 100th race on July 24th, but also because my race on the 4th of July was cancelled. I didn’t have many weekends to work with to get in another race and Ragnar was just conveniently convenient.

I don’t know that many people on my team or van so it’ll be fun. I love making new friends and with this being my third Ragnar I guess you can say I’m practically a pro? I already bought my food and snacks and have my clothing divvied out for each leg.

I am going to be runner #11 again. Thankfully this year they switched up the legs and finish of the race. Instead of finishing in Park City, it finishes in Heber City. So instead of running UP Ragnar Hill, I’ll running DOWN it. I don’t know how excited I am about that? Gravity’s a … you know what. And, it’s STEEP!

But, I am happy that my midnight run is only two miles long, not the 11 miler I had last year. That was boring and TOUGH! Plus, last year I almost got into a fight with a skunk at mile two and that would have just ruined EVERYTHING.

It should be a lot of fun.

Well, it will be a lot of fun.

And, it’s going to be HOT! HOT! HOT! Checking the weather this weekend and it will be in the low 90s. Luckily, my day two legs will be in the mountains so it shouldn’t be horribly hot. But, still. I kinda miss the rain.

Besides gearing up for Ragnar this weekend I am also preparing for next weekend’s double half marathon. I added the Provo Midnight Run for next Friday because I needed another race to hit my goal. Then the morning after I am running the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer.

I know it’s going to suck, but I’ve had experience doing back-to-back races before, so I know what to expect (read … extreme soreness and a will to live). Luckily, the second of the back-to-back is a mostly downhill course. I can live with that.

So, yeah, I am excited! LOTS of running the next couple of weeks.





Bugout Challenge Logo

This past I’ve been putting a lot of work into redoing the Bugout Series website and making it a bit more user friendly. Now, don’t be thinking I am a great internet coding wizard with magical programming powers. Basically, I use a browser drop and drag service. But, it still is an art. So you should be somewhat impressed. You can checkout the new format here.

Plans for our July run are coming along great. You can sign up for the FREE race on this link. Remember that the general location of the race is all we’re giving you. The specific location will be given to registered participants 24-48 hours before the run. That gives you that x-amount of time to prepare yourself for the run. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

There will be a couple of Bugout Runs before our first Bugout Survival Challenge that will happen this fall. That will be a beast … but … a lot of fun!

Make sure to LIKE our Facebook page this upcoming week for some exciting news.


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