The 78th Fartlek Friday™ – Getting ready to ‘rock it all night long’ in Utah County

fartlekWowzers what a week! No running for me this week. After Ragnar and my bout with heat exhaustion I didn’t feel it would be in my best interest to push it too much this week (it was kind of hard to feeling like crap for half the week anyways). Especially considering that I am doing back-to-back half marathons this weekend.

This is the third time I’ve done back-to-back half marathons. My first was last July when I ran the Utah Midnight Half and Farmington Days Half. That was a Friday night, Saturday morning feat. And, my last one was back in October when I ran the Provo Haunted Half in the morning and the Howloween Half at night on the same night.

I won’t lie it’s tough and I am not in top shape for it, but it’s doable. Plus, more than anything I’ve learned … is that it helps to know what to expect in doing it. Having a 4-6 hour lay off between races is the toughest thing, because that gives your legs enough time to get stiff and sore. So taking precautions to minimize that is a must. That includes fueling your body between the races with hydration, electrolytes and … well … calories.

But, I’ve also done my back-to-back races with really no time goals. In my mind that’s foolish. I don’t put time goals to my marathons and this is essentially the same thing … just with about six hours in between. And, that’s my goal again this go around. I am starting off by running the Utah Midnight Half in Provo tonight and the plan there is to just take it easy at a training pace and then in the morning when I run the AF Canyon Half I am just going to take what my body will give me.

I know that sounds fairly vague … and it is. But, with it being mostly a canyon course I am going to let gravity help me and then I’ll just push my body at what it will give me the rest of the way. Killer game plan, huh?

I don’t know exactly how my body will respond, especially after being sick this past week. But, I feel 1000% better after a couple days of rest, countless cups of chicken noodle soup, bananas and bowls of rice. I took more naps than most cats and that’s saying something.

But, I promised my mother I wouldn’t overdo it and that I’d stay special attention to my hydration and electrolytes. That’s really what I am worried about more than anything. Well, that and sodium. That’s why I am not leaving my salt tablets at home this weekend. They will come in handy. Heck, I might even stash away some saltine crackers for a mid-race snack.

Needless to say, I’ll be prepared.

This will be a fun weekend. It’ll be a fun challenge. But, more than that it’ll be a fun weekend running with a number of new and old friends. My favorite part of running!



utah runcast logo

There hasn’t been much news about the launch of the Utah Runcast lately. Mainly, because I am just working on the structure and episode topics. But, we are shooting for a mid-July launch depending on how long it takes to chop and edit.

But, Jim and I are working creating a great product that not just Utah runners, but runners everywhere will enjoy. It’s really a celebration of running mainly here in Utah, but anywhere were you can put on some shoes and go run.

Stay tuned here and on for the specific release date.


Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …



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