The 79th Fartlek Friday™ – ‘Murica!

ChinaThis very well could be my favorite week of the whole year. Forget about the 100+ degree weather outside. I am talking about the holidays, the birthdays and the time spent with family.

My niece feels the same way as well. Last week she told me how the week unfolds and I can’t disagree with her on this one …

THURSDAY: Her birthday
SATURDAY: The 4th of July
SUNDAY: Another BBQ Day

Lots of family time and that’s the thing I love about this week. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons. For one, I love America. This was something that was ingrained in me at a young age. I have veterans,immigrants, pioneers and pilgrims who fought for this country and fought to come to this country.

And, because of that I take immense pride in that. I have immense reverence and what she means to not just me, but millions of other citizens. God granted and blessed this land as a land of liberty and because of that I will ALWAYS hold my country in reverence.

Geez, I feel like I should have cued some patriotic music for that last paragraph? Maybe through in a back drop of an American flag and a screeching eagle?

But, even more than that I love celebrating the holiday, because I am with family. It has nothing to do with the BBQ or the traditional food, it’s spending time with family and making memories. That’s more important to me than any tradition.

So, yeah, lots of family this weekend!

And, yes, yesterday was my niece’s birthday. I really can’t believe that she is now seven. SEVEN? Seven years ago seems like yesterday to me. She is the first grand kid so her birth was a BIG to do. My Mom and I went up to Seattle to be there when she was born.

I was the first uncle to hold her in my arms. And, I fell in love. I’ve always loved being an uncle to her and my subsequent nephew and niece. I know I’ll have the chance to be a Dad one day, but I don’t worry about that much because I get plenty of practice with those three kiddos.

And, as you can see, I spoiled her …

maya card
Nothing says I love you more than a “Cat Birthday Hat Card” … right?

I sure love that kid. I can’t believe how big she is getting and becoming such an outstanding young lady. She amazes me. Not to mention, makes me laugh quite a bit.

So, yeah, lots of family!

Lots of fun!

Happy Fourth! Please be safe and have fun! Especially if you’re out there running. It’s hot out there so don’t forget your water.

Geez, I feel like an overprotective Uncle right there.




Things are coming together for the Bugout Run on Saturday, July 18th. Registration is still open. The event is FREE, but all participants need to preregister for the run.

This event will happen in Davis County, but the specific location won’t be revealed to the participants until 24-48 hours before the event. It wouldn’t truly be a “BUGOUT” run without knowing exactly what you are preparing for, right?



utah runcast logo

We don’t have a specific date set for the inaugural podcast, but it will be sometime before the 24th of July. We’ll be recording soon, but I am not sure how long the editing to site process will take. I am not doing that part (thankfully).

But, we have a couple of episodes planned. We’re going to be talking about marathon training, local races coming up, how to fuel for running in the heat properly and pretty much everything and anything about running.

I am excited to start recording. This will be a fun podcast.


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …



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