The 83rd Fartlek Friday™ – When Pink will just be another color …

fartlekFriday, Friday, Friday! How I love myself a Friday! Especially a race weekend Friday!

It’s been somewhat of an emotional and humbling week for me. This past week I found that three friends of mine were just recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The same kind of cancer that my Mother fought back in 2012. It breaks my heart, especially when thinking of their kids and small families.

Cancer sucks. It sucks bad. Cancer isn’t fair. Cancer doesn’t care who you are. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are. Cancer doesn’t care how rich or poor you may be. Cancer doesn’t care how much faith or unbelief you might have.

And, for me that was the hardest thing to accept when my Mom was diagnosed with her cancer. Especially when we sat in the waiting room of the Huntsman Cancer Institute as my Mom was under the knife. While we sat there praying and waiting for reports from the doctor, there were a number of other families and friends getting reports that were less favorable. One that I overheard where the doctor told the family that it was “too late” and the cancer had spread elsewhere.


As much as I hate cancer, I was extremely touched by the support my Mother got from friends, family members and complete strangers. The amount of love and support that she and our family got was OVERWHELMING! And, I don’t say that with one iota of exaggeration. That’s why it’s been amazing watching the love and support come out within the running community when we learned that our friend Meridith aka Dith was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tomorrow we’re all wearing pink for her at the Timp Half. We’ve also started a team for the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Hometown Heroes non-profit to run for donation. And, we’re all just spreading and share our love and support in our own way. Which I learned is the best way to show support. There is no cookie cutter way to show love and support through these difficult times, you use your God given talents, because that’s the best gift you can give anyone.

Anyways, I will update more about the weekend events and fundraisers in my race report on Monday.

If you would like to join the Huntsman Hometown Heroes team we started you can do so here. Also, if you’d like to donate money instead you can do it at that link as well. Our goal is to raise $5000 before the end October. A lofty goal, but attainable.




Tomorrow is race #101. I won’t lie … kinda weird being in the hundreds. But, I love it. I am really excited about the Timp Half for a number of reasons. First and forthmost, I love American Fork Canyon. Probably the most gorgeous canyon I’ve ran up here in northern Utah. I would say Utah, but that belongs to Snow Canyon. Nothing beats Snow Canyon in my opinion. I love that canyon.

The other reason is what I had mentioned above about my friend ‘Dith. We’re all wearing pink and running in her honor as this will be her last race before she starts her cancer treatments. It will be somewhat of an emotional race. At least that is what I am planning for, because there is nothing I hate more than cancer. Especially after seeing my mother fight it over three years ago.

It will be a race of many emotions and feelings I am sure of that.


Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …


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