The 85th Fartlek Friday™ – I hear someone is having a birthday … oh wait … that’s me!

fartlek.fwIf you couldn’t tell by the title of this week’s post and the graphic header … this weekend is my BIRTHDAY! Well, specifically, tomorrow is my 34th birthday. It’s a weird feeling for me, because I don’t feel 34 and … well … I don’t act 34 either (but that’s a post for another day).

Since I share a birthday with my sister we are celebrating the weekend as a family up in Park City. We usually celebrate our birthday around a family getaway, because as kids it was our last trip before school started. Now it’s just an excuse to take time off work as adults.

We’re up in Park City all day today and then tomorrow on our birthday after I run the Park City Half we’re going to do the whole Park City experience … Alpine Slides, Downtown Park City and then of course our birthday dinner. We haven’t decided on a location yet. But, usually it’s pizza or Mexican food. Two foods you can’t go wrong with.

But, we’re planning on staying up in Park City until Sunday or Monday so we can get some R&R and good swimming in with the kids. As you can probably tell I am really excited about the weekend. I need a nice long mental break away from work, get refreshed and ready for the start of the new school year.

But, let’s talk about turning 34 for a minute. I guess you can basically say I am in my mid-30s, right? Technically, I think this is the point where I probably should have a quarter life crisis? I know being a single Mormon male I should be freaking out, but you know what? I’m not.

Should I?

I think what baffles me somewhat is that 28-29 really doesn’t seem that long ago. I started my weight-loss journey basically right after my 28th birthday. I ran my first half marathon a month before my 30th birthday. So to now be sitting here at age 34 I do wonder where the time went?


I am afraid to blink and have another four years pass. But, in reality, I take my life one day at a time. I don’t fret about not being married or having met cultural benchmarks. Those things will come as I work on them. And, I am fine with that. But, I won’t lie, time could sure slow down a tad, because it’s flying but too dang fast.

But, here’s 34! 



As I mentioned above I am running the Park City Half tomorrow morning. Initially, I had planned for this to be my 100th race, but after gaining some commonsense after realizing the Handcart Days Half was a better race to celebrate that milestone at (since it’s where I ran my first race), I changed that direction.

I am still equally excited to be running the Park City Half tomorrow whether it was Race #100 or #103. This will be my second time running this race. I ran it back in 2012 with Cousin Em. I believe the course has changed a little, so I am excited to see the changes. But, the race starts and finishes at the Newpark development near the Kimball Junction area.

Since I am running on my birthday I’ll be running to earn my birthday! Talk about motivation, eh?



If you haven’t caught the latest episode of The Utah Runcast, it’s a good one. We talk about bananas, Jim’s pink pair, McGriddles and a few upcoming races! You can listen to the whole episode here …



Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …



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