The 87th Fartlek Friday™ – Three more days and Pumpkin Pie Spice is allowed in everything and anything you want …


FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! ‘Tis be the last Friday of August. I know last week I hailed that the last weekend of summer, but if there was any question it wasn’t … this weekend pretty much is. Especially considering the 90 degree weather we got this past week here in SLC.

But, really, I am just overly eager to start September and the fall season. No, not because I am one of those pumpkin spice addicts (in fact, I kinda hate the spice, but that’s a post for another day), but because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE running in the autumn.

Whether it’s running down Payson, Big Cottonwood, Emigration or Provo Canyon … the fall is the time to do it. Whether it’s about the cooler weather, changing leaves or downhill course … it’s just perfect.

Egags, I sound like some kind of hopeless romantic writing all that … but it’s true. I love this time of the year as a runner. And, before I admit that I just wrote all those words down in my poetry diary, I’m going to stop.

Before we get to all those September and October races, there is still one more August race left. Tomorrow I am running the Murdock Half Marathon down in Utah County. It runs along the Murdock Canal from Orem to American Fork.

So, no it’s not a downhill race. Actually it’s a pretty technical course. Which I am fine with it. Especially since I sweeping the course. This will be a nice little tune up for Nebo next week. Nothing too strenuous on the legs, but the mileage nonetheless will help.

I really, really want to get at least a sub-2:35 at Nebo if not sub-2:30. So I don’t want to necessarily kill my legs too much this week. That’s going to be the goal.

But, it will be nice to have a good little run tomorrow after a crazy busy week. The first week of school is always hectic so getting some of my “crazy” out will be welcomed!




As I mentioned above, I am sweeping the Murdock Half Marathon course. Since there about 175 participants I shouldn’t have too many people in the back of the pack. Meaning, I should get a decent pace along the course. Maybe?

Then again, I don’t care too much since I am saving my legs for Nebo next week. I’m looking for to a good run, it looks like it’s going to be hot as well. Soooooo … I’m getting a Slurpee afterwards for sure!


Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …



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