The 88th Fartlek Friday™ – Today I eat some pasta then tomorrow I run … NEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

By the title of today’s post can you tell that I am excited to run the Nebo Half tomorrow? I probably am … just a tad too much? Maybe? Okay I am.

But, can you blame me? In the three years I have ran the Nebo Half I have looked forward ANXIOUSLY to the race the whole year. This year is nothing different. The course is fast and holds my PR and last year’s YB times. I am anticipating the same result come tomorrow morning.

I am shooting for a 2:35 or better … which is totally doable in my books. I did 2:37 on Run Elevated two weeks ago and back in June I did a 2:36 on the Drop 13 course. Nebo is much faster than Little and Big Cottonwood so I feel that sub-2:35 is MINE! I’d love a sub-2:30, but we’ll see. I am going to push it and see how my body responds.

That’s all I can ask from it, right?

Besides being an extremely fast course, Nebo also kinda kicks off the craziness that is fall running. Some of my favorite races are coming up quickly. Big Cottonwood is next week and then the Layton Marathon, both Haunted Half races and my Corner Canyon 25K as well. Lots of running and races in the fall. I love it.

Of course they’re all leading up to my 50K in November. Which I am getting excited and a tad nervous about. Both Howloween Half Marathons were both cancelled and I planned to use both as key races for my ultra training. They were planned on October 23rd and 30th, the night before both Haunted Half races. I wanted to do back-to-back races to help with the fatigue training.

But, alas, I am going to have to find other means to doing that. I might just still run 13 miles on those nights. But, that’s kinda boring doing myself. Or I might just run more on Saturday after the Haunted Half races. I live about 11 miles away from the Salt Lake race’s finish line so many I should run home? Or maybe even run to the race?

That’s a thought. Crazy enough to be fun.

Why do I give myself all of these ideas? Sometimes I swear I am too hazardous for my own health.

Either way, I am getting excited for it. Getting the Big Cottonwood and Layton Marathons under my belt will help with a lot of that training. Plus, I know I can push through a lot of fatigue from my other back-to-back races this past summer. So I am not too worried, but worried enough to worry about it (how’s that for a sentence?).

But, the focus right now is to kill my quads, calves and whatever other muscle in my legs want to burn like a mother tomorrow morning down Payson Canyon. After some ice baths, R&R over Labor Day weekend and a Slurpee and McGriddle … I’ll start focusing on the 50K at 110%.



Since my schedule has changed for on my fall racing schedule, here is what my next 12 or so weeks will look like now …

  • Sept 05 – Nebo Half
  • Sept 12 – Big Cottonwood Marathon
  • Sept 19 – RYR Pacing Run
  • Sept 26 – Bugout Run
  • October 10 – Layton Marathon
  • October 17 – Corner Canyon 25K
  • October 24 – Haunted Half SLC
  • October 31 – Haunted Half Provo
  • November 7 – Saltair Half
  • November 14 – Antelope Island 50K
  • November 26 – Thankful 13
  • December 12 – Bakers Dozen Half

Who else is running any of these races? Let me know in the comments below!


I know that I mentioned this on Monday, but I wanted to once again thank all of those that donated to Elsha and my birthday fundraiser. We raised $1750! That was $50 more than the $1700 goal we set. This will allow us to now get TWO carts for local assisted athletes.

You really don’t know how this is going to change two lives. We are giving them the gift of running and racing whenever they want. They no longer will need to borrow a cart and that depends on availability, they can race when they want. THAT’S HUGE!



Here are a few other things this past week that caught my attention …




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