The 90th Fartlek Friday™ – Psst … don’t tell Fat Josh, but today is National Rice Krispy Treat Day


I won’t lie, it’s kinda strange not having a race this weekend. I feel like I need to change that? I was going to run down in Utah County with the RYR Pacers, but that’s a tad too far away from home without my car working.

And, to be honest, I really should stick closer to home and do my own run around the neighborhood. It’s been a while since I’ve done that … and had a non-race Saturday. Plus, it’s probably one of the last good days of the year so I should probably mow the lawn.

Oh life. You kill me sometimes.

I’m still kind of basking in the afterglow of the marathon last weekend. I feel fully recovered now. I didn’t run besides a lot of walking and some light waits. But, I strained my back on Wednesday so I’ve really just focused on stretching and applying Icy Hot to the area.

I’ll be fine. I just forgot what marathons do to my body. They’re unforgiving, but at the same time I kinda love the pain. The pain and hurt was earned. It’s also a great reminder that you did something many others won’t ever do. To me that’s motivating.

Of course in the afterglow of all this I have already signed up for next year’s Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. I thought long and hard about doing the marathon again, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the half course and I want to race it.

I’ve ran Big Cottonwood each year since it started and have only done the half marathon in 2013. The course for that was different. Much different than the one they’ve had the past two years. So, that’s the game plan.

Of course I am not ruling out the marathon. I think it’s $20 extra to pump it up and I’ve done that before. But, I want to make this or Nebo a goal race for 2016. Of course there’s the possibility of doing the Nebo Half and then following it up with the Big Cottonwood 26.2.

But, that’s a year away from now so I have some time to work that all out. I just love both races … a lot. Anyways, looking forward to 2016 I am getting excited. I’m deliberately being deliberate about which races I am racing next year.

I’m smelling a PR year!



I think I’ve shared my race schedule for 2016 before, but it’s a good reminder to share again since I just registered for Big Cottonwood this past week.

Here are the races I am planning on racing. Of course I’ll be adding races that I am pacing and sweeping later. But, I want to run these races for myself …

  1. Run Resolution; Kearns, UT (January 1)
  2. Zion Half Marathon; Virgin, UT (March 12)
  3. Buffalo Run 25K; Antelope Island, UT (March 26)
  4. Provo City Half Marathon; Provo, UT (April 30)
  5. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (May 14)
  6. Drop 13 Half Marathon; SLC, UT (June 11)
  7. Deseret News Half Marathon; SLC, UT (July 23)
  8. Run Elevated Half Marathon; SLC, UT (August 27)
  9. Nebo Half Marathon; Payson, UT (September 3)
  10. Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (September 10)
  11. St. George Marathon; St. George, UT (October 1)
  12. Haunted Half; SLC, UT (October 22)

Anyone else planning on running of these races?


This is just one of MANY of my race pictures from the Big Cottonwood Marathon this past Saturday. It’s been said since I was a kid that I can’t just take a normal picture. All you have to do is just look at all my family pictures from age 5 to about 15. I ruined a lot of portraits.

But, I love race pictures and I love not taking your typical race picture. Especially when you can get your own personal photo shoot, right? I just consider these pictures as my male model application.

If you want to checkout my other awesome male model pictures click here.


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this week …



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