The 91st Fartlek Friday™ – Today I stare at snow-capped mountains, tomorrow … THE MATTERHORN!!!


DISNEYLAND! DISNEYLAND! DISNEYLAND! DISNEYLAND! DISNEYLAND! To properly read how I am saying this you really have to consult this video …

After about a three-year absence I am FINALLY going back to Disneyland! It’d be extremely redundant to say this, but I shall, I am really excited.

Like, really, excited.

It’ll be a nice break. I haven’t taken more than two days off of work for vacation before and with some changes coming up in my office this will be the calm before all that madness. And, what better way to do that than in southern California and Disneyland?

Maybe Hawaii? The Bahamas? Tahiti?


I am doing way more than just Disneyland though, I am visiting some family while down there and there’s a good chance I might go to a taping of The Price is Right. I went last back in 2007 sooooooo it’s been a while. HOPEFULLY this time I get on. I really just want to play Plinko.

Like bad.

Well and win a lot of money and maybe a boat.

Even though I have no need for a boat, but just to have one seems like a great status symbol. Plus, if I won it on TPIR … I’d totally name it the S.S. Bob. I’d also paint spayed and neutered cats and dogs on the side of it.

Oh … and the fog horn would be replaced with a horn rendition of the TPIR theme song.

These are the kind of things dreams are made of, or simply … my day dreams.

But, I am going to be gone for about a week. Hopefully it will be fun and relaxing. I am really excited to see some cousins I haven’t seen in a while, plus my brother and his wife. Oh, and everyone at Disneyland … ESPECIALLY … Mary Poppins.

But, I am going to stop there because I could TOTALLY on a whole tangent about how much I love Mary Poppins. Well, Julie Andrews and how if I was to time travel I would go back to the 1960s to marry her.

I think everyone should have a time travel crush. It seems healthy?

Oh, it should be noted that I am also taking a vacation from the blog. I guess you could call it a “BLOGCATION” … eh? eh? Clever, huh?

So, there will be no Monday post or Fartlek Friday next week. But, I should be back in full swing come the following Monday.

If you want to stalk me during my vacation I am sure I’ll share a number of pictures over on my Instagram accounts … @mejosher, @fight4phat and probably @running180. So keep in touch.




If you didn’t catch this the other day, I am going to start sharing more thoughts, opinions, feelings, stories, etc., etc., etc. here on my blog about my weight-loss journey. That includes more about how I’ve dealt with hypothyroidism and low testosterone.

I post most of this all on Instagram @fight4phat, but I’m a blogger at heart and so I wanted to share it here instead of trying to start a whole new blog.

But, as a teaser, I might have a new blog coming it’s way at the start of 2016. Don’t worry, Running180 will still be around, but I’m working on something awesome.



When talking about Disneyland I always find it important to share with others my favorite things about the park. Especially when it comes to rides and food. Everyone has a differing opinion. But, that’s the beauty of Disneyland … that’s okay.

So here are my 10 favorite rides at the Disneyland Resort (so that’d include the park and DCA). I also list my favorite foods in the next column.

1) Splash Mountain

2) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

3) Pirates of Caribbean

4) California Screamin’

5) Space Mountain

6) Radiator Springs Racers

7) The Haunted Mansion

8) Indiana Jones Adventure

9) Casey Jr. Circus Train

10) The Mad Tea Party


And, here are my favorite foods at Disneyland. Again, a very personal thing, but I am sure you share a lot of the same things on this list.

But, oh man, oh man, oh man, I sure want one of those pretzels. And, corn dogs, and Dole whips, and Lobster Nachos and churros … and, and, and …

Oh boy, I am going to have share a little bit of all of these with others. My goal is to come back and not gain more than two pounds.

Anyways … food …

1) Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzels

2) Hand-dipped Corn Dogs

3) Pineapple Dole Whip

4) Lobster Nachos

5) Churro

6) Pomme Frites

7) Monte Cristo Sandwich

8) Mickey Beignets

9) Lobster Roll

10) BBQ Chicken Baked Potato


Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …



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