The 95th Fartlek Friday™ – So, um, this is Halloween? Can it be Christmas already? Cuz — I’ll gladly trade in all my candy corn for a chocolate Santa


Okay — let’s be honest here. I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. Well, actually, I am not sure if I would call it love or hate — I’m indifferent. Indifferent leading towards hating it.

As a kid — I loved the candy (well except for Bit-O-Honeys, peanut butter taffy and Nerds), but I hated the act of Trick-or-Treating. Kids these days have it easy — all they have to do is go to some neighborhood parking lot and beg for candy from someone else’s trunk.

When I was a kid we have to huff and puff (well, at least in my case) around the neighborhood to get a good haul of candy. Even worse if we wanted to get BIG candy bars we had to walk UP the mountain side of Bountiful to where all the doctors, dentist and rich people lived to get them.

Halloween was tough as a kid. Especially a fat kid. But, at least I got a sweet reward after my efforts. There’s probably a life lesson somewhere in there?

Now as an adult the tide has turned. Obviously, I don’t go Trick-or-Treating, but the temptation of candy is still ever present. And, when you’re trying to lose weight it doesn’t really jive that well with the ol’ diet.

Being stuck at home handing out candy is probably the worst about dieting over the holiday, because if you’re not careful it goes from “one for them” to “one for them, one for me” to “one for them, two for me” to “all for me.”

It’s a vicious cycle.

I really should just hand out cans of green beans and carrots. But, then we’d be “THAT HOUSE” on the block. I live in Utah there’s a reputation I must maintain and getting a hit for being a “crappy Halloween candy house” is a hit I can’t take.

There are also other reasons I am not that BIG into Halloween. I am not that big into the haunted houses, ghosts and ghouls and demonic things. I never have been. And, which might sound weird especially being a paranormal investigator. But, I don’t necessarily equate ghosts with Halloween.

But, I am just into the dark side of Halloween, especially costumes. I know I am sounding like a prude, but I’ve never been a big fan of it. However — I do love a good creative costume. Well, as long as the word “sexy” isn’t affixed to it.

Okay, I am really sounding like a prude.

With that all said — that’s my relationship with Halloween. It’s a strange relationship. We get a long. We’re cordial. But, in the long run it’s really the day before Christmas music becomes acceptable to listen to in public places (besides Walmart — that was July 1st).

And, Christmas is what I live for — Santa, Baby Jesus and all.

Oh, and lots of Bing Crosby as well.



I am pretty stoked about The Haunted Half in Provo tomorrow morning. I am going to be sweeping the course like I did last week in Salt Lake. This go around I am sweeping with my good friend — Tim Gill.

Needless to say — I am as giddy as a schoolgirl. This is the third time I’ve swept alongside with Tim and it’s always a party. In fact most of my sweeping techniques I use — I’ve learned from Tim. He’s a great motivator, runner and person.

Oh, and he’s all kinds of funny.

I am not sure exactly what I am going to dress up as this week. I might do the Sweeper again, but honestly I want to mix it up some. Plus, running in coveralls gave me some major chaffage. TMI? (only if you’re not a runner)

So stay tuned on Saturday for my costume. I will promise you this — it will be epic.



utah runcast logo

We had another installment of The Utah Runcast this past week go live. If you haven’t caught it yet — it’s just me and Jim. Jorge was suppose to come along, but he got stuck in traffic — so now he owes us Costa Vida.

But, we talk about our lengthy absence, the Layton Marathon Guinness World Record, a little bit about races coming up and how to find Jim a good first marathon.

Check out the episode here — found only the


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