The 96th Fartlek Friday™ – It’s all about “St. George or Bust” baby!


If there are two things I hate in this world it’s Satan and snow. Which is funny — because my middle name is Snow. But, I wasn’t because of the weather element — in fact, I was born in the middle of August — it’s a family name.

But, yeah, I hate the snow.

That’s one reason why I am looking forward to a quick little trip this weekend to St. George in southern Utah. It’s not for business — it’s all pleasure. I am running the Snow Canyon Half Marathon tomorrow morning. This will be the first time running this race — which I have to say is making slightly giddy. Probably too much?

But, I can’t help it. I love southern Utah and especially Snow Canyon. This course basically follows the last half of the St. George Marathon. In my opinion, the better half. I like the challenge Veyo Hill and all, but really — how can you NOT love hitting Snow Canyon and literally running downhill into St. George?

It’s making me that much more excited for St. George next year.

And, that’s why I am actually running Snow Canyon. I signed up for the St. George Runner Series that guarantees me a spot in the marathon next October. All I have to do is run two pre-approved southern Utah races and I’m guaranteed a spot.

So I am running Snow Canyon and then the Bakers Dozen Half Marathon next month in Hurricane. That’s another race I am excited about — not sure if it’s because of the locale or the fact every lap I get the opportunity to cram my face with Hostess products?

I am kind of happy that I am getting both of my required races out of the way, especially before the end of this year. It makes my 2016 race schedule easier to manage. Though I wouldn’t mind running the St. George Half Marathon in January. But, I sh’ant.

So the plan for the quick trip is that I am leaving work at noon and then I am going to be carpooling down to St. George with my friends Jason and Tammy Henry today. We’ll then crash, wake up early, run, eat something good and then drive back home tomorrow afternoon-ish.

Pretty solid itinerary, eh?

I am not pacing this race, in fact it’s my first race that I am running by myself since — um — thinking — Nebo? So, really, I have no expectations. I haven’t really trained for speed the past couple of months.

But, with that said, I do want to go out there and give it a good effort. I’d love to finish somewhere between 2:35-2:45. I think that’s doable and realistic, especially considering that I have never ran this course. If I go faster — good on me.

I really just want to go down there and have fun and give it a good effort. Help me gauge where I am with MY running — not my pacing speed. It should be fun.

It will be fun.

Anyways — it’s “ST. GEORGE OR BUST” baby!

Have a good weekend and happy running!



Welp, my 50K is rapidly approaching. And, by rapidly approaching I mean — next week. I am running the Antelope Island 50K next Saturday.

I am all kinds of excited, nervous, excited, scared, excited, worried and excited — basically I feel like Jesse Spano before a big exam. I really don’t know what to expect? I don’t want to know what to expect — I just want to do it.

I know I am probably under trained and that’s why I am expected to go slow. I’ll be running with my friends Jason Henry and Tim Gill. We’ve pretty much established we’ll be doing a lot of speed hiking. And, of course, when we’re around buffalo that’ll be actual running.

Sound race plan, eh?

I’m also playing with the idea of ordering a Domino’s Pizza mid-race to see if they’d actually deliver it. I figure it’ll take them over 30 minutes thus giving me a free pizza. Sure it’ll be cold — but when you’re running an ultra marathon I don’t think it matters, right?

Well, okay, no pizza. But, if anyone shows up with a pizza I won’t decline a slice — or ten.

But, really, I am excited. I know I’ve done enough to not die. I know it will hurt. I know my feet will look like hamburger by the end of the race. I know it will be one of the toughest things I’ve done.

BUT — I know it’ll be worth every step. And, that I have what it takes to do it.

As a dear friend (ahem — Jill) says often, “if you can’t be fast — be epic!” So epic is what I’m going for next Saturday!

And, note to self — get that quote on a t-shirt.


Because that’s not creepy. #consideryourdreamshaunted

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If you’ve been following The Utah Runcast online as of late, you’d know we’ve changed things up a bit. And, by a bit — I mean — a lot. We’re still a podcast that talks about running it’s just our target audience has expanded some.

Basically from Utah to the USA. Quite the expansion.

But, this doesn’t mean we are not about running here in Utah. We’re still Utah based, we still talk about running here in Utah — but also running matters around the country. And, I guess international as well. But, we’re sticking with Runcast USA — no potential Runcast International name.

Besides appealing to a wider audience, we’re making this change in correlation with our podcast host — Podgoblin’s move to PodBash come January 2016. The move will bring a bigger audience so we want to make a similar move as well.

I’ll still be on the show along with Jorge and Jim. Not to mention a couple other additions coming soon. It’s going to be fun — it’s going to be a party.

You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We also have a website where we have bios, past episodes and the like. We’re pretty stoked about the changes — and I hope you are too.

Here’s the last episode of The Utah Runcast if you haven’t listened yet — enjoy!


Here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week —


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#fitness #health #running #workout #motivation #inspiration #fitlife #fitspiration #run #diet @demotivatedfitness A photo posted by Demotivated Fitness™ (@demotivatedfitness) on

#fitness #health #running #workout #motivation #inspiration #fitlife #fitspiration #run #diet #food #health #healthyfood @demotivatedfitness

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