The 97th Fartlek Friday™ – Running with buffaloes and such …

fartlek-buffaloBIG BREATH.

If you couldn’t tell, that was me hyperventilating — well that or giving birth. It’s all in the name of excitement and nerves for my 50K happening tomorrow morning. TOMORROW MORNING!!!


Okay, I should be fine now.

But, seriously, I haven’t felt this kind of excitement and nerves — nervcitement — since my first marathon some three years ago. Sure, it’s a 50K — about five miles more than a marathon. But, that’s not it — it’s the running on trails, the rough terrain, the elements and of course — the buffaloes.

If running and enduring to the end was hard enough — I had to choose a race that had buffaloes roaming around all fancy like. It’s basically like a race in the middle of the zoo — no fences, no moats, no barriers (there’s an idea — Hogle Zoo 5K: Safari Lion Run) At least there are no deer on the island, right?

But, then again, buffalo can do more damage than a deer. So maybe my four legged grazing animal fears are totally disproportionate?

I digress.

I am glad I am not going about this alone (pretty sure if I did — I would die). I am going to have two really good friends with me along the whole route — Tim Gill and Jason Henry — also virgin ultra marathoners. I couldn’t have asked for a better “Run Squad” — we’ll be laughing, encouraging and motivating each other on.

And, Tim better bring some of those Fruit Source bars from SunRype — just sayin’

But, seriously, I feel extremely lucky to have the friends I do. Not only are many of them awesome runners, but they get it. They get what running is about. It’s not just pace time and PRs — it’s much deeper than that on an individual level. And, to me — those are the kind of people I value and want to be around.

So, it’s going to be epic.

I have no time goal — other than the 10 hour cutoff time. There are a few hard cutoffs along the way, but I feel fairly confident we’ll hit them. But, the main goal is to just finish. Just like any and all of my marathons — I just want to finish. I want to earn my mug and buffalo stew at the end of the race.

So yeah — race goals:

  • Don’t get lost.
  • Don’t get gored by a buffalo.
  • Finish within 10 hours.
  • Get my mug.
  • Eat some buffalo stew.
  • Have fun.

That sounds like a recipe for a great time, no?




I shared my race schedule this past week for 2016. By the end of this year I will have ran over 30 races — I’ve got to cut that down in 2016. Not only to save my knees, but so I can focus on getting faster, losing weight and in the second half of the year — marathon training.

It’s going to be hard to stay away from so many races that I love, but I really need to do it for my long term goals. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be around running — I fully expect to be around it most weekends, whether it’s my training runs or I am volunteering at races. I want to volunteer more and I really can’t do that if I am out running the race, right?

Anyways — I’ve still got some awesome sauce races planned and I am hoping to set a PR in the half, run a strong marathon at St. George and crush another ultra marathon next November.

All worthy goals, right?



I’ve blogged and written about it a lot the past few days, so I won’t say too much here. This past week has marked the sixth anniversary of my weight loss journey. Lots of ups and downs — some of those good, some of those bad. But, it’s been a journey I needed to start and a journey that will never end.

It’s shaped who I am to the very core.

Anyways, here’s what I wrote on Wednesday — the day of the anniversary.


  Kids & Kittens — is there any better combo? #prettymuchno   A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@kindaqwerty) on

I spy with my little eye — THOR! #gotbirds #suu #thunderbirds @suutbirds

A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@kindaqwerty) on


There have been a number of things that have caught my attention this past week. Here are a few others —

  • A public service announcement — I think it’s a good opportunity to remind you that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Time to prepare.
  • But, if you are going to prepare now — it’s best that you do it right and not fail epically like these people did.
  • Um, okay, I am trying not to freak out about this — but I am kinda, really excited! Excited for what? Star Wars? Nope. Another Avengers movie? Heck no. Finding Dory? HECK YES! The new trailer for Finding Dory was released this past week — circling June 17th, 2016 on my calendar.
  • Now you’re probably asking me why I am so excited about Finding Dory? Well, of all the Pixar movies — Finding Nemo was — well — is my favorite of the bunch. Maybe I’m slightly biased, but I’m more excited than most Star Wars geeks the night before a premier.
  • Viva Las Vegas!
  • Remember how sometimes I say I want to be the new Jared — now — most definitely not. What a worthless piece of sh —— aving cream.
  • Sea World announced this past week that they are phasing out the Shamu killer whale show at their parks. Not sure how I feel about it? But, honestly — I’m okay with it. As a kid I wanted to be a whale trainer, I loved everything Shamu — but — I’ve grown out of that of course, except for the love of the animal. The shows are unnecessary — fun — but unnecessary.
  • So much no going on in this gallery of wedding pictures.
  • Is this real life? Seriously. Are Seniors Playgrounds — a thing? If so I think I should take my parents for an outing.
  • Okay — this is pretty fetching cool. This is a hyperlapse of Disneyland and a number of it’s attractions. Pretty cool, huh? I may or may not have watched it more than 10 times.
  • I’m fairly open about my love for Arby’s — in my bigger days I could literally eat a 5 for $5 combo (along with a 44oz. Mountain Dew) — within half an hour. Arby’s is still my favorite fast food restaurant — though I don’t frequent it much. Still — I love me an Arby’s roast beef sandwich. I need to stop talking about it now — for the sake of my diet.
  • I love that so many people have made a big deal about Jessa Duggar naming her newborn Spurgeon — why do people care so much? But, seriously — Spurgeon??! 
  • I think I need this in my life right now — well actually my belly.
  • This is a pretty epic prank on one of the Japanese architects of the war against the U.S. during WWII.
  • It might be a pipe dream, but there is still a chance the U can get into the College Football Playoff — doubt it will happen, but I’m rooting for them to at least get into the Rose Bowl.
  • But, let’s be honest here — as much as I love the Utes — I am a hardcore, true to SUU — T-Bird. And, my T-Birds are doing pretty dang good! We’re #1 in the Big Sky Conference and ranked 15th in the nation for Division II schools. GO T-BIRDS!
  • One thing that I also love about SUU is that we steal most of BYU’s backup quarterbacks. Case in point — Brad Sorensen.
  • This is cooler than cool about Jim Henson and The Muppets. Check it out.
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA — what an idiot. Bless him and curse the whole dang dating game as a whole.
  • These cats are ridiculous.
  • If you want to know how fast you are compared to celebrities who’ve ran marathons — check here. I don’t put time goals to my marathons — but if I did — I’d definitely want to beat Oprah’s time of 4:29:20. What would call that accomplishment? Beat Oprah? BO? Okay probably not.
  • Well this is how I am going to fight with my future wife — GENIUS!
  • Oh geez, Mother Russia ain’t going to be happy about this snafu.
  • You can’t tell me that you don’t have the “I Love Lucy” theme song running through your head while reading this article. I loved watching “I Love Lucy” as a kid — especially when I was home sick from school.
  • This never gets old. NEVER.
  • Need a good laugh? Read these tweets — good hilarity for a Friday afternoon.



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