The 98th Fartlek Friday™ – waka waka waka waka waka waka waka

I’ve been in a very Muppety (new vocabulary word to submit to Websters) as of late. Not sure why? Well, okay, actually part of it has been because I’ve been digging the new Muppets show on ABC. Much better than their last attempt back in the 90’s.

It’s Muppets all the way — but tailored probably more towards the adults. No, Kermit isn’t smoking joints while Fozzie tells nothing but dirty jokes — it’s just more — um — mainstream? More modern is probably a better way to put it.

I’ve really been enjoying the writing and I hope it’s picked up for a second season. The plot lines are great — I love Kermit’s new girlfriend, Fozzie’s actual girlfriend and the depth they give some of the supporting characters like — Skeeter, Janus and Uncle Deadly.


If I was going to nitpick though — which I will, since it’s my blog — not a fan of Miss Piggy. I’ve never liked Miss Piggy actually. I just have never been able to stand her pompous and egotistical personality. And, quite frankly, I think the show makes me actually like her even less.

So yeah — after watching The Muppets I get hungry for bacon.

The other thing I don’t like — and this is ridiculously minuscule — but it still bugs me. Is that I wish they had a bigger role for Rowlf. He’s always been one of my favorite Muppets — especially in The Muppet Movie and The Muppets Take Manhattan. His personality and shtick deserves a greater role — not just as a bartender.

But, the sub-story lines of the sexual tension between Sam Eagle and Janus, the awkwardness of Fozzie and his girlfriend’s parents and the complete insanity from Dr. Teeth and the band members — I really love it all.

Oh and Sweetums. Probably my favorite Muppet of them all — well and Gonzo. And, Kermit. And, Pepe. And, Animal. Oh, Animal. Okay, so I love them all — well except for Miss Piggy of course.

But, if you haven’t watched any of the new episodes — you have to. I usually catch them on Hulu — but it’s on Tuesday nights on ABC. I’ll leave it at that before I sound like a commercial spot for both the show and network.

Well — talk about some random Friday-ness, eh?

It’s actually been a pretty great week overall. I’m still basking in the glow of my ultra marathon — that’s pretty evident from yesterday’s post. I’ve got a number of projects that have been keeping me busy — helping with an event on December 4th and 5th for O.U.R. – Operation Underground Rescue here in Bountiful, there is a Bugout Run tomorrow morning in Provo and we’re recording an episode of the Runcast in the afternoon.

Busy, busy, busy — fun, fun, fun!

And, then next week we really start to dive into the holiday season with Thanksgiving and, the appropriate, beginning of the Christmas season. That includes running the Thankful 13 on Thanksgiving morning — and not much else during the break. I probably will eventually go see The Hunger Games and Star Wars, but honestly — I’m not in a rush.

I’m just excited that Christmas is around the corner.

But, I am focusing on week at a time. I’m going to enjoy Thanksgiving and especially this week first. And, who knows — maybe I’ll pop in a Muppet movie to pass the time?

Now that sounds fun.



This past summer, your’s truly, made his cinematic debut. Well, okay — I was once an extra in a film and I’ve photobombed news camera numerous of times — so I don’t know if I can count it as my “DEBUT.”

But, it was definitely my debut as a fitness model. Yes, you read that right — fitness model. It’s just one of the many titles of man of my prestige holds (I kid, I kid).

I was a fitness model for a fitness video called, “Freedom2Move” — it’s a locally owned DVD series of workouts that are tailored towards every and any fitness ability. This includes ability levels because of age, mobility or fitness level. It’s tailored to YOU.

There are three volumes to the workout series — and I’m in the third volume which focuses on the abs, back and pecs. Intrigued aren’t you?

Now, here’s the deal — I have a discount code for you. When you buy any of the volumes — or the complete set you can use code OUR10 to get 10% off your order. Just make sure you apply the code at checkout (and not in the non-profit purchase code field on the product page)

That’s not all though — Freedom2Move will also donate 10% from each order to the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)They are an organization that helps rescue, free and rehabilitate children that have been kidnapped into the sex trade industry. A very worthy cause and non-profit organization.

So what are you waiting for? Get fit, make a difference and see me in my fitness model acting debut — and if you’re lucky I’ll even sign it for you!



I have posted a few things about this event on my Facebook, but I need to spread it more, especially here on the blog. I am involved with helping to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad aka O.U.R. — here in Bountiful.

There is a FREE event on Friday, December 4th at the Bountiful High auditorium featuring O.U.R. founder Tim Ballard, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and the One Voice Children’s Choir. It’s going to be a HUGE event!

Our little team (though growing every week) in Bountiful is trying to raise $75,000 for O.U.R. That money will help fund three rescue missions. That includes any administration costs needed, the operation and rehabilitation for the children as well.

I am involved in this for many, many reasons. But, the number one reason — is that it sickens me. It sickens me these children are sold or kidnapped into the sex slave industry — no freedom, no safety and absolutely no life.

For what? Someone else’s perversion.

It’s gotta stop and it will — and, I love that O.U.R. has set out to do just that.

If you are interested in coming to the event there is a Facebook event page you can get updates and information on. There will also be a 5K the following morning in Bountiful that any one and everyone is welcome to come and support. The price is $30 and that includes a t-shirt that you will receive along with some other swag.

Oh, plus, the Waffle Wagon will be there selling — well — waffles. And, I’m sure they’ll also be selling some hot chocolate as well. There is a Facebook event page for that as well — and if you want to register you can do so here.


Writing a letter to Santa Claus is serious business when you’re a kid. #christmasiscoming

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The world needs more Thanksgiving cards like these — just sayin’ #thanksgivingfun #handturkey #grownupartsandcrafts A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@kindaqwerty) on

WOW! Look at our awesome signs for our @ourrescue event on Dec. 4 at @bhs_braves auditorium. #ourrescue #fundraiser #breakthechain

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How do you fix a toddler’s broken pants? Easy — duct tape. #ducttapefixeseverything A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@kindaqwerty) on


Here are a few other things that have caught my attention this past week —

  • It’s been heartbreaking watching the news updates about the Paris attacks. As my Grandma would often — and probably say if she was still here — it’s not my world any more. Heck, it’s not my world any more.
  • I’m just praying that our world leaders fight the ISIS threat. But, more than that I am just praying that we continue to focus on the good in the world. Yes, there is evil. Yes, there are bad people out there. But, we need to focus on the good in the world. We need to find our common values and embrace those. Call me an idealist — but, I believe in the future of humanity and the good that is here now.
  • Along with the tragedy a lot has been made about bringing Syrian refugees into the US and other European countries. I see both points of view — but, honestly — bring them in. Yes, we need to be vigilant of who we bring in — but, if we’re worried about letting terrorists into the country — they’re already here. Let’s give the support we can to those who REALLY need the help and assistance. Don’t let the fear of a few bad apples destroy the whole bushel.
  • That’s probably as political you’ll ever see me get on my blog and social media.
  • Changing the mood — I love photography — especially wildlife photography, so these pictures are BEYOND awesome. Check ’em out.
  • This totally makes my day — I am pretty sure if my Dad had a GoPro he would have done the same thing.
  • I’ve watched this like 10 times — funny every time. Makes my desire to have a cat and garden cucumbers even more.
  • This is way too much information then you’d ever ask for about Olive Garden — but it’s worth the read.
  • Seeing Jared Fogle — ex-Subway pitchman — get over 15 years for child sex crimes is rather rewarding. No celebrity treatment or leniency — just 15 years. Bravo, judicial system, bravo!
  • This is a pretty interesting article about original names of some fairly famous cartoon characters — did you know that Tweety Bird’s original name was Orson? Hmmm.
  • I don’t know what to think about this?
  • I hate running in the cold — well — I should say snow and ice. But, still, in the winter you’ll find me Netflixing it on the treadmill — Netflix and ‘mill anyone? (ducks from thrown tomatoes). Anyways, these are some good tips.
  • Idaho aka “North Utah” — don’t deny it.
  • Yeah, I am pretty much sure some of the things I’ve said to people should be on this list. I don’t get embarrassed easily, but sometimes I sure am awkward! That’s why I think Jennifer Lawrence and I are soulmates. It also doesn’t hurt that we share the same birthday.
  • There is a Zoolander 2? Really? Really, really? Ugh.
  • Any of these gifts will be acceptable for you to gift me for Christmas. Just sayin’ …
  • Um, yes please!
  • Oddly — this makes me want to have kids — like yesterday.
  • This guy has my type of humor — I think I would do the same thing in his situation. Hilarious!
  • I think I’ll watch this YouTube gem the next time I need a little motivation for my next run.



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