The All-Night Marathon: Farmington Edition


Welp, my dreams are coming true tonight (there really isn’t anything to read into that statement). I am running my first back-to-back half marathons. I tried to do this last year when my friends the Gabicas and I were planning on running the Utah Midnight Half on Friday night and then drive up to Idaho Falls to run a half marathon up there. But, the second leg of our journey was for nought after Jill got a nasty migraine. So, I went home and drank my disappointment in chocolate milk.

I know Jill felt bad for ruining the epicness, but those things happen and migraines suck. I don’t blame her. Plus, it just gave me reason enough to try to do it again this year. The plan though was to hopefully keep it close and local instead of involving a road trip for feat. Luckily for me I found races literally 1.4 miles from each other. This is one reason why I love Utah. There are races EVERYWHERE!

So, the plan is to run the Utah Midnight Half tonight at 10pm (I’m actually pacing the 2:30 group) and then the Farmington Days Half Marathon at 6am (my goal is simply not to die) the following morning. It’s quite convenient having the finish line of the Midnight Half less than a mile and a half to the Farmington Days starting line. I’ve toyed with the idea of parking my car near the Farmington Days starting line and taking a nap, but I am not quite sure what I will do yet? I know I’ll need food (probably a Slurpee) and a change of clothes.

But, I do know this. When all is said and done and I finish running my 26.2 miles I am going here …


… oh, and then I’m taking a nap. Yes, a nice long nap.

Sounds like a perfect weekend.


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