The case of the lost FitBit …


Um, I lost my FitBit.

And, I wish this was a sick joke I am playing on myself — but it isn’t. Somewhere between the bus and my office yesterday — I lost it.

I am assuming it simply fell off, unless I was somehow unknowingly pick pocketed by some sly criminal shaking my hand. But, it’s gone. Nowhere here. Nowhere there. And, after checking — nowhere over there either.

It’s gone.

It’s lost.

And, quite honestly, I am not sure if I should even be walking until I find it or get a replacement? I mean what’s the point? It’s probably best to now just rent a jazzy in the meantime.

I’ve called UTA to check the Lost & Found — nothing. Well, nothing — yet. I am still hoping that something comes from that because I am 95% sure it came off while on the bus. I also checked with the Lost & Found at work — again, nothing — yet.

I am just praying that whoever finds it simply does the right thing. There have been plenty of times I’ve found lost headphones, money and even a pager (remember those?) and turned them into the Lost & Found. I’d like to think those positive vibes will come back to me.

I won’t lie nothing having my FitBit attached to my wrist is kind of messing with my OCD. I’ve had the thing pretty much attached to me for the past year and a half. It’s gone through 50+ races with me — Disneyland — runs on the beach — and thousands upon thousands of flights of stairs.

Gosh, I feel like I am writing an obituary for my FitBit.

And, I guess I am? Only those who have found love and lost it all with their FitBit would only understand. It tells a story of — you. Not just of your steps, but of where you have gone.

(okay I admit that last part was WAAAAAAY cheesy, but the feeling is still there)

So I am just hoping and praying that it finds way back into my life — fast.

So whoever finds my FitBit out there, please return him. And, if you find it — I am sure there’s a pan of rice crispy treats in it for you — or if you like bananas, maybe some banana bread?

Come home FitBit — I need you back, my OCD needs you back.

UPDATE (1/28/16)

Daily Shorts.fw

  • Fuller House gets released on Netflix a month from now — and I can’t wait! I am pretty much just planning on binge watching the season the whole weekend of February 26th. Too bad it’s not being released over President’s Day weekend so I’d have an extra day to spread the episodes over.
  • Another cool tidbit about Fuller House — did you know that Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) is a runner? Yep! She’s run a couple dozen half marathons and three marathons. Pretty cool, eh?
  • I’m only turning 35 this year, but still — this list of things turning 40 in 2016 makes me feel rather old. Kimmie Gibbler and Urkel are turning 40 this year? Oy!
  • Um, no thank you — getting myself across the finish line is hard enough. I don’t need to strap a Mini Cooper to me for 26.2 miles. But, seriously, that’s kinda cool and probably one of the most British things to do.
  • Having pretty much trained on the treadmill this winter — this is a good read. But, I won’t lie, I am looking forward to being able to run outside during the week. I don’t mind running in the dark, but during the winter when there is a chance of ice — no way Jose! Plus, how am I going to get through all 10 seasons of Friends without feeling like a complete bum?
  • I really kinda, wanna, definitely, maybe run the Star Wars Half Marathon in Disneyland sometime in my life time. I am just having a hard time justifying a $200 race entry — with no park entry. The same goes with doing the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World — that’s $550 for the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon. Sure that’s about $135 per race. But, that price doesn’t include hotel and travel. I really needed to win that last Powerball lottery.
  • Here’s some literal food for thought.
  • This isn’t edible — but here’s some more food for thought. Basically, following your calling or — just be a bum with no aspirations in life.
  • I shared this yesterday on my Facebook wall, but I absolutely loved the message behind it. I really can relate to it in many ways — especially having a few friends who some disabilities. But, really the message behind it — take time out for people.


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