The curse of Monday the 13th


I’m not the typical superstitious kind of person. I don’t buy into the whole Friday the 13th thing. There’s nothing unlucky about it. Nothing, nadda, zilch, absolutely nothing unlucky about it. But, when the 13th falls on a Monday all bets are off. There is just something about being a 8 to 5er that makes the day just horrid. I mean horrid.

Let me explain to you what has happened so far today …

  1. Missed my 5:30am wake up call.
  2. Missed my morning run.
  3. Took over 15 minutes to get my car started this morning.
  4. Gas tank left on empty.
  5. Slipped on ice walking into work.
  6. Showed up a half hour late for work.
  7. Smashed my hard boiled eggs falling on the ice.
  8. Forgot my phone charger at home. It’s at 43% battery right now.
  9. Got called Sweetie Pie over the phone at work (if anyone knows me, it’s my least favorite term of endearment – like it really, really annoys me).
  10. Got a papercut filing paperwork.
  11. I got inked by a leaky broken pen.
  12. Spilled my water bottle on the floor while reacting to my stupid papercut (luckily, it was half empty … or is that half full? Either way, it wasn’t  fun.)
  13. Realized I forgot to pack my afternoon protein bar — had to settle for just an apple.

The sad part about this list? It’s exactly 13 items long. Go figure, right?

Well, I’m not giving up on the day yet. Tonight I am planning on working out at Firehouse Fitness and then run 3-5 miles (depending on how well my legs hold up after my race this weekend) at Planet Fitness. Like, I believe, running fixes everything. Right?

But, maybe if I didn’t miss my run this morning, I could have avoided all of this?

Well, I guess we’ll never know?

But, at least now I can fix it all with a run.



  1. Becca says:

    Awww. Cheer up! I blogged about my marathon today! Nate applied for Utah jobs today! It’s pretty “warm” outside and tons of snow is MELTING! Good things!!

  2. Becca says:

    See? Life is GROOD!! And you just friended SMRM. If she accepts, it will be one of the most memorable moments of your LIFE.

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