The decision I made some 2,191 days ago to change my life


Time flies — way too fast. It’s sometimes hard to believe that some six years ago I made the decision to change my life. I was tired of the person that I wasn’t. I was tired of the unfilled dreams and lack of vision I had of my future.  Something had to change, because I had just enough.

So, I took my first step this day six years ago or more specifically — 2,191 days ago.

Or 52,584 hours — or just a mere 3,155,040 seconds ago.

But, I digress. As usual.

The easiest thing for me to do was tackle my weight. I was over 400lbs. and the recent weight gain was two fold — partly because of an untreated thyroid and partly as a bi-product of how I felt about myself and my future.

This journey hasn’t been just about the weight — far from it. In fact, it’s never really been about the weight. It’s been about finding myself — true self — my passion for life and true happiness. That’s what this journey has been about. The weight loss really has just been a bi-product of how I feel about myself and goals in life.

It’s just this time six years ago I made a decision to stop being afraid of what I wanted in life and go for it. That’s what today really symbolizes for me. It’s the day I decided to live life and stop being afraid of what I wanted from it.

Over the past six years I’ve done that — I wouldn’t say I am where I want to be. And, no I not just talking about my current weight issues. I want to be more financially secure, more entrenched in a career and more well rounded — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I don’t think those goals are any different than what most everyone wants out of their lives. And, while I am not entirely sure where those pursuits would lead — I am no longer afraid to find out. I am not afraid of failure, because I know that doesn’t exist — unless you don’t try.

I am grateful for that moment of “what the heck — let’s do it” I had in 2009. I never would have imagined that it would lead me to where I am today. I never would have thought I would become a runner — let alone a marathoner — and in a couple of days an ultra marathoner. I never would have imagined myself running over 100 races and gaining so many meaningful relationships along the way.

All of this — because I made one decision — to try.

I thank God every day for this road. And, I can’t wait to see where else it leads me in the next six years.

Life is too awesome to be on the sidelines — LIVE IT!



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