The Detoured Road to 180 …


With the news this past week that I will have to drop the Sun Half Marathon and Jackpot Running Festival because of my ankle, I decided to reconfigure my race schedule. Is it too early for that?


Well, okay, yes it is.

But, I’m a planner, this is my blog … and I am determined to reach my 180th race this July at the Handcart Days Half Marathon here in Bountiful. It has to be this year. It has to be. There’s really no backup plan on this either.

Plus, from the diagnosis it’s more likely tendonitis than a tear, which with the proper R&R, physical therapy and time should help get me in a good spot for the next 10 races. That only works if this isn’t a tear. But, I feel good about that path.

So with dropping the Sun Half and Jackpot I decided to pick up Provo City and the new Heber Half. It does break my rule of not racing 13.1 miles on consecutive weekends (Provo City and Vigor Big Cottonwood & AF Canyon, Heber and Hobbler), but I feel good about the choices, because I am planning on sweeping the Provo City and Hobbler Half Marathons.

I think that gets a pass, right?

Either way, I am still on course for hitting my 180th race. And, as long I keep doing what I need to do I feel like I will reach it without major issues. I might not be where I want to be speed wise on many of the races, but that will happen in time. And, that’s not my number one priority.

It’s just getting to 180.

So anyways, this is what my schedule should look like from here on out until I hit my 180th race — HANDCARTS DAY HALF OR BUST!

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