The final tuneup before UVM


I love Saturdays. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Saturdays. If I am not running a race with friends I am out on a training run with friends. Not just friends, but AWESOME friends. Saturdays used to be a day of sleeping in until 10am-noon, now sleeping in is anything until 4-6am. The difference a few years makes, eh?

Since this was the last training run before the Utah Valley Marathon next week the goal was just miles. Hal Higdon says I should be running right miles, but since running Ogden I kind of threw that training plan out since UVM is only a month afterwards. But, on top of that I’ve hard a time recovering from Ogden and then preparing for UVM. It’s been #totesfrustrating.

I feel as though I need to point out that I was the first one to show up at Liberty Park at 6am. This is a rarity for me, so I just need to make sure my running group sees this …

So, my goal was really just running some sort of double digit run around 10-12 miles. I just needed the miles. And, since I more consistent with my running this past week, I felt a bit more confident going into marathon week. A tad. But, that’s a completely different story. But, I’m excited for next Saturday and I feel fairly confidant than I’ll finish with a PR (anything less than a 5:39). But, we shall see.

As for this weekend my focus was just on my last run, enjoying the time with friends and getting myself a burrito (what’s new, right?). And, really, it didn’t disappoint. The original plan was to run at Liberty Park and then get a Eastside Sears Burrito afterwards. But, the reality was further than that plan. Which wasn’t a big issue, because in our running group it usually happens that way anyways.

We ended up meeting at Liberty Park at 6am and then carpooling up Emigration Canyon for a 10 mile run down the canyon back to Liberty Park. We’ve all done this run numerous times and it’s great downhill training. But, more than anything I love it because it’s running partner friendly and everytime I run the route I can also have a great conversation with the people I am running with. Sometimes the bikers don’t like this, but having people to run with during training runs make a world of difference.

Jill and I running down Emigration Canyon. I really, really, really love this picture of the both of us.
Jill and I running down Emigration Canyon. I really, really, really love this picture of the both of us.

This week I got to run down Emigration with Jill, it’s been a while since we ran side by side together. The last time really was during the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April. So it was overdo. Well, overdo. I love running with Jill, well the Gabicas in general, we’ve been friends ever since we bonded over a paper we wrote about Chuck Norris in college. Over the years both Jill and Mark have become really dear friends. Both have overcome so much to be at this point in their running and now they are both training to run the Big Cottonwood Marathon. Which I am more than excited for them to do.

Jill is one of the strongest fighters I know and it’s been fun watching her journey towards this marathon. I admire her so much, because she is trying to set an example to her two daughters that they’d be proud of. I have no doubt they are! I am looking forwarding to running with her at the marathon. She deserves that moment more than anyone I know.

Me and Peter Porcupine. I never knew him, but I miss him.

But, running down Emigration with Jill was great. Her sarcastic humor is some of the most entertaining her insight towards life is sage. So it makes for some great running conversations. We ended up laughing probably more than anything especially when I stopped to take a selfie with a dead porcupine in the middle of the street. It was in mid-conversation too. You know when you have great friends when they don’t think twice when you stop for a selfie. It was great having her there too to make sure I didn’t get ran over by traffic.

She’s too good of a friend.

My awesome running family!
My awesome running family!

Once we got out of the canyon and ran down 800 South towards Liberty Park we ran into Ty who came to find some of us along the path. He ran a 8K earlier that morning with Elsha which turned out to be an awesome experience. Elsha won her age group and got two medals for doing such. It was a great experience for the both of them. Elsha is really the best, most positive person I know. She has given our running group such a positive and upbeat dynamic. I don’t think anyone else has blended into our group better than she has.

But, Ty ran the rest of the way to Liberty Park with Jill and I where we met up with the group, Elsha, her parents and Christy. After a quick group picture we then went over to get a Sears Burrito. But, my luck with burritos this week hasn’t been that good and the East and South stands were closed due to a 5K on State Street. On Wednesday when we went the gas on the East stand ran out so we couldn’t get “THE BURRITO” … still we settled with the south side, but it just wasn’t the same.

Wrapped in a DQ wrapper I’m not sure what to call this breakfast burrito? Westside Burrito? DQ Burrito? Or just the Breakfast Burrito?

Luckily, for us though we didn’t go away empty handed on Saturday either. There is a West stand that’s somewhat hidden. But, we headed there and to our pleasure they even had breakfast burritos. Yep, you heard me right … BREAKFAST BURRITOS. Revel in that thought for a moment. It’s a burrito loaded with ham, bacon, eggs and cheese. Of course I skipped out on the ham and bacon, but I still packed my burrito with plenty of beans to make up for it. The only thing I wish is that it also included hashbrowns. I’m a sucker for really good hashbrowns. Especially if they are extra crispy.

Oh, don’t get me started …

Anyways, the run and time spent with friends was perfect. The newfound burritos were AWESOME and now the countdown is on towards UVM on Saturday. Yikes!

I am just glad though that I’ll be running with great friends next week as well. That always makes up for everything in the end, right?

And, that’s pretty much why I love running!

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014

2014 Training Miles – 419.3 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 35.45 miles
2014 Race Miles – 146.4 miles
2014 Total Miles – 601.15 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 130.0 miles
April – 140.5 miles
May – 108.65 miles
June – 22.0 miles

BONUS – After my run on Saturday I helped my brother in installing his yard as well as watching (aka playing) with my niece and nephew. But, I captured this video that just cracks me up! It’s of my three-year old nephew “HELPING” with the yard work. I had to share it here! HAD TO!


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