The Joshbys 2017: Family & Friend Nominees

I love this time of the year. Well, I love most everything of this time of the year — I love the time spent with family and friends along with the holidays. The whole Christmas thing is my favorite. Just don’t ask me to like the snow or The Christmas Shoes. Otherwise we won’t be friends.

One thing that I love about December is The Joshby Awards. This is something I’ve been doing for over a decade now. I started way back in 2005 as a way to just celebrate my family. Mainly as a way to let my siblings know who was my favorite of the bunch.

Then over the years it grew to a acknowledging friends as well. Then when I got into running some five years ago I started a running category to the awards. Then I have a “Miscellaneous Category” that is exactly what it is — miscellaneous. Everything from “Best Nachos” to “Ginger of the Year” to “Squad for the Apocalypse.” Just a lot of nonsensical fun.

Very nonsensical.

So when people ask me what exactly The Joshbys Awards are — I’m not sure how to exactly answer it?! They are what they are. And, it’s just something fun I’ve been doing for a while and nobody has told me to stop. Oh, there’s even a Facebook page for them. So, yeah … there you go.

I am announcing the friends and family categories here, but there’s a miscellaneous category that’s announced throughout the weekend.

So, without any further adieu, here are the nominations for the Friend Category …

Friend Category 2017

Friend of the Year
1) Jill Gabica
2) Tricia Wilkins
3) Timothy Gill
4) David Stuart
5) Greg Gregerson

New Friend of the Year
1) Lizzi Ashby
2) Denice Summerhays 
3) Jenifer Stoddard 
4) Zack Winters
5) Greg Gregerson

Inspiring Friend of the Year
1) Robert Merriman
2) Boojah Gill
3) Lizzi Ashby
4) Janet Huffman
5) Greg Gregerson

Cyber Friend of the Year
Basically anyone who I’ve never met in person and makes me laugh on Facebook.
1) Spencer Myers
2) Mike Taylor
3) David Britt
4) Brandon Savage
5) Dennis Gaunt

Running Friend of the Year
1) Jill Gabica
2) Zack Winters
3) Kandi Rasmussen 
4) Amanda Bjarnson
5) Julianna Fulton

New Running Friend of the Year
1) Russell Hutchings 
2) Shanalee Sadler
3) Jennifer Petrossi 
4) Lizzi Ashby
5) Frankie Donaldson

Out of State Friend
1) Brian Rayburn
2) Jessica Dupaix
3) Denese McDonald
4) Jill Gabica
5) Angie Smith

Friend Mom of the Year
1) Ramie Best
2) Lola Copeland
3) Amanda Bjarnson
4) Jill Gabica
5) Denice Summerhays

Friend Dad of the Year
1) Jorge Garcia
2) Don Hutchings
3) Andy Oliverson
4) Jon McNaughtan
5) Blu Robinson

Friend Kid of the Year
1) Addison Gabica
2) Miles Bjarnson
3) Russell Hutchings 
4) Jackson Garcia
5) Tyler Copeland

Friend Couple of the Year
1) Don & Brooke Hutchings
2) Mark & Jill Gabica
3) Jorge & Holly Garcia
4) Jon & Liz McNaughtan
5) Blu & Marissa Robinson

And, here is the family category …

Family Category 2017

Family Member of the Year
1) Nannette Hansen
2) Dr. M. David Hansen
3) Luke Freedom Hansen
4) Tatum Rex Snow Minson
5) Kelli Hansen

New Member of the Year
Child, In-Law or other family member that joined the family in 2017
1) Eliza R. Stallings

Family Baby of the Year
Children under the age of 2 as of December 2017
1) Thalia Grace Hansen
2) Tatum Rex Snow Minson
3) Celeste Pederson
4) Eliza R. Stallings

Family Kid of the Year
Children between ages 2-12 as of December 2017
1) Callie Minson
2) Maya Faith Hansen
3) Elijah David Snow Hansen
4) Ella Martushev
5) Sofia Martushev

Cousin of the Year
1) Justin Pederson
2) Patrice Pederson
3) Charity Martushev
4) Heather Benson
5) Mariathy Valavanis

Family Mother of the Year
1) Nannette Hansen
2) Jenny Minson
3) Jessica Stallings
4) Charity Martushev
5) Sandy Pederson

Family Father of the Year
1) Dr. M. David Hansen
2) Matthew David Hansen
3) Justin Pederson
4) Joshua Rex Minson
5) Scott Stallings

Sibling of the Year
1) Matthew David Hansen
2) Ben Hansen
3) Jessica Diane Stallings
4) Jenny Minson
5) Luke Freedom Hansen

Sibling In-Law of the Year
1) Veronica Hansen
2) Kelli Hansen
3) Scott Stallings
4) Joshua Rex Minson
5) Julie Hansen

So, there you go. The 2017 Joshby nominations. Again, I will announce the winners this Friday. Which is next Tuesday. That should give you all enough time to bribe me, especially my siblings.

I kid, I kid. Sorta.

This is all just a fun way to acknowledge and honor the people in my life. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to consider so many friends. And, I hope that I never take those friendships for granted.

Anyways — may the odds ever be in your favor.