The Joys of Mental Marathon Training

Remember the days when I used to run? Oh, those were the days … so fancy and free …

It’s now been a week and a half since I ran the Ogden Marathon. Since then I also ran the Boys Chase Girls Half Marathon in Morgan. Other than that? Nothing. Yep, in the past 10 days I’ve put in 13.1 miles. If you asked me a week ago I would have said, I’m fine with that. I needed the rest.

But, now? Yeaaaaaah … I’m needing a little motivation to get back out there.

I don’t know if you’d say that I am burnt out. But, I definitely am lacking the motivation to be as consistent as I once was. And, I really don’t blame the marathon for it. In fact if we are pointing fingers I totally blame Hal Higdon and his tapering methods.


Okay, I should take SOME of the blame as well. But, seriously, I don’t like taking responsibility for my actions … soooooooo … it’s much easier to blame someone else like Hal. Plus, he can’t really defend himself from my accusations. But, still, as Akon once said … “blame it on me” … sigh.

But, for as much running as I have NOT done these past 10 days, I can’t start kicking myself too much for it. Actually, for a couple reasons. One, I just ran a MARATHON and a HALF MARATHON back-to-back weekends. Normal people don’t really do that (the real world equivalent would be something like watching The Lord of the Kings Trilogy one weekend followed up by the Back to the Future Trilogy). It should be something I am proud of (which I am, and also my Mom as well).

Then secondly, I’ve got ANOTHER marathon coming up here in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I’ve got to put some miles on these old legs before the race on June 14th. Technically I should be tapering now. And, I guess I am technically (and a dang good job I am doing if you ask me), but I feel that I need at least one 30 mile week before then (ideally this week (probably not going to happen (actually not going to happen)) but I will have to do that next week).

Now, you’re probably wondering why I am writing all of this? Well … actually … I’m writing it to kind of publicly shame myself into running tonight. I feel like if I write this amazing piece about getting back out there to run that I’ll feel obligated to go, even once the “I’ll run tomorrow” thoughts come along. Then I’d feel like the world’s worst hypocrite (well, actually I can think of a few worse hypocrites, but that’s a post for another day) if I didn’t go run.

See how this blog has changed my life? It is self-public shaming at it’s best.

Now to just get ready for that run tonight …



  1. So, my thoughts …. because I get into this self-talk mode often and don’t do things I really want to do … and yet I just don’t do them. Most of the time … well, really all of the time that I find myself in this stuck mode between thinking and doing … is when I am TIRED (physically, mentally, etc). And also OVERWHELMED by all the commitments I have made to myself and others. And I fall into the trap of not doing anything that I really want to do….and I don’t really do anything at all either … just kind of go into active life remission. Just a little stumbling rock….

    How do I get out this funk? 1st: Sleep, 2nd: Make lists, 3rd: DO just one thing on my list. And usually it gets me going and realizing that I have passions and things I really want to do (not necessarily what is on my list of to-dos) and I then get going again on my passions. And I again become a rough stone rolling. And someday all that friction will make me polished. But I’ve got to get rolling again or I’ll just be a stumbling rock….

    You have it within you!

    Amy Archibald

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