The last run before UVM … and, yes, burritos were involved

Me and Shaylee running LP! #totesfun!

Last night was my last run before the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday. The plan was to run around Liberty Park for a minimum of three miles with Shaylee, Becky, Christy and Sonja. But, one by one they all kind of bowed out until it was Shaylee and I that ran the two laps around the park.

Callie trying to make sense of children

I don’t blame the others. Sonja brought her new puppy and that did it for Becky and Christy. They ended walking the loop while Shaylee and I ran. Which I don’t blame them that puppy was really cute and running is totally overrated (just kidding).

One of the things I love about running is getting to know new people. Shaylee and I have ran before, but I love getting to know people and how they got into running. I love the different answers to “WHY?”

From behind the counter the server looks like the model off a Romance Book cover. But, then once you look behind the counter totally my Dad at Disneyland.

Anyways, Shaylee started running September and how has two half marathons under her belt including a bunch of 5Ks. She got into running to get rid of some of the baby weight and get out of the house. She went about it solo until they kind of got involved in our running group.

Kind of the story of most of the runners in our group.


But, it was a good run. It wasn’t anything too fast and I walked probably a bit too much. But, I didn’t want to overdo it before Saturday. But, still …

I’m feeling okay for the race, but at the same time I am a bit nervous. Then again, it’s a marathon so that’s kind of expected I guess?

You can’t NOT get a picture of you with a burrito and the Sears sign when you go. You just can’t.

Either way after the run we headed over to get a Sears Burrito. Luckily for us Don Rafa Taco Stand was there and running. On Saturday it wasn’t there and last week it was out of gas. Really a sad story if you ask me.

But, we got one last night! And if you’re wondering … YES IT WAS GLORIOUS!

Now the focus is looking towards Saturday. I will be watching my diet a bit closer the next couple of days. Which means no burritos. But, that’s okay. Because, there is a time and a season for burritos. And, unfortunately for me, I’ve learned that a burrito is not meant to be eaten 1-2 days before a marathon.



But, all in all it was an evening full of fun. The best thing about this group isn’t necessarily the running, it’s the friendships and moments like these. Running is just the excuse to bring us together.

And, ain’t nothing wrong with that.



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